Falcons want Osi Umenyiora to take a pay cut


The Falcons have made it clear they want to get better and tougher on both lines this offseason.

Cheaper is apparently also on the shopping list.

According to Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports, the Falcons have asked defensive end Osi Umenyiora to take a pay cut.

Umenyiora, signed last offseason to a two-year deal, was scheduled to make $3.5 million this year.

He had 7.5 sacks, so it’s not as if he was unproductive. But at 32, the Falcons clearly need to keep an eye on his snap count, and add someone else to the pass-rush mix to keep him effective.

16 responses to “Falcons want Osi Umenyiora to take a pay cut

  1. Good luck with taking money from Osi. It’s what he left NYG for. Giants said thank you and goodbye at right time.

  2. They just signed him to a contract last year. He actually created some pass rush pressure on a bad defense and yet they ask him to take a pay cut?

    How much is Matt Ryan making again?

  3. Umenyiora won’t take a paycut without another form of compensation, they’ll have to offer him something to make that palatable, like a contract extension with at least $3.5 million in guaranteed money.

  4. $3.5 million for 7.5 sacks is more than reasonable. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if he signs a more lucrative deal elsewhere. Not Greg Hardy money or anything but he’ll be able to at least match that amount via FA.

  5. Another example of a team not trying to honor a contract. Why do players get abused so much for asking for a raise in the middle of a contract yet it’s ok for teams to try and force players to take a pay cut before the contract is out? Why even have contracts??

  6. The Falcons are in full-on rebuilding mode. They took a chance with Julio and signed Gonzo and Osi in their twilight years, hoping to win a championship this year.
    This strategy backfired and they are now forced to come to the realization that their Offensive line is in shambles and their defense is not much better. Snelling is deciding to hang it up, even with good years ahead of him. That alone should tell you something. I predict another last place finish for the Dirtybirds this season.

  7. A bit of karma to Osi for holding out with the Giants and demanding pay raises in the middle of a contract.

  8. Saints fans.

    Even with a last place finish they’re still freaking out over every little thing that Atlanta does.

    Don’t worry guys. No one can ever take your superbowl season away no matter how many division losses you get over the next five years or so thanks to Graham and Brees murdering your cap.

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