Grimes has a simple pitch for free agents considering the Dolphins

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It wasn’t hard for Dolphins cornerback Brent Grimes to choose to stay in Miami.  (Then again, they gave him a four-year, $32 million with $16 million that is, per a league source, fully and completely guaranteed.)

At a time when the Dolphins are deemed to be dysfunctional and undesirable, Grimes has a simple pitch for guys throughout the NFL who are about to have options.

“It’s Miami,” Grimes recently explained on PFT Live.  “There really isn’t much else to say.  Outside of being in Miami and being able to go to the beach throughout the year, in January and February, if you just look at our roster, it’s a lot of talent on this roster.  We went 8-8 last year but we were in a lot of close games.  And we’re right there.  And if just look at the talent on the roster from top to bottom, you’ll see that there’s a lot of people that can play.  There’s a lot of opportunities to become an even better team and win a few more games and get in the playoffs.”

One guy who may not want to come back is tackle Jonathan Martin.  And it’s unclear whether he’s wanted back.

“That’s not something I really want to talk about,” Grimes said.  “I don’t really have a say in it.  I’m not the General Manager, I’m not [owner] Stephen Ross.  I really can’t decide what’s they’re going to do.  If they decide to bring him back then as a football player on the Miami Dolphins, he’s my teammate and we’re going to go out on Sundays and play football together.  That’s just what it is.”

So what happens if he returns?

“It would be different, it would be weird because he was gone and a lot of stuff happened, he was gone and then to just show back up it would be weird,” Grimes said.

Regardless, Grimes thinks all is well with the Dolphins.

“Everybody that’s not around has so much bad stuff to say about the Dolphins organization and all this, how the locker room is fractured and all that type of stuff,” Grimes said.  “But me being in the locker room and also being in other locker rooms, it’s a tight-knit locker room. Everybody’s cool, it’s a cool locker room to me.”

It’s also a locker room where Grimes will be for the next few years, thanks to a $6 million signing bonus, a $2.475 million fully-guaranteed base salary in 2014, and $7.525 million in fully-guaranteed base salary in 2015.

18 responses to “Grimes has a simple pitch for free agents considering the Dolphins

  1. Hickey should start telling players that sign new contracts a few ideas of what to say other than this is Miami. Maybe he’ll come up with something for the next guy.

  2. Well said Grimes!!! We need more players like yourself to stand up and cheer for us and not bash us down. I hope you’re on the path to MVP sir!!!

  3. “It’s Miami, if you want to play for a second place team come here”

    Tick, tock, tick… the sound you hear is Tom Brady’s biological clock ticking away… He’ll be 37 by the time the season opens… tick, tock…

  4. Grimes is a classy stand up guy. He could’ve waited and test the FA market, but he wanted to stay in Miami. Proof that Miami’s locker room is not fractured. The mediaafr this situation what it is today.

  5. The Dolphins will never win consistently with Ross as owner…period.

    They haven’t been competitive, other than the occasional year where they play a 4th place schedule…

    Main issue ZERO home field advantage…as they have no fan base…jets, NE, Ravens, Steelers, …even NFC teams like the Giants or Bears…always have more fans in stadium than Dolphins do….Not to mention, lots of empty orange seats.

    Just do not see, even w/o Martin bully deal…competing as an upper echelon team.. They do not have it, and have not for over 15 years….Tanny no better than Jay Fiedler.

  6. mistrezzrachael, Must be a Jets fan.First off the dolphins always have and always will be loved by all south floridians who are football fans and have just as much home field advantage as the next team.Also you absolutely don’t have any football knowledge to say Tannehill is no better than Fiedler,he is the next Marino,watch and learn son

  7. this team was a few missed FG’s and a play or two away from the playoffs last year.. with THE WORST OFFENSIVE LINE IN FOOTBALL AND AN ANEMIC RUNNING GAME!!! if Hickey can just get some quality players to rebuild the OL and dump Thomas and bring in another RB like Tate, Gerhart, McFadden, MJD, Jennings, Blount, etc, this team will win some games.

    and i just think its funny that everyone that reads the Wells report talks about how broken and dysfunctional the Fins locker room is… when all of the players say it was totally normal.. with Grimes saying its one of the best he’s been in.

  8. Tannehill is no better than Fiedler,he is the next Marino,watch and learn son

    “The next Marino” WTFE!!!

  9. “The next Marino”

    In what way? He will never win a SB?

    Fish fans are too funny! Enjoy second place,

  10. Get off the owners back he might be a bit odd but he wants the best for this team and more importantly backs it up with dollars. As for the city of Miami i wish i lived there especially if i had pleny of wonga.

  11. LMAO at Fins Fans!!!!!!!!!!!! 2nd place again! Heck maybe 3rd!

    Quick quiz for the Pats fans…

    What do the following things have in common?

    1) 12th prime number

    2) The atomic number of rubidium.

    3) The normal human body temperature in degrees Celsius.

    4) Tom Brady

    Answer? All are 37. Tick Tock Tick Tock…. ouch…..

  12. Tom Brady at 37, 38, 39, 40 = better than any QB the FISH HAVE OR WILL HAVE!

    Fish = 8-8 AVERAGE!

    Enjoy second place!

  13. Mar 7, 2014 3:45 PM
    Brady’s 2012 QB rating 98.7

    Brady’s 2013 QB rating 87.3

    Tick tock tick tock tick tock… Enjoy the Ryan Mallett era.

    Even the “Ryan Mallette era” will be good enough to take the division from the AVERAGE 8-8 fish!
    What a joke all they had to do was beat the sorry Bills or the Jets at home to possibly make the playoffs and they couldn’t do that.
    Enjoy second place again and again and again….

  14. Bragging about always winning the division that plays the jets, phins, and bills twice a year and not being able to get past the afc championship game with your best player being almost 40 years old ? Dosen’t sound like that rosey a picture to me.

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