Portland fans want to bring the Raiders to town

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The excitement in the Pacific Northwest coming from the Seahawks’ first-ever Super Bowl win has apparently caused some folks in neighboring Oregon to dream big.

According to KGW.com, a group of fans in Portland have begun a push to lure the Raiders to town.

The effort includes an “NFL to Portland” website, an @NFLtoPortland Twitter handle, and a Change.org petition directed to Gov. John Kitzhaber, asking that the state explore the possibility.

As KGW.com points out, the NFL currently has teams in 12 cities that, as TV markets go, are smaller than Portland.

The effort comes at a good time for Raiders owner Mark Davis, who recently expressed concern that Oakland isn’t doing enough to try to solve the team’s current stadium situation.  After the 2014 season, the Raiders become free agents.

And while the league may not be thrilled about the possibility of the Raiders moving to Portland or anywhere, the push to bring the NFL to town represents the other side of the debate regarding the use of taxpayer dollars to fund football stadiums.  If the city and/or state where a team currently resides can’t or won’t do it, another community possibly will.

That’s how St. Louis stole the Rams and Baltimore bogarted the Browns.  Coincidentally (or not), every NFL team that has wanted a new stadium with public funding has gotten once since the Rams and Browns relocated in the mid-1990s.

The Raiders moved to Oakland the same year the Rams went to St. Louis, but the Raiders moved into the stadium where they’d previously played, and the building is now obsolete in many ways — including the presence of a baseball infield until the A’s season ends.

If Oakland won’t help build a new venue that has grass on the entire playing surface at all times, Oregon’s grassroots effort confirms that someone else will.

30 responses to “Portland fans want to bring the Raiders to town

  1. Portland is a nice city. They would support a pro football team much better than Oakland is doing.

  2. Portland is a very cool city but I don’t know about the people in Oregon. Most of the state’s population is from somewhere else. In fact I think half of the population are Packers and 49ers fans.

  3. Being from Oakland I want them to stay there. That said I could actually get to Portland to see a game and back home in less than 24 hours.

  4. I knew I was wasting my time reading this article but read it anyways and all I got to say is, people of Portland don’t waste your time cause raiders history is to rich to move somewhere other than Oakland or LA. Chargers on the other hand is a different story.

  5. I am sure there are plenty of cities that want the raiders…after all it is Raider Nation!

  6. The Oakland Raiders of Portland…Like the Angels of MLB is currently doing.

    The Raiders are like a team of Pirates, they call no where home and it does not matter to me where they play, as long as they remain the RAIDERS…

    Seriously though…they are destined for LA – I think no one will argue that point…

    However, I would like to see a team in Portland. It, in all reality, will not be the RAIDERS.


  7. Can Portland have an NFL franchise with Paul Allen owning the Seahawks & Trailblazers …or would he have to sell or move the NBA team first ?

  8. Technically … not every team has gotten their way.

    The Niners didn’t get one from the City of SF. The team had to leave town because the City didn’t see the financial value in a taxpayer-funded football stadium. The City even produced hard numbers to debunk the claims that stadiums “pay for themselves” and add more to the local economy than they cost.

  9. Why wouldn’t the owners like the Raiders moving to Portland? It puts a team in a new market & doesn’t leave the existing 1 empty ’cause the 9ers are there. And owners always love citizens buying new stadiums for them. Thing is, there’s nothing real here. A bunch of fans don’t count for much in the real world of stadiums that cost hundreds of millions. There needs to be a very rich guy or group of rich guys (women included) that can come up with enough private sector money so the Portland citizens can be talked into providing the subsidy to cover the balance of the cost of a stadium.

  10. Portland, San Antonio, or LA? I’m moving to one of those cities for work. Hurry up!!!!

  11. As long as the Raiders are willing to change their home jerseys to neon green and their away jerseys to neon orange Nike will build them a stadium for free in Portland.

  12. Portland ?? Serious! Raiders need to come to there second home Los Angeles! We already got a Nice stadium “Farmer Fields” waiting for them in Downtown L.A with 68,000 capacity room for us L.A raiders fans. This will be Mark Davis best move so far if he moves the Raiders back to L.A and he won’t even have to worry about getting sellouts, if we could fill up more seats then chargers fan in there home base just picture us Raider fans in Los Angeles. I guarantee the Raider Nation will be restored if also Reggie McKenzie makes the right moves in F.A and in the NFL Draft. Mark please bring the raiders back home so we can go back to our glory days.

  13. Rainy ass Portland? Well if we did move, we wouldn’t have to worry about our Quarterback situation. No one’s throwing the ball in the rain. Might help us win games!! Think about it.

  14. It will never happen because the people of Portland will never approve using public money to build a stadium and no owner will foot the bill for a stadium without significant public money. The probability of this happening is next to nothing.

  15. If the Raiders move out of the bay I don’t know what I’d do. That action would clearly state that Football is just a business and nothing more.I hate Mark Davis and any other Front Office people in Oakland. Reggie and Dennis are almost a joke. If I went through all this hell just to watch them move once their good I might just stop watching Football entirely.

  16. To Portland though? I don’t know what’s worse the Raiders moving out of Oakland or them moving to Portland. What ever happened to loyalty?

  17. So Mark Davis doesn’t think that the City of Oakland is doing enough. Well, Mark, what are you doing? You should have a boatload of money saved up since you obviously haven’t changed barbers since the “Moe Howard” haircut was in style. Quit whining and waiting for somebody else to make it happen and make it happen yourself!

  18. If the RAIDERS move to Portland.

    For the 1st time in my 27 years of being an LA/OAK Raiders fan……

    I think I would finally cut the cord.

    Out of California would for me take away the link that many Raiders Fans Identify with.

    the “Portland Raiders” would end my love affair with the team we all grew up with and have supported for ever.

    Come back home to LA.

    I don’t see the RAIDER NATION doing to well with a move to PORTLAND and it would certainly stain the BRAND.

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