Bortles will visit Texans, Jaguars


Former Central Florida quarterback Blake Bortles continues to be a candidate to be taken at the highest reaches of the draft.

Perhaps in the highest possible spot.

Bortles recently told Alex Marvez and Gil Brandt of SiriusXM NFL Radio that Bortles will be visiting with the Texans and Jaguars in the days following his March 19 Pro Day workout.  Other visits will be scheduled.

Bortles also continues to talk about his decision to throw at the Scouting Combine — and the decision of other quarterbacks not to throw.

“I don’t really understand why guys don’t throw,” Bortles said.  “Every single quarterback that throws is kind of faced with a little adversity.  Nobody knows those receivers.  The guys are going to run at different speeds.  They’re going to come out of cuts at different angles.  They’re going to break routes off early and all that kind of stuff.  But everybody has to deal with it.  It’s a level playing field from a quarterback perspective.  So I don’t really understand why guys don’t throw.”

It doesn’t really matter whether quarterback throw or don’t throw at the Scouting Combine, except to those with an interest in seeing the Underwear Olympics be as compelling as possible.  The media, for example, will continue to clamor for it (well, most of the media), setting up a goofy sense of competition where no real competition exists.

And it will continue to be an issue every year, with some quarterbacks throwing and some quarterbacks not throwing and the decision having an impact on the draft only in the highly unlikely event that a quarterback who chooses to throw injures himself while doing so.

16 responses to “Bortles will visit Texans, Jaguars

  1. When has a QB ever injured themselves while faceing air??? If you are a competitior you play in any condition, not all conditions are pristine. I like the kids mindset.

  2. Hope they take him so Johnny Football falls to Raiders.
    Just wish Madden or someone with some intelligence was doing the draft and selecting free agents. McKenzie continues to prove he’s clueless.

  3. When QBs throw at the combine the scouts don’t care if the pass is completed or not, they are looking at the QBs mechanics

  4. Ill tell you why guys (Manziel) don’t throw Mr. Bortles. Because they are full of themselves and their agents are so anal that they schedule their pro days as close to the draft as possible, thinking that those easily fooled NFL scouts and coaches that are assessing talent will have the latest pro day QB fresh in their minds on draft day and forget that he’s been throwing fixed routes to his college teammates all offseason and practicing his proday routine every day simply to etch a few picks up the draft and make a little more money.

    It’s pathetic, but so is the NCAA-NFL collusion that’s ruined a lot of these kids lives.

  5. If you’re not going to perform drills at the combine then just don’t show up…you’re invited there to try and impress teams with your skill and it could cost you millions.

  6. Bortles and Bridgewater played in the same conference. Bortles won that conference. Bortles had similar stats. Bortles played better against his SEC opponent than Bridgewater did his, stat-wise.

    I’m not saying Bortles is the better QB. But people trashing Bortles while praising Teddy as the only good QB confuse me.

    I think the QBs in this draft are all going to be over drafted for the sake of needing one.
    So goes the NFL though…

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