Kaepernick’s mom takes issue with columnist’s criticism

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Colin Kaepernick seems to get an inordinate number of idiotic columns written about him. And his parents have taken notice.

In 2012, Kaepernick’s parents were offended by a moronic column from David Whitley of Sporting News, who ripped Kaepernick for daring to have tattoos on his arms. Now we have a ridiculous column from Lowell Cohn of the Press Democrat, who takes the report that Kaepernick wants $18 million a year on his next contract as a personal affront.

It’s completely reasonable to argue that Kaepernick isn’t worth $18 million a year, that the 49ers could better allocate their salary cap space elsewhere, or that the 49ers should wait to negotiate Kaepernick’s next contract until he has played the final season on his current contract. But Cohn’s bizarre personal attacks on Kaepernick are way over the top. A sampling:

— “If Kaepernick doesn’t get that kind of dough, he says he’ll go back to kindergarten and knock over his blocks and hold his breath until he turns blue.”

— “Someone should slap a Boston cream pie in Kaepernick’s smug face.”

— “Colin Kaepernick is not an attractive personality. Usually he doesn’t say jack. And that’s not attractive. When he says jack — and more — he’s even less attractive.”

— “It’s like he’s saying, ‘To hell with the team. I want mine.’ There are words to describe his position starting with ‘hypocrite’ and ending with ‘phony.'”

— “Advice to Jed York: If Kaepernick persists in his unrealistic, impertinent, rude demands, give him jack.”

Cohn also writes, “If he wins the Super Bowl, sure, give him Cutler money.” Cohn is apparently unaware that Jay Cutler hasn’t won a Super Bowl with the Bears, and that Kaepernick has come closer to winning the Super Bowl with the 49ers than Cutler has with the Bears.

All of that made Kaepernick’s mom unhappy.

“When one has an inability to articulate their thoughts intelligently, they often resort to name calling,” Teresa Kaepernick wrote on Twitter. “Talking about lack of decency and professionalism.”

Kaepernick’s mom is right. Calling Kaepernick a “hypocrite” and a “phony” because he wants to be well paid is silly. The idea that it’s a “rude demand” to ask for a certain amount of money is ridiculous.

Look, Kaepernick is entitled to ask for whatever he thinks he’s worth. If what he’s asking for is more than the 49ers think he’s worth, the 49ers are entitled to refuse to meet his demands. (The 49ers, thanks to the franchise tag, have the added advantage that they can keep Kaepernick from finding out what he’s worth on the open market.)

There’s no reason that the negotiations between the 49ers and Kaepernick need to grow acrimonious. Cohn seems like he’s going out of his way to create a controversy.

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  1. Two things (among many) that bothered me about Cohn’s article

    1. Apparently not rocking the boat by making provocative statements is suddenly a bad thing, maybe because Cohn thinks if Kaep has arm tattoos, he should automatically act like a punk, and

    2. He can’t decide whether the word “jack” means something or nothing.

  2. That’s Lowell Cohn. Always the center of his own story. I think Kaepernick, Jed York, and anyone else who matters here knows that this is Cohn’s schtick. Doesn’t make it tolerable, but he pretty much speaks for himself here, and everywhere he writes.

  3. LMAO. I would say the guy is spot on with those comments. And maybe Kaps mommy should take her own advice. This franchise is is becoming laughable.

  4. It’s Lowell Cohn. He was a troll before there was an internet. Don’t feed him.

    Kaepernick is grossly overvaluing himself, but there are better ways of expressing that opinion.

  5. Cutler has never made the playoffs, has been mediocre and is making 15 million a year. Stafford makes even more and choked the end of the season away and also has never made the playoffs.

    Kap has gone toe to toe with Aaron Rodgers twice and beaten him in the playoffs while make huge impactful plays. He’s beat Matt Ryan (who is 1-4 in the playoffs) while making impactful plays in the NFC Championship game.

    Kap has performed better under playoff pressure than guys already making that kind of money. Hello Tony Romo?

    Whether you like Kap or not the 16-18 million a year is the price you pay for the position.

    And the reason Kap doesn’t talk to the media is because he got burned as a rookie by one of those hacks so now he doesn’t trust them AT ALL.

    The only beat writer to trust is Maiocco. The others all have agendas.

  6. Not a Niners fan in the least, but I agree with Kaep’s mom. That article was ridiculous. You have people like Romo, Cutler, and Ryan making 100 million+ in this league. How do you justify paying Kaepernick a lesser amount? The market dictates the asking price.

  7. If he asked for $20MM that would be a little too aggressive, and $16MM could be cutting himself short. We saw how much the salary cap rose this year and who is to say exactly how much it will rise in the future? Sounds like he picked a practical number to ask for as a starting point for the conversation to determine what makes sense for him to be paid. He could have been greedy and turned up the pressure by throwing the number 20 out there, but instead he went with the number he thought was fair.

    Kaep should send the columnist a pair of those nice headphones to help him keep the voices out of his head, or contained so we don’t have to hear this kind of racket.

  8. All too typical of a “journalist” these days to be rude, stupid, aggressive, mean-spirited, ignorant, and loud just to stir up controversy and maybe land a better job.

    The noise vs. substance issue both on and off the Internet with the 24/7 news cycle has in far too many instances made life less interesting and less pleasant.

    I miss the old days when life was simpler and the news was news rather than noise, conjecture, and biased opinion.

  9. His parents best bet is to just not read anything.
    They can’t control what other people think and write. It’s a free country for others to do so. They will have a much less stressful life once they learn to block it all out and not care what others think.

  10. People who have read Cohn know he’s an idiot. To be charitable, maybe he’s trying to make a story out of nothing.

  11. 49er fans have learned to ignore Lowell Cohn, and his son Grant. Nothing they write or say is worth anything. How they still have jobs is unimaginable to me.

  12. It’s the age of the internet. Unfortunately, some writers feel the need to be trolls these days in order to get their fair share of clicks and attention.

  13. Lowell Cohn is the worst sports writer in the Bay Area. His son Grant is no better.

    Any 49er fan knows that the Cohn are to be ignored at all costs because they are easily offended by the people they interview if they don’t bend over backwards to make Lowells or Grants job easier.

    They are total hacks. This “article” is just another in a long line of reasons never to read anything a Cohn writes.

  14. The 49ers struck gold when they drafted Kaepernick and have benefitted greatly by not having to pay him for his outstanding performance.

    The clock has run out for the 49ers who must now pay Kaepernick his true worth. I’d say somewhere between 18 – 20 million would still be worth every dime.

    After Peyton Manning wins Super Bowl XXXLVIX and retires trade him to Denver for a 2nd round draft pick. We’ll be glad to have him.

  15. Kap puts out a persona that its him against the world and he’s kind of smug and arrogant (ie flexing muscles after running for a td).

    If you are okay putting that perception out there, then you should be okay when people perceive you that way.

  16. Mommy wants a retirement home in the Bahamas. Pay her baby the 18 million he wants, or she’ll show you Mister Sports Writer.

  17. There hasn’t been a media personality worth listening to since Walter Cronkite died

  18. He’s right. And, I’m sure he compares it to Cutler money because that is a ridiculous contract, as well. Romo money would be apt, too. Don’t kill the messenger. There’s plenty of smoke not think there’s a dumpster fire somewhere in that “organization.”

  19. Seahawks fan here. This David Whitley guy is so ignorant. What makes Kaep any different from other players in the “what have you done for me today” league? Guys have to get paid while they can. I guess teams aren’t “hypocrites” or “phony” when they dump players, mid-contact. That said, top 5 coin is not appropriate. I’d say somewhere in the 5-12 range.

  20. Lowell Cohn’s style is to use all the negatives and whine about how the 49ers treat him in Mon. press conferences. This guy had issues with the great 49er dynasty players, so what else is new? His son Grant, is a 49er blogger for the SR Press-Democrat and likes to fling some B.S. at time but makes for a much better read although he doesn’t always tell the truth and likes to put himself in his reporting of the team.

  21. He’s accomplished more in two years than Cutler and Stafford have in their entire careers in terms of team accomplishments.

    Yes, he’s got lots of room for improvement, but given the stage of their careers, who’s more likely to get better in the coming years, Kaepernick or Cutler?

    You think he wouldn’t get 18M per year on the open market?

    You don’t understand football.

  22. I’m not a Kaepernick fan in the least….

    But that article was a complete hack job, written by somebody who is clearly biased, lacks integrity, wit, professionalism and decency.

  23. I’d call Lowell Cohn a hack and a troll if it wasn’t insulting to hacks and trolls. Anyone in the SF area knows he’s a shock journalist. He never has anything to say so he speaks nonsense to gather attention. He’s stuck in the Bay Area media purgatory for a reason. His son, Grant is no better. Try to find an article from him that actually reports something and doesn’t just list unfounded opinions. Juvenile. They are the shame of Bay Area sports reporting. Total jokes. The both if them.

  24. When it comes to 49er beat writers about half of them are disgruntled curmudgeons. I’m surprised any of them are able to keep their jobs.

    The ignore list: Cohn, Cohn, Kawakami, Killion, Ratto. This entire crowd wants to be the next Skip Bayless. They will print whatever they can to draw attention to themselves.

    Those with credibility: Maiocco, Barrows, Inman, Branch. I probably forgot a few.

  25. “Mommie, mommie, Lowell Cohn is writing mean things about me!” Are you kidding me?

  26. Amazing the amount of hate that is directed towards Kap. The guy has started for less than two years and he has taken his team to one Super Bowl and one NFC Championship Game. I’d take him before Romo, Cutler, Stafford, or Ryan.

  27. The 49ers don’t have to pay him just yet, he’s under contract for 2 more years and can tag him after that. If Cutler and Romo are getting that kind of “iron” then why not Kaep? He’s done much more in way less time and is way more interesting to watch with the way he breaks off those 40-70 yard runs.

  28. Sounds like Lowell Cohn & Mike Preston (Ravens “columnist”) need to have beers together.

  29. I’m hoping Lowell Cohn is Mark Davis’s pen name and he’s trying to drive a wedge between Kaepernick and the niner’s management so he can swoop in and sign him himself!!!!

    But if not, that Cohn dude sounds like a real tool. I hope he enjoys his 15 minutes, cause I doubt we ever hear from him again.

  30. It’s not like Kap’s mom is horrible for defending her son. She’s a saint compared to Aquib Talib’s mommy.

  31. Lowell Cohn will do anything or say…anything…just so that one…yes one….person might find him to be…relevant once again. But it ain’t happening. He and his ignoramus son are irrelevant and misinformed.

  32. I wonder if anyone will write any disparaging articles about AJ McCarron and all his gnarly arm and chest tattoos. Oh you didn’t know he had those did you?

  33. I remember Lowell Cohn tried that crap with the Raiders. After Richard Seymour chastised him and Mike Taylor backed Seymour up and kicked Lowell out the locker room…Raider Nation hasnt heard from him since…LOL.

  34. In a Quarterback driven league the position is completely off the charts in terms of reasonable compensation. But, the market recently has proven that even mediocre QBs command ridiculous contracts.
    If Kaepernick were to be paid 18 million per would that be a crazy contract? Absolutely, unless you are comparing it to the market as a whole. When your other options are to look to free agency and try to replace him with Cassel, Vick, or Shaub, or to roll the dice with a draft pick, maybe that number begins to make more sense.

  35. Mom is right and not just because she is his mom…….

    The amount that Kap should be paid is the amount it takes to keep him in SF. Would someone pay him 18M to steal him next year in FA? I doubt that with the significant annual rising cap space that Kap would not get a 18-20M a year contract.

  36. The 49ers could be the warning sign for the rest of the league on how the new realities of salary can backfire. It’s great when you’re the Seahawks and you win the Super Bowl with a sub-$1 million rookie QB contract.

    But if you’re good enough to have some results (winning record, playoff success) but not THE result (SB win), your team could be quickly blown apart by sudden high salary demands, stuck between the achievements you’ve built as a foundation and the goal that’s close, but now out of reach as the salary demands hobble you and drag you back down.

    In some ways, it’s the same thing as always, but I think the rookie salary scale is going to make both the new players who can finally sign for big contracts and the free agents who are competing for value all a little more desperate and extreme. It could end up being a good way for some individual players to make big money, and a lousy way to provide a good team experience for fans.

    As for Kaepernick, he’s made a big impact so far, but he just has 1.5 seasons under his belt. It’s fair for a team to wonder if he’s the long-term answer, especially with his uneven performance as a pure passer. Do we really think teams are never going to be able to decode his running style of play? Patterns are already emerging and have been observed. Teams love the idea of something that works great now, but would rather have Brady or Manning than Vick, long term.

  37. $18m is a lot but you might as well start high when you’re negotiating. What player starts low then expects their team to go higher than what their asking for?

  38. LaCanfora did a piece on another networks’ sports website today with some pretty interesting numbers attached regarding Kap and his standing amongst other current QBs.

    Funny that all the haters can remember is the 49ers NOT winning the SB last year with Kap in his 1oth NFL start (despite being down by about 3 TDs in the 3rd qtr.) or NOT making it back this year (despite playing at the stadium with the best home field advantage in the NFL).

  39. If anything, that column wasn’t harsh enough. Colon Krapperchoke is a total joke that uses his legs first, arm second, and brain third.

  40. The only person more smug and selfish than Kap is Darrelle Revis who is in it for the straight cash homey. I’m sure its just because he doesn’t fit the “system”. Just like Haynesworth didn’t quite fit the “system”.

  41. The 49ers were 13-3 in 2011, before Kaepernick became their starting QB.
    While many accuse Roger Goodell of ruining the NFL with his ridiculous ideas, it should be noted that team owners are also in the process of ruining the league by overpaying marginal quarterbacks. Kaepernick has shown nothing to suggest the 49ers are incapable of winning with someone else…

  42. If Kaepernick conducted himself a little more mature than an 8th grader in Pop Warner, I would be upset with this column too. But the truth is, he is a below average quarterback looking for above average money. Alex Smith is making far less than $18-20 million per year (the asking price from Kaepernick.) And he did the same job with the Niners and was more efficient.

    As for the “personal attacks”…I don’t see much wrong with speaking truth but it was a little harsh. Seems that everyone wants to disregard Kaepernick’s smug attitude when he scores touchdowns, makes a first down run on a broken play, and wears a Dolphins’ hat on Twitter. He is not even a Top 10 quarterback, so at this point, let’s see him get less than Top 10 QB money.

  43. I think it is funny for people to bash Kaep for his mother’s personal tweet – “…his mommy is fighting his battles…” What is so wrong for a parent to have a personal Twitter account and tweet something? (without dropping names) To project weakness onto a person because someone else has their back is ignorant. For those Hawks fans that always troll the 9ers’ articles, does it really make you feel better about yourself to try to tear others down like that? If so, maybe you should find out why and discover a bigger purpose in your life. It gets tired…

  44. When the Espn idiot Skip Bayless started the new journalistic fad of attacking players and insulting them and making sports reporting more about how much they can yell and insult as opposed to bringing anything worth listening to it started a new generation of morons who now have all kinds of access to the public. I blame the idiot editors at ESPN first for creating the Skip Baylews trash method of reporting and secondly those other editors who allow this crap to be published instead of actually having a little backbone and standing up to these morons. If someone would have had the courage to stand up to Cohn , then maybe he would have gone back to kindergarten where his writing skills would be equivalent to his grade.

  45. Welcome to how the Raiders have been covered every single day for the LAST 10 YEARS.

  46. 18 mil will be chump change in 2 years anyways. Contracts and Cap will increase every year and his 18 mil wont look so bad when the next guy is up for a deal.

  47. Somehow, I don’t envision Montanas nor Youngs mothers out in the news like Kaepernicks. Times have changed.

  48. It is not the fact that he thinks he is worth $18 million that is an issue, it is the fact that he went public with the fact that he thinks he is worth $18 million. That suggests that he thinks the public will agree, which suggests that he is delusional.

  49. Love how these Niner haters come out of the wood works to bash anything Niner related. Get a life. As for Cohn, this guy has been writing articles like this for years, nothing new. I wish the editors would can this guy for spewing hate. CK hasn’t done anything but play ball, give straight answers when questioned, take blame for the loss, never take credit for the win, and yet everyone seems to hate on this guy. Pay the man for being a Dual threat QB who’s helped his team get to the SB and NFC championship, losing to eventual SB winners. His time will come and they certainly don’t have better options thats for sure.

  50. Never heard of that writer because I learned long ago to not read a newspaper with “Democrat” in the title, but this made me laugh:

    “Someone should slap a Boston cream pie in Kaepernick’s smug face.”

    lol, what an image.

  51. Cohn hasn’t been worth a darn since he got canned by the Chronicle like 15-20 years ago. The Press Demo also, and foolishly, employs his son, who has even less talent.
    Can’t believe they both work there. Very unprofessional operation.

  52. Not sure I agree with the logic that because 4-5 QB’s that didn’t earn the contract got that range of money that it translates to Kaepernick getting that type of money as well.
    Should give that money to the defense. Defense has been winning the games for 49er’s much like in Seattle.

  53. Quit saying he went head to head with these good qbs he has a much better team put Cutler behind his line and defense and they might have won a super bowl teamm game theres a reason they had 2 qbs go to the nfc title game. But go ahead and pay him they will end up just like the ravens. An kaps legs will not last an he obviously can’t throw under pressure worst completion percentage when under pressure all u need to know

  54. The NFL Network will show quick clips of elite QBs throwing a pass….But when they show Kaperniuck….he’s showing his forearm.

    That seems to be what he is know for. Anyone know what it means??????

  55. Talk about premature… Funny how now KraperNoob’s over rated over hyped fame has ended and his commercials and endorsements have ran dried, he’s looking for a big contract extension lol!

    The 49ers are stuck with KraperChoke, there isn’t even a QB coming out of this draft or a FA QB that can push and pressure KraperNoob this year as the backup.

    Harb choose the inexperienced “still learning” noob choke over Alex Smith. York/Baalke didn’t believe or want to pay Alex Smith anymore so they dumped him. Now KraperChoke costs more than Alex Smith? Even if Alex Smith has won a SB with the 9ers if they kept him, he wouldn’t be asking 18+ million a year LOL!!!

    KraperChoke has choked 2X in big games at the end of the last 2 seasons turning over the ball in key drives and didn’t help win a SB yet since taking over and he wants to be paid 18 million a year???

    No thanks, like Cohn said, let the noob choke prove he can win a SB first and ride out his rookie contract or he can keep wishing he can get 18 million a year.

  56. As a 49er fan, I agree with Cohn. Why get in salary cap hell elbow cause other teams were dumb and paid proven loser(Cutler, Romo, etc..) quarterbacks way to much. They can make it to the playoffs with any quarterback Harbaugh brings in. Pay a guy if he is a winner not if you hope he will turn into a winner. Until then, 2nd place is as good as last, just ask the Buffalo Bills.

  57. What Keapernick learned in college certainly hasn’t played a factor verbally when he’s speaking…As for his football skills? Pay him according to where he is as a QB…If SF doesn’t make the playoffs (like the Ravens last season), then no worries, no loss…You trade Keapernick and fire Harbaugh, and get back to being SF post Montana and Young and stop pretending your something that your obviously not, and that’s the champions of the NFL…

  58. KraperNOOB choked 2x turning over in key drives at the end of the last 2 seasons and led one of the lowest passing offense in the league and isn’t even a top 10 QB, plus he didn’t even make the pro-bowl once and he wants a 18 million per year extension?

    How about making some pro-bowls, putting out top 10 QB performances year in year out, lead a top 10 passing offense and win a SB first, then let’s talk about a big money contract?

    Until then you can be called out like the noob choke you are and ride out your rookie contract like Russel Wilson, who actually has already beaten you to a SB win 1st and has made Pro-bowls already.

  59. I understand not liking the guy. He is smug at times. But can we all please establish some facts? Number 1: he isn’t kissing his bicep per se, but rather the tattoos on his bicep. He has done it ever since that article where the author opined that he should be in prison, not a football field, simply because of his tattoos. Number 2: wanting 18 million dollars isn’t being arrogant or a bad team player. His number is probably not 18 million. But you have to start somewhere. If he were to start at 10 million a year, he’d probably be accepting 6-8 million, which we should all agree is extremely underpaid for a starting quarterback.

    Honestly, I think people take one look at Kap and then ignore everything he says. Listen to his interviews. Don’t just hear them, listen to them. If you do, you’ll hear a new perspective that nobody is reporting, the good Colin Kaepernick. If you still hate the guy, alright. I can understand he has handled things wrong. The whole dolphins hat thing. But, let’s give the guy the benefit of the doubt.

  60. What is everyone’s problem with paying him? He has been way under paid for a 1yr 1/2. The cap is going up every yr (looking at 150 Million in the next two years, so he will count for less then 10% of the cap). You have players like Romo, Stafford, Ryan, Cutler etc making that kind of cash and haven’t accomplished as much as Kap has.

    I love how people all of sudden think Smith was a better QB after bashing on him for years lol…as far as calling him KraperChoke get a life Seahawk fan. I mean the Niners wouldn’t have been in the Superbowl or NFC Championship without him (7th in total QBR this year).

    I could think of 25 other teams that would love to sign him, so get over it pay him and move on. This years draft will determine the future with our 13 picks!

  61. First off, CK only has one year left on his rookie contract, not two. Secondly, the solution is to pay him less than the $18 million and offer a bonus to get him to that level IF he can win the Super Bowl. Actually, the same rationale should also be applied to a new contract for Harbaugh. Let’s start paying people based on actual results rather than hoped for results.

  62. For those who don’t live in the area, Lowell Cohn was the guy who used to like to rip Bill Walsh, and occasionally Joe Montana. That should tell you all you need to know about Lowell.

  63. Anyone they agrees or support with that columnist is a low-life just like him! I’m a Ravens fan.

  64. The kid probably asked for $18 mil as a starting point. It’s kind of what you do… employee shoots high, employer shoots low, then you meet in the middle. Cohn is an idiot.

  65. YIKES!!!! Kissing the tattoos on his bicep??

    Check out the quick montages that the NFL Network and CBS and Fox do when coming out of or going into an advertisement.

    Brady, Manning, Rogers, Brees, all artfully throwing a pass……then Kapernick kissing is tattoo. So, 18 million for that? Guess he’s not known for his passing ability, is he?

  66. The article reveals little about CK’s value. That’s a subject of reasonable debate, same as for any player.

    On the other hand, the article reveals a great deal about Cohn specifically, and sports journalism in general. Cohn hates CK because the quotes he gives tend to be about one sentence and maybe fifteen total words. This makes Cohn’s job unbearably difficult, requiring that he produce original research, analysis, and writing instead of just riffing on quotes. I shed tears just imagining the burden on Cohn to produce real journalism.

    CK knows that when he is asked for a quote, the questioner is likely far less concerned with obtaining information than he is in fishing for something to stir up controversy. So it’s probably a good move for him to stick with the 1 sentence and 15 meaningless words.

    There are other players and coaches who are comfortable being effusive with the press, and use it to their advantage to control narratives, etc. But few are actually very good at it. Most say things and and end up paying for it. A minority of players and coaches, which includes CK and Harbaugh (BB in NE, and Lynch in SEA also come to mind) have decided to opt out by keeping their mouths shut as much as possible and focusing on football. They take a lot of criticism in the press for doing this, but I doubt too many fans of their teams hold it against them.

    I think CK should stick to his plan, and shouldn’t get pressured into pandering to the press if it doesn’t help him be a better player. And I think if it’s Cohn asking the question, he should reduce the 1 sentence/15 words to two words. The first word should begin with “F.”

  67. Isn’t that precious…his mommy has issues with what they are saying about her son.

  68. Is this a whining contest? While they are both really good at it, I think Cohn wins based on forcefulness of the whines. Kap’s mom gets a close second due to the sheer pathetic nature of her argument.

  69. There is nothing worse when you are trying to sell season tickets in a new stadium than unrest. The York’s will take care of this fast.

    Also, all you Seahawks knuckle noggins… We’ll finally play in a true football stadium and pump in our own crowd noise… I’d like to introduce you to America’s new team.. Sorry Cowboys you lost that title years ago… You are now known as Jerrah’s team.

  70. If the 49ers aren’t happy with Kaepernick, they can always try to get Alex Smith back from the Chiefs.

  71. I’m thinking maybe Cohn is disgruntled because his boss won’t pay him 18 mil.

  72. I’m not a big fan of Colin K., but it seems to me that if Dallas, can pay Romo the ridiculous amount of money that they do, considering that he hasn’t really done much for them, the Niners should be able to cough up some extra loot for their starting QB. Maybe he’ll get it, maybe he won’t, but you can’t fault a guy for trying.

  73. It’s not about the money; it’s about Lowell Cohn’s opinion of Colin Kaepernick. As a local reporter, Cohn has to sit in on a lot Kaepernick interviews. And Kap is undoubtedly an uncooperative subject; answering carefully crafted questions with monosyllables, and deflecting all attempts to elicit insight, feeling, or anything remotely resembling an expansive reply. This certainly makes life hard for a reporter, but it seems that Mr. Cohn has taken it all a little too personally. His column reveals ample reserves of anger, disapproval, and resentment. Chill out Lowell. Lots of people have made the argument that Kap is not worth $18 mil, and they’ve backed it up with stats. Your column is a personal attack, plain and simple, and it reveals much more about you than it does about Colin Kaepernick.

  74. Go MOM!

    Clearly mom is hella cool. Cohn was totally outta line, and mom stepped right up and called him on it. NICE! Mom has heart.

    Kap is a lucky guy. Great talent. Great team. And his family has his back.

    It’s pretty simple to see what’s up with Cohn’s comments: HE IS JEALOUS. Kap is young and talented, and soon to be RICH.

    Cohn is just a jealous hater…like all the other Kap haters on here.

  75. Totally understand and agree with Momma Kaep’s issues with this putrid article.

    That said…if she’s going to get upset at every negative thing written/said about her Pro Athlete son for the rest of his career…she’s going to find herself being miserable far more often than happy.

  76. Which Mom?

    Now we see why he pouts and acts like a spoiled child on the sidelines when he loses and his a poor sport.

    You play in the NFL you take shots from others, don’t like it – don’t play in the NFL. You want 18 million -that is the cost of fame, other wise go find a cubicle and work for less than 30 K.

    There are 100’s of Men that can fill your spot and not have their Mommy complain.

    Kaep is not above any other players, like he thinks he is.

    Stop worshipping yourself.

  77. If kaep is worth 18 million I’d be safe to say Russell deserves 36MILLION!!! Lol!! Kaep does get a lot of hate. Safe to say he brings a ton of it on himself!!! I would like to thank him for continuing to think Crabtree has a chance in the big moment !! It sure has worked out so well for us!!!!


    See y’all next year!!!!

  78. Lowell Cohn’s contributions to sports journalism are roughly equivalent to Ryan Leaf’s or Brian Bosworth’s or (fill in your own favorite gridiron turd) overall contribution to the game of football.

  79. Compared to all the other criminals in the NFL, CK has been so low key that there is no real reason people would personally have so much hatred for the guy

    The only reason I can think of is

    1) you judge him because of his tattoos
    2) you just hate the niners and their success.

    As for the bicep kissing celebration, I wonder if everyone has as much hatred for Aaron Rodgers and his championship belt celebration???

    Oh, and in regards to the big contract he is asking for, I don’t know if he deserves it, but just keep repeating this a few times

    JAY CUTLER makes $18 million
    JAY CUTLER makes $18 million
    JAY CUTLER makes $18 million

  80. 4 espn analysts = all 4 Agree Kaeps worth the money.

    Don’t even give this Lowell guy what he wants- attention. I’m not gonna click on this nobodies article. It’s so funny how people in the media think they’re so great, when more often than not people hate media- reporters, writers- you name it, we hate it.

    Only a handful can report unbiasedly and tell it how it is, and those are the reports whom are not hated

  81. Not a fan of Kaepernick at all, but this writer’s article puts me firmly in Kaep’s corner here. What a douche.

    And if he became a free agent today, you are nuts to think the ensuing bidding war WOULDN’T be 18 mil or more. I think guys like him, Cam, and Luck would command that type of money on the open market. Omitting guys like Brady, Rodgers, and Brees just based on age. Omitting guys like Wilson and RGIII because they’re simply not on the same level. *Cue the hate*

  82. I’m with Kaep’s mom, and I’m a Seahawks fan. Cohn’s article is full of cheap shots and is oblivious about professional sports culture. The 49ers are a frighteningly solid team in the best division in the NFL, and whether you approve of Kaep’s personality or not, he’s led his team to two conference championships and one Super Bowl. He’s a tough competitor who obviously wants to win on the field. Cohn’s just ridiculous.

  83. Cohn is just one of many who call Kap silly juvenile names. These forums are full of 8 year old minds. What I hate about Kap is that he makes people babbling name calling idiots. He needs to work on that. Oh and his progressions too would be sweet.

  84. I’ve read Cohn for years. As a Raider fan I’ve been annoyed with a lot of what he’s had to say about my team because as proof from the Kaepernick article he does little to give constructive arguments.

    To me, Cohn has resorted to shock journalism in a sense by writing these types of blogs because newspapers and more specifically the Press Democrat is dying. Print is a dying medium and most of us rely on Twitter or Profootballtalk.com for up to the minute sports news.

    All Cohn is attempting to do is raise the eyebrows of a few annoyed Niner fans and if he can get Kaeps moms attention, well that’s the cherry on the sundae.

  85. Lowell sounds like somebody who just wants to create a stir.

    Kaep on the other hand doesn’t deserve SB winning QB contract until he actually wins one.

    I agree put incentives in so that it ADDS up to 18 million per year if he performs.

    He seems more like a running back with a great arm than a QB that can run.

  86. Why does anyone care what a player is “worth”? If Kaepernick wants $18 million or $20 million and the Niners are willing to pay him why is there so much outrage? The question is simple. Is this the guy the Niners see leading them into the future? If the answer is yes, pay him. Otherwise address contract talks at the end of the year and further damage the relationship with your QB and risk losing him to another team.

  87. People say, “Pay Kaep, because he’s done more than Romo and Cutler, and they make 18 million”.

    That is very, very true. But the truth is also that neither Romo or Cutler are worth 18 million a year, and neither is Kaep.

    I can see Kaep making maybe 14-15 million a year, but both Cutler and Romo either need a pay cut, or just be cut.

  88. Not for nothing, but arm tattoos are pretty trashy.

    And this “article” was published in on some website that no one looks at. I’ll save my heart any aggravation which may be caused by getting worked up about this.

  89. I personally think kaep isnt all that good and his production is fraudulent, but Cohn went too far. Its one thing to analyze a guy as a player, its even OK to acknowledged some personality traits that would hinder the guy’s play, but to viciously defame a guy like that is beyond overboard. Its a good thing the guy has the 1st amendment to hide behind, coward.

  90. Where are all the RG3 haters?!
    I hope you give Kapercheck he same treatment. He actually deserves it.
    Unlike RG3.

  91. Kaepernick is a product of his era. He’s immature, he’s arrogant, and he’s asking for way too much money. That fits about 99% of the players in the NFL today.
    This writer is like me. He longs for a time when players weren’t like Kaepernick. But they are, and we just have to live with it.
    So, he’s totally off base for ripping him the way he did.
    But — Kaepernick’s mom is only helping the writer prove his point by making her feelings known. Mom should stay out of it and let her baby fight his own battles.

  92. Let’s get a few things straight here. I keep hearing that Cutler, Romo, Ryans, Stafford make it, so why not Kaep.

    1. Cutler can be cut in 3 years, no penalties. Now that he FINALLY isn’t get sacked 9 times in a game, that seems fair. It’s a big contract but can be terminated relatively soon with little cap repercussions. Is Kaep willing to sign that type of deal? I doubt it.

    2. Romo. JERRY JONES. He’s an idiot, doesn’t mean the 9ers have to be idiots too.

    3. Ryans/Stafford. True, they haven’t won much, but their franchises BELIEVE in them. Do the 9ers believe in Kaep? Doesn’t sound like it.

    Pocket passers have also proven they win SBs. What’s Kaep’s completion percentage, esp when under pressure?

    And for those of you who argue, “Well, Wilson won it, and he’s not a pocket-passer” Think again.

    And for the record, I’m a Bears’ fan.

    The 9ers would be wise to see how Kaep plays out this year, especially in big games. To me, he seems wildly inaccurate when it counts the most.

    The anti-Montana, if you will.

  93. Cohn’s column is out of line, but he’s right about one thing. Kap aint worth 18 million yet. He might get there, but he hasnt earned that kinda money yet.

  94. Lowell Cohn is so negative, its a wonder that the 49ers organization let him into their press conferences, let alone their locker rooms. Speaking of the former, I sat in on a press conference during
    the 49ers playoff run in 2011 with Alex Smith and
    Cohn asked Harbaugh a ridiculous amount of questions regarding his college years and when he broke his finger as a QB. He told us all to bear with him during the line of questioning, 20 minutes later,
    Jim Harbaugh was gracious enough to thank him for asking. I wouldn’t have dreamed of asking such a senseless question that didn’t even pertain to the playoffs. Annoying is an understatement.

  95. This is funny. Most 49ers fans wouldn’t know this but when cohn’s son got the job working for the press democrat and all the folks fans of the blog Maicco built cried nepotism because grant was horrible. Lowell wrote a column defending his son and saying fans were being unfair. Can he say ‘hypocrit’.

  96. Peyton Manning has had his ups and downs in the post season with interceptions and mistakes. Very few (intelligent) sports fans question his ability or his value.

    Kap isn’t in Peyton’s class yet. But Kap’s got incredible natural talent, and a lot of potential upside. I remember a few years in the playoffs when people had questions about Montana. They were WRONG, but there were dumbasses who still doubted Montana when he wasn’t perfect.

    Kap’s got some rough edges, but he’s only played 1.5 seasons in the NFL. The 2014 season will tell us a lot about Kap’s progress, and I’m guessing he is going to continue to make a lot of Niner fans happy.

    Kap-haters can qualify his success any way they want, but most of the haters are just jealous trolls.

    The fact is: KAP WINS.

  97. “I got an idea, an idea so smart my head would explode if I even began to know what I was talking about.”
    – Peter Griffin in the “Lethal Weapons” episode [Family Guy]

    This NFL blog is part breaking news, and part comedy show. I can’t help but crack up when the trolls on here blurt stuff out. You can’t help but laugh when somebody talks about recent 49er news, and then claims to “love watching the 49ers MELTDOWN.” That’s like something Peter Griffin would say. 2 NFC Champioships games and a Super Bowl berth in 3 years = MELTDOWN?

    Dang! I hope we keep melting down!

    I get impatient waiting for the next NFL season, but at least nowadays we have social media trolls to help make the off-season more entertaining.

  98. Granted Cohn is an idiot and a jerk. That being said if Kap really is asking 18 mil he is putting himself a close second behind Cohn. Just because some ignorant organization is willing to pay a player like Cutler way more than he’s worth doesn’t mean you should be paid way more than your worth. Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. Kap has only gotten close and that doesn’t mean anything. Kap you still will be offered more than your worth so take it and be happen. As for 18 mil — NO WAY!

  99. The market has been set at that price by the Cutler and Romo signings. We all should try to get as much money as possible. Not our job to worry about how it effects the hole pie, its managements

  100. Lowell Chone-” Where are my glasses?” He is such a clown. That is why he writes for the least read rag in the Bay. He also thought the 49ers were wrong to play Joe Montana over Steve Deberg.

  101. I think Kaepernick’s body is worth at least 18 million. Just to look at it.

    This is one reason some jokers don’t like him…he’s gorgeous and near perfect physically.

  102. Seahawk fan here. Leap is worth every penny. The dude loves to ball. He is a top 10 QB in the league in wins.

    Seattle has to play this guy twice a year. We respect him more than we do the Manning’s. Enough said. Pay the man.

    Go Hawks.

  103. If Kaepernick put as much effort into refining his quarterback skills as he does what others said about him someday he may be worth 18 mil.

    Just because the Bears were stupid enough to pay Cutler 18 mil doesn’t mean that others have to follow their footsteps of idiocy.

    The 49ers have : top 5 defense… top 5 offensive line… better than average kickoff coverage… top 5 kicking game… quality running game…so who do you pin the tail on? Brady didn’t hang up his spikes when his receiving core headed to the Hospital & the big house so why hang the shingle totally on Roman & the WR crew? I don’t buy that B.S.

  104. I have been reading Cohn since he first showed up on the old Sporting Green in the Chronicle. Back then he….Glenn Dickey and Ira Miller were the columnists. Cohn was by far the most bitter and offensive reporter on the paper that frequently took petty affronts and turned them into full fledged grudges he harped on for years. Nothing has changed.

    Cohn was shown the door at the Chronicle and landed in a little pond still trying to put himself at the center of every conflict he openly creates.

    Cohn always cites Ira Miller as a friend and contemporary but where Miller was fair Cohn was unceasingly vindictive and petty. I didn’t always agree with Ira but I respected him.

    The same cannot be said of Cohn….

  105. A few thoughts from a diehard lifelong niners fan…. I personally think Kap has the ability and room to grow to be a franchise qb for years to come. Most older fans may disagree because of his playing style. I love this new breed of QB which isn’t going anywhere. The different between the mike Vicks and the rg3s of the NFL is that the KAP and Russell Wilson’s of the world don’t take the same poundings. Granted Wilson protects the ball a little better. Now I still don’t believe Kap is worth that kind of money but with the salary cap moving up that number could be a bargain in a few more years. Let him play out his rookie deal. If he wins it pay him.

  106. This is what’s going to happened: York and Baalke is NOT going to pay KraperChoke anything more till he wins a SB, same can be said for Harb. Both are still under contract this season.
    Knowing what cheapskate York and thus Baalke are, they would rather pay Harb 6.5 mil a year 1st then KraperChoke 18 mil, especially when they don’t have to and they have 12 draft picks and FA to think about.

    All various reasons, including money, players hurt (Bowman) and transitioning (Gore to Lattimore), they will not win a SB this season, watch.

    Next season, KraperChoke will be franchise to make him prove he can win a SB, he will be so mad and would have to finally mature and prove it once and for all. He will face pressure Alex Smith never faced with the 49ers lol! Harb will be on his last season of his 5 year contract (has not win a SB vs Pete Carroll and Wilson) and the pressure for BOTH KraperChoke and Harb will be at the greatest!

    Then and maybe then will they both squeeze out a SB out of their rear…! 2015 will be the most entertaining season for the 49ers, with so much pressure to win a SB, it’s win a SB or die trying, with every play, Harb could have a heart attack on the side line LOL!!!

  107. The days of the 49ers being the class of the NFL are long gone. Now we have Tattoo Boy who worships himself and wants other to Glorify him. And has his Mommy fight his battles. And pouts when he doesn’t win.

    Complete opposite of Joe Montana and Steve Young.

    Their current Pee Wee Coach is whiny and annoying , complete opposite of Bill Walsh.

    And these two want Millions of dollars for giving the 49ers their first blemish of losing a Super Bowl.

    Please 49er front office sign these two- to a 10 year deal, so we can watch the Dog and Pony Show get worse.


    Raider Nation

  108. Jed York, Baalke, and even Harb didn’t get rid of Alex Smith to pay 18 million per year to KraperChokeArtist as the QB.

    He will ride out his rookie contract like Wilson and get franchise if he doesn’t win a SB this season. Stop choking in Seattle and the SB and maybe he will get a big contract. Also his mom isn’t going to win a SB for him so her words are useless lol!!!

  109. If Kaepernick wants that kind of dough, he needs to learn to hang in the pocket and not immediately take off like a scared rabbit every time a play breaks down. In other words, he needs to become a real quarterback.

  110. What the hell ever happened to playing out your contract?…These guys would never consider reducing their pay after a bad season so why should they get more after essentially just doing their job?

    Shut up and honor your contract!

  111. The reason the 49ers won’t pay him the money is because they aren’t going to commit the kind of money to someone that they aren’t sure can grow enough to justify it. The guy has only played for a season and half, in neither case did he carry them to the playoffs. The team sees the Ravens and doesn’t want to be stuck in the situation they are. There is a 50/50 chance that Kaepernick may not even be starting in another season and a half.

  112. I would not have said those things, but I think the author of that article is closer to the truth than niner fans would like to admit.

    1. Every time CK talks, he sounds like a baffoon. I’ve heard a handful of interviews that have to be dumbed down so he can understand and so fans can understand his point.

    2. He’s self-absorbed and that is shown by him kissing his biceps and then trying to trademark it (as if he was the first to ever do such a thing).

    3. He hasn’t displayed growth in his ability to read defenses which shows he just may not be intelligent enough OR not willing to put in the time necessary to prepare for games.

    I know, I know…call me a hater – whatever, but these are things that stick out about this guy.

  113. wow you guys who say Kap is trying to be overpaid than you guys dont know jack. First off are you saying Cutler or Romo is worth the money but Kap is not REALLY!! First off kap is no where near being finished product. While Cutler is as good as he will ever be plus you haters need to remember Kap has not even had 2 fullseasons as a starer yet. Kap is for sure worth 18mil per year. He is super young and with Haraugh caoching him up will also only benifit. Finally this is not Kap setting market its te league remember it was only 2 years ago a32 year old vick got a 100million dollar contract. Just look at who signed today Vonte Davis brent grimes both just got 10mil per year contracts and those guys are not even intop 10 best CB in league while Kap is a top 10 QB plus 1 way I alwys look atthings is would bears,lions or Cowboys trade there starting qb for kap stright across and all 3 teams would jump at it you know it I know it and everyteam in he league knows it. plus Kap will be amazing next year 3rd starting year is when most qbs make the biggest jump and if we dont sign him tis year t wll only skyrocket hi value

  114. as a seahawk fan i think kap does have upside potential. he’s young and still learning.should he be paid in the 18k territory? yes>Others with less potential make that and more..R Wilson has the same upside potential and he is still learning also..The difference is Wilson is a team and community leader.On the maturity (and very important) level Wilson is much further ahead

  115. There’s a lesson in all this. If you get tattoos, rock big head phones and sweaters and other casual clothing when the standard attire is neat casual or formal clothes then people are going to judge you. Whether that affects you depends on who those people judging you are.

    It’s not about skin colour for most people. Just look at Russ Wilson. Articulate, well mannered, well dressed.

    Will the 49ers influence their contract decisions based on Kap’s tattoos and clothing – I doubt it.

    But it’s strange that his mom cares about the opinion of a random journalist but backs her sons decisions. If you’re ok with the way he looks and acts you should probably not let the hate get to you.

  116. Kap = over rated. The 49er’s have probably the best team ex the QB position. When the guy is under pressure he melts (see NFC Championship game). If he was playing on an average team the fans would be complaining because all he can do is run, he is not a great passer. The reason why Seattle beat the 49er’s is they have the better QB, plain and simple,

  117. Actually no, we are saying that Cutler and Romo weren’t worth that big of a contract and neither is Kaepernick.
    To be honest, Kaepernick’s numbers are below Romo’s.
    Think of Kaep as a glorified running back with a good arm.
    That is actually what he is.
    Look to the NFCCG, where was the niner offense? Was it in passing or was it in him running the ball?
    Extremely subpar QB. Can’t read defenses.
    Look at what he did during last off season. Did he watch tape to determine defensive schemes and tendencies?
    No, he tried to improve his running skills.

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