Michael Bennett to test free agent market


Michael Bennett has said he 100 percent wants to be back with the Seattle Seahawks. He has also made it perfectly clear that he wants to get paid.

Bennett is set to become an unrestricted free agent on Tuesday and is PFT’s top-rated defensive player on the free agent market.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN.com, Bennett will not re-sign with Seattle before he becomes a free agent as he wants to test the market.

Bennett entered the league as an undrafted free agent with the Seahawks in 2009. He was claimed off waivers by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and played his first four seasons with the Buccaneers before returning to Seattle last season. Bennett had hoped to cash in after posting nine sacks with the Buccaneers in 2012. Instead, a deflated market for defensive ends led Bennett to accept a one-year, $5 million deal with the Seahawks.

Bennett led the Seahawks with 8.5 sacks in the regular season and added 1.5 sacks and two forced fumbles in the playoffs.

At 28 years old and with consecutive productive seasons behind him, Bennett wants a long-term deal as it may be his only chance to truly cash in during his career.

Bennett remains a top priority for Seattle. They released receiver Sidney Rice and defensive end Red Bryant to help free up cap space to help potentially accommodate a new deal for Bennett.

Bennett says talks have been positive so far with the Seahawks. However, with one chance to earn a big pay-day, Bennett wants to make sure he’s getting paid top dollar for his services.

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  1. I love Michael Bennett and think he was a key person on defensive line and helped bring Seattle its 1st Super Bowl.

    Him testing free agency I can see list of teams throwing a boatload of money at him that Seattle just won’t match. If he wants to get Peppers or Williams type paid I say stick with Clem/Avril and use part of Bennett money to bring back Clint McDonald who destroying the inside vs run/pass as a DT in nickel situations. I am no GM but trust JS will make the right move for the team.

  2. Undrafted, so no big pay day coming into the league and just won a SB? You GOTS to check the market.

  3. WOW this just goes to show u how seattle players cant wait to leave!lol
    HE HAD 8 SACKS ALL YR…….he must think hes aldon smith….or reggie white

  4. Getting a little too big for his britches.

    Seattle will sign him under their terms, not his agents. If he doesn’t want to be here then, the SB Champs will have no problem finding a stud who does.

  5. I love this guy and would love him back but I’m sure somebody is willing to offer more than Seattle. at least he got a ring. good luck Mr. bennett.

  6. An offer is on the table. I anticipate him leaving for a bigger deal though. Mayowa and Scruggs will be taking over. Hill and Williams replace McDonald and McDaniels. If we need more pass rushers, look for Irvin to play DE more, now that Malcolm Smith is developed. All this before another great draft. Plan is in place, so we can get better

  7. This is the business side of the NFL. Hope he gets to remain in Seattle, but if he doesn’t I wish him well. While he tests the market I suspect that the Seahawks will be doing that also…….Jared Allen, etc…..

    Hope it all works out for everyone.

    Go Hawks!

  8. i dont blame bennett for testing the market. when a nfl team is through with you, they’ll throw you away so fast that it would make your head spin

  9. This guy is just an unbelievable stud. He’s had two monster seasons. Still, he will not get more than 8 million per year, and quite likely something in the 6.5 to 8 million range. There is no way I would think he gets more than that.

  10. Love Bennett and glad he helped the hawks win the super bowl but I don’t think the hawks should break the bank for him

    He is a great player but he was also playing beside Avril and part of a pretty deep rotation.

    He came to the hawks on a prove it deal and he produced. He’s gonna get paid, but ask Buffalo how breaking the bank for one defensive lineman works

  11. Can’t be mad when a productive, talented player wants to be paid fair market value. The NotForLong means you have to get it while you can!!! God knows a team will cut you in a heartbeat once they sense your production has fallen short of your cap #

  12. And this is what happens when you want a superbowl and you have free agents. They all want big bucks to come back to your team.

    One one hand it does make it rather difficult to have a dynasty, but on the other it also gives the league parity and any team can turn it around within a year or two if they draft the right players and sign the right free agents, stay healthy, and get a little bit of luck to get hot at just the right time.

  13. I keep hearing about how much of an impact player this guy is. He had 8.5 sacks this year. That’s basically the same as Trent Cole, who was awful in Philly (not a system fit, but still). And, that is with a better defense around him, and the possibility of a coverage sack (something that hasn’t happened in Philly in 5 years)

    Someone is going to seriously overpay this guy

  14. Seems the Bucs are very bad with everything football operations and design related. They always cut talent, revolve doors and make great second grade quality uniforms and tag lines.

  15. This what Mike should do and in the end my fellow 12’s don’t get to down if he signs with another team. John and Pete know what we all know. RW, Earl and Sherm MUST stay. If MB goes how would you like Jared Allen for a couple years? He wants to come here (listen to his quotes about FA). Allen,Clem ,Avril ,Mayowa. Plus if he goes a good chance we can get back Scofield,McDaniel and McDonald. WE have depth ,the draft and FA, don’t worry gang. Yes Clem stays if Bennett walks. GO HAWKS!!!

  16. hey urlacher, where’s the loyalty… he wants to get paid i’d like to hear your thought’s urlacher??? lol get paid bennett it’s a business.

  17. Settle down in Seattle for a little while Hungry Hobo. You have a good thing going there. Could be the best Defense in the history of the game. Best fans. Good coach and owner. Don’t take a low-ball offer but if they dangle something significant snatch it up like a fumbled football and run with it into football history.

  18. I can’t argue with his desire to secure a long term deal at this moment. He is in the perfect position right now to get it done.

    I would love that deal to be with Seattle, but if it’s not, good for him either way.

  19. As an aside, I think a lot of the Seahawk fans on this board, you are a generally classy and thoughtful group.

    Anyway, I agree with “Pittsburghisthecityofchampions” (is it Pittsburgh or Boston, I forgot) here, somebody will overpay and I’m not sure he is all that.

    That being said, remember that his DC from Seattle, Gus Bradley, is now the HC in Jacksonville. MB is certainly heading there to talk but the Jags would *never* pay Mario money for anybody.

    He may get the 8-9 mill/yr x4 yrs there and want to be reunited with GBrad.

  20. I’m sure Jared Allen and DeMarcus Ware would gladly take the money Seattle offered him. Good luck buddy. You can watch us in next year’s Super Bowl on TV.

  21. Seahawks offered him Paul Kruger money. He’s the best inside pass rusher in the game but that’s strictly what he is. Seahawks can get Jared Allen for less and that’s probably what they pursue from day one.

  22. More Vikings here for no reason. Nothing is more enjoyable than watching the Vikings build Super Bowl dynasties for other teams, much like they built the 90’s Cowboys, lol.

  23. To uninformed NFL fans belittling Bennett’s contribution to the one of the best D’s in NFL history here are the facts:

    The 2013 SB Champion Seahawks played a 4-3 Under as their base D. They rotated 7 guys on DL. Red Bryant, since released, played the most snaps and MB was #2. On rushing downs MB played LEO – left end outside. And his role was to play run contain while providing QB pressure.

    Because of his versatility, MB would slide inside to DT on the Hawks nickel looks during passing downs. This allow the team to unleash their version of the Giants ‘NASCAR’ package. Avril came in to play LEO and Clemons became another pass rusher.

    Pete Carroll said they had no idea how dominant Michael Bennett was until they played him extensively later in the season. He said the team regretted not playing him more.

    So to those saying “but only 8 sacks” realize that the team limited the entire DL’s snaps to create versatility and to keep guys fresh. He provided something most lineman can’t: the ability to play inside and outside, for all 3 downs and to provide great run support and phenomenal QB pressure with sacks, hurries, and forced fumbles.

    He will be worth every penny of his new contract and I hope he returns for a few more SB rings up here in Seattle. If not the team will use the $ allocated for MB wisely and will move on as best as they can. This roster will still compete for a SB next year with or without MB; it is still loaded despite 17 FA’s.

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