Dr. Andrews, Alabama doctor refute negative reports about Cyrus Kouandjio’s knee

Getty Images

Alabama tackle Cyrus Kouandjio’s draft stock took hits during the combine when he performed poorly and it was reported that several teams had failed him on his physical because of knee problems.

According to Dr. James Andrews, who has examined Kouandjio, and Alabama team doctor Lyle Cain, teams don’t have to worry about things on the medical side. Andrews told Jason LaCanfora of CBSSports.com that he’s written a memo to all 32 teams telling them that the tackle has had no problems with his knee since tearing his ACL and MCL as a freshman.

“I wrote a letter to send to every team about his true medical history,” Andrews told CBSSports.com. “I’m trying to put out fires that aren’t even justified and to clear the record, I guess, is the best way to put it. It came out he had a failed ACL surgery — that’s not even close to the truth. His performance at the combine had nothing to do with his knee situation, and that was blown way out of proportion and that’s not fair to the kid.”

Cain echoed Andrews’ findings and said that Kouandjio has had “no swelling, no pain” in the knee. There’s “a little bit of cartilage wear,” which Cain said was common in NFL players and that teams would have no reason to fail the tackle on his physical.

The positive reports don’t do much to help Kouandjio explain his on-field work at the combine, but it could quiet some concerns about a player whose work in college had him mentioned as a first-round pick.