Alex Mack: Let’s see what else is out there

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The Browns put a transition tag on center Alex Mack on Monday, which allows them to match any offer to Mack within seven days and would guarantee Mack a salary of $10.039 million for 2014 if Mack decides to sign it.

Mack isn’t going to be doing that anytime soon, though. He said he had “a cool meeting” with the new staff and that there was something to be said for having “a clean slate,” but that the transition tag did nothing to dissuade him of the desire to see what other teams might offer him to jump ship.

“We’ll see what happens. It’s tough to know. I don’t know how teams feel about me. I still have an opportunity to meet with coaches and experience free agency. That’s the goal,” Mack said, via USA Today. “I like Cleveland; I know it. I like these new coaches. But there are other opportunities out there. You only get to play this game so long. Let’s see what else is out there.”

Mack added that “it’s not a bad thing” if he winds up back in Cleveland one way or another, but he seems to be hoping that free agency brings him a long-term deal wherever he winds up playing. It won’t be too much longer before we know whether he gets one.

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  1. “It’s not a bad thing” to end up back in Cleveland. It could be worse, he could end up in…uhh …well, he could end up in ….ummm ….

    You know, actually, it probably couldn’t be worse.

  2. I’d advise you not to go to the turd bay packers.Clown music,annoying overweight fans.the typical Turdbay 5th grader is about 150pounds with a pedophile mustache and a buck tooth.not the place you want to go to.SKOL

  3. Browns made huge mistake by not franchise tagging the p bowl center. This way if he walks they get draft picks for compensation and its only about 1.5mil more than transition tag will cost. If he does sign elsewhere in deal the new Browns managment doesn’t want to pay that amount he walks for nothing! As a Browns fan, I’m hoping for the best, but bracing for worst Alex leaving the Browns!

  4. Mack is guaranteed over $10m this year from the Browns which is 20% more than the next highest paid center in the league. He will look, but I think he will sign a long term deal in C-Town.

  5. He’s not going anywhere. They will match without a doubt.

    It’s a good way to let another team negotiate your team’s contract without bad feelings.

  6. I hear the Colts are looking for a center. I have a feeling the fools in Brown town that have been talking crap about Irsay, might be a little nervous right now.

  7. more like he gets an offer that starts less than 10 millionnd the browns match so they save some cash… or he sees no offers to his liking and reaches for his pen to sign the offer . either way, I don’t see him leaving Cle.

  8. @thepftpoet
    I would say come join the Vikings, but we already have the best center in the NFL.

    This is the only comment you ever posted that has made sense.

    Go Sully…

  9. Of course he doesn’t want to leave the most talented up and coming team in the NFL. The Browns are just letting a poor sap of another team to write a contract up.

  10. thats why i’m a mack fan…he’s no dummie. get out there and see what your value is then come back to ctown. capitalism is king!

  11. Reggie, lets get a meeting scheduled and bring Alex back to the Bay. Alex at C and slide Lil Wiz to Guard.

  12. I’m starting to understand TheGreatGabbert’s methodology:
    Find one or teams that are in turmoil or have made controversial moves (most recently Miami and Cleveland) , then hammer them on the comment boards in the hope that people will be distracted enough to forget that Jacksonville is one of the worst franchises in all of sports.

  13. Nobody will offer him $10 mil per. He’ll be in Cleveland this year and it allows the Browns to draft another center, coach him up, pay him less, and let Mack walk. Centers are important, but not $10 mil per year over a 5 year deal important. Seems like a smart move.

  14. Last time I checked, the only team that could offer more because of cap room is Oakland. If they offer their whole cap to Mack, they can keep him.

  15. Mack (and Thomas) is declining… but… Mack is still better than Kyle Cook.

    Cheap Bengals owner mike brown needs to get out his checkbook.

    The Bengals are a REAL #2 wide receiver, a center, and a guard away from being a TOP 4 offense in the NFL.

  16. He’s dreaming.

    Since 2010, ONE free agent has changed teams as a restricted free agent, and that was Mike Bell, a 3rd string running back.

    No one makes serious offers for RFAs anymore. Mack will be back in Cleveland playing for the tender, no doubt.

  17. im a browns fan and i have a question why are we WORRIED BOUT A CENTER? his job is too hike the ball and make o-line scheme changes am i right?? so why can we just let him walk and get younger cheaper 4-5 years replacement why over pay for a center?

  18. Yes, Mack is too expensive to sign… but… pretending the signing a younger, cheaper center is easy… is naive.

    Bengals fans have been stuck watching defenders slip between an average center (Kyle Cook) and mediocre (at best) guard repetitively for the past two seasons.

    I know it ain’t all Kyle Cook’s fault (SEE: Clint Boling)… but… Kyle has been a liability, too.

  19. The Bengals are a REAL #2 wide receiver, a center, and a guard away from being a TOP 4 offense in the NFL.

    Don’t forget QB, there buddy . . .

    As for Mack. Nobody is paying that much money. Welcome back to Cleveland.

  20. Dalton is fine.

    If you watch the final games of their season… you saw Dalton running for his life ALL THE TIME.

    The weakness of center/guard and Marvin Jones not getting quick separation made the Bengals a one sided offense (with a real weakness in RUN Offense).

  21. If he was smart he would come back to Cleveland under the trans tag. That way he makes 10.5 mil, gets to check out the new staff, and they cannot tag him next year as a UFA. If he wants to bolt next year he can and the price just keeps going up year to year. But knowing him he will sign team X long term offer and the Browns will match. So he will be stuck here long. Browns make out.

  22. Big Ant, the C may be the 2nd most important position on the OL. As the offensive passing game continues to grow, defenses are being forced to attack the middle of the OL to create quick pressure and make QB’s move off their spot.

    More and more teams are attack the C in the pass rush. Guys like Mack are at a premium. If he were a FA he’d be my top FA target for the Pats after Talib.

    The problem is NO team is going to give up the draft picks AND pay Mack the kind of money he deserves as a top 3 center in the league. IMHO, he should march down to the Browns offices tomorrow and sign that contract. Take the money now, and he can come back next year for more as a FA again.

  23. @patfanken thks but our O-line sucks anyway we ned more youth and too possible get a guy too groom after joe thomas but i understand you but that too much $$$ too sink into a damn center if u ask me

  24. ima just say this if he leaves so be it but if the $$$ it too much and etc then let him walk we need too get younger and save $$ we do have other more important needs WR,QB,RB,LB’s RG,RT the 1st or 3 are what been hold us back can u imagine good we can be with watkins and gordon on both sides and decent slot guy and decent strong armed QB “like weeden” dare i say it we can maybe beat the steelers and bengals for a change “didnt mention ravens why? cause umm flacco loses games by himself for the ravens” so there no that much a threat and is it me Ray Rice losing it since he’s getting close too 29-30

  25. Hilarious fans asking for Mack in Bal and Cin. If he leaves Cle, it won’t be for money, it’ll be for a chance to play with a competitive team. Which means he won’t be in the afcn because the steelers already have a stud at C.

  26. I think Miami would make a high offer for him, move Pouncy over to left guard and sign a good left tackle then try to get the right side fix, of course that will break the cap, I still would love to see him in fish land. Bill

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