Clemson Pro Day won’t hurt Sammy Watkins or help Tajh Boyd


Clemson is hosting its Pro Day today, but it probably won’t do much to affect the draft stock of the team’s two biggest names.

Sammy Watkins, Clemson’s star wide receiver, had a great college career and a great Combine and is a sure-thing high draft pick regardless of anything that happens at any workouts over the next two months. And the questions facing Tajh Boyd, Clemson’s starting quarterback for the last three years, aren’t really questions he can answer at a Pro Day.

NFL Network’s Mike Mayock considers Watkins not just the best receiver in this year’s draft but one of the most complete wide receivers to come out of college in many years.

“He’s one of the best wide receivers I’ve seen on tape in the last 10 years,” Mayock said. “Because his Combine was so good a couple weeks ago, I think all he’s going to do is catch the football, and if he doesn’t get hurt he’s a Top 10 pick.”

As for Boyd, Mayock said he’ll need some time to learn how to play quarterback in an NFL offense.

“He’s highly inconsistent from an accuracy perspective and his pocket awareness is the big problem — as soon as he sees a flash of color anywhere, he’s out of the pocket,” Mayock said. “He’s a little bit of a developmental pick and I think he’ll go late in the draft. I hope the team that drafts him has a plan, because he does have some ability, but he’s not going to go until late.”

Expect Roger Goodell to call Watkins’s name early on Thursday, May 8, and Boyd’s name to show up on the ticker some time on Saturday, May 10.

12 responses to “Clemson Pro Day won’t hurt Sammy Watkins or help Tajh Boyd

  1. But as we see with a lot of QBs that get picked surprisingly high, somebody will fall in love with Tajh Boyd a lot more than the average consensus, and that one team could pick him a lot earlier than Mayock is expecting. Who needs a plan, there have been tons of QBs picked in the 1st round that were huge reaches that teams didn’t seem to have a plan for. The plan is let’s pick Tajh Boyd and hope it works out, that’s a better plan than picking Ponder or Tebow or Weeden in the first round or some other idea that doesn’t make any sense relative to what they are prospectively worth. Let’s take a look at all the QBs Mayock overestimated before we start worrying too much about his concerns with Tajh Boyd.

  2. Boyd isn’t good enough to be an Undrafted FA Rookie..horrible accuracy, terrible decision making..CFL welcomes you

  3. I respect Mayock, but claiming Watkins is best receiver on tape for last 10 years is ridiculous and way over the top hype for someone who is supposed to be considered a wise individual regarding the draft. How much did Watkins agent pay for that comment? Up until the last two weeks he was considered the fourth best receiver in the draft behind Evans, Lee and Benjamin. That Clemson tape from two or three years ago sure changed in the last 14 days. Something sounds like the facts have been bathed in Franklins.

  4. Living in SC, I got to see these two play nearly every week. Watkins is going to be a very good pro, but honestly, I think De’Andre Hopkins (now with the Texans) was a more complete receiver in college. Watkins may have more upside though.

    As for Tajh Boyd, it is distressing to see how far his stock has fallen. After opening night 2013 when Clemson defeated Georgia, Boyd literally vaulted himself to the front of the Heisman trophy race with his performance. But down the stretch, Clemson really only played two more top 20 teams the rest of the regular season, and Boyd self-destructed in both games (Florida St., USC).

    At the start of the season, Boyd looked like a sure-fire first round selection. Now, he looks more likely to travel the same road as Charlie Whitehurst.

  5. I’ll go with Mayocks opinion on Watkins, beyond being a subject matter expert, he generally doesn’t gush over guys like this.

  6. The guy who can benefit the most from this pro day is Martavis Bryant. I think he can get himself into the second round and be considered a “poor man’s” Mike Evans.

  7. The gushing over Watkins is surprising. I don’t know when media posing as scouts will understand the following about WR prospects… either have to have truly elite talent, truly elite instincts, or truly astounding measureables and the latter needs some measure of receiving talent or instincts to make the size mean something in the NFL. In other words, if you are undersized, you better have elite quickness AND instincts. If you’re big but not quick or fast, you better be the definition of a natural. Sammy Watkins has good measureables but hardly Calvin Johnson like. He has good speed but hardly Tavon Austin or Brandin Cooks. He has good natural instincts, but perhaps not even as much so as his former teammate and first round pick last year as one post smartly mentioned. I’ve heard talk the Browns might draft him. Why? He’d be the second best WR on the team, but yet the 4th pick in a loaded draft??? He does not have the talent of Josh Gordon who is a lot bigger (6’3″ 225lbs), at least as fast in terms of field speed and who has elite instincts. The other prospect I wonder about is Evans. Yes, he tested well. So did Matt Jones. On video, he doesn’t play fast. In the NFL, he won’t be able to shake faster defenders. He can’t live on jump balls because offenses aren’t going to lob them all day as a strategy. They both may have good or even great NFL careers. But let’s be careful before we put them in the A.J. Green, Calvin Johnson class as prospects coming out of college.

  8. 57% of Watkins targets were within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage. 57%.

    And somehow that tape elicits talk of “best recent WR prospect”? Based on what? Catching screen passes?

    Look, I like Watkins and he is a top-10 pick not because he’s a great prospect but because this draft lacks elite top-10 talent in general. Other than Clowney, there are not that many freaks of nature, unique guys in this class.

    This draft class is great because the #40-#60 pick will get you a better player than normal, not because the #5 pick will get you a better player than normal.

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