Colts cut starting center Samson Satele


The Colts are saying goodbye to their starting center.

Samson Satele, who started 13 regular-season games and both playoff games for the Colts last season, has been released, as first reported by Mike Klis of the Denver Post.

A 2007 second-round pick of the Dolphins, Satele has been a starter throughout his seven-year career in Miami, Oakland and Indianapolis. At age 29, Satele still has some time left in him, but the Colts apparently decided he wasn’t worth the $4 million he was owed in 2014.

Satele now becomes an unrestricted free agent, and the Colts will look elsewhere for someone to snap the ball to Andrew Luck.

22 responses to “Colts cut starting center Samson Satele

  1. twas a decent center? The turnstyle at Grand Central Station slow people down better than Satele did.

    Anyone who watched the Colts knew he was awful. Hell Mike McGlynn was better at center. Watch the San Fran game. McGlynn was under center.

  2. Wes Welker.

    He is who the Dolphins got in exchange for letting 25 year old Welker walk after the 2006 season.

  3. Let’s bear in mind the Colts had the exact same problem with their O-line last year. They made a big time investment in Cherilus and that certainly didn’t fix anything. Grigson would be wise to pick up 2 athletic linemen in the later rounds of the draft. Otherwise this is going to be a team that throws the ball 50 times a game because it’s getting less than 3 yards per carry on the ground.

  4. This is a great day for Colts fans everywhere.

    Satele was a low effort, low-talent, unathletic bag of crap on the field. A traffic cone would’ve provided better protection for Luck.

    With Grigson’s love for overpaying and for Browns personnel I’d expect Alex Mack to be signed to 5 year $65 million contract the first minute of Free Agency.

  5. not a surprise. His salary wasn’t justified by his play. 4 mil is a solid chunk of change for a C, you need to be AT LEAST very good. Plus the position seems to be evolving towards a more athletic type than he is

    Kelce, who is one of the best out there right now (IMO, the best for the system he is in) doesn’t even have that type of cap # until 2016, and that’s AFTER his new deal

    C is a highly underrated position, it doesn’t matter how strong you are on the outside if you can’t hold up in the middle. But they just don’t get paid as much.

  6. Nothing against Satele, just hated how he always whipped his head around right before he snapped the ball. Cant believe he didnt get false start calls on every down! Also cant figure out why opposing defenses didnt catch on to this, was plain as day!

    Just REALLY hoping Reggie Mac doesnt get any big ideas for him to return to Oakland…

  7. Ryan Grigson makes even the Pittsburgh front office look smart – at least they are paying for old players who used to be great.

    Grigson is like a temp agency for the unemployed of the NFL.

  8. Love to read the comments running down Colt’s GM=well they did have a lot of time sitting home comprising their notes, watching the Colts in the playoffs!

  9. Colts fans (and relatives of Andrew Luck) everywhere celebrate. As a show of my thankfulness at this divine deliverance, I will personally seek out a Seahawks fan (my wife) and wish her well. Maybe even, dare I say it, offer a high-five. Yes, dammit! Oh, happy day! What brave new world is this!

    I predict as a result of putting an inanimate carbon rod in for Satele, that Richardson’s YPC will skyrocket by ten percent. Yep, from 3.0 to 3.3. If an actual breathing human plays C, maybe even more….

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