ProFootballTalk: Adrian Peterson steps out of character

Vikings’ RB Adrian Peterson announces that he believes free-agent to be Michael Vick will instantly make the Vikings a playoff team. Mike Florio believes Peterson stepped out of character to play the role of pretend GM.

7 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Adrian Peterson steps out of character

  1. Favre got shut down when he too thought he could be a player/general manager. Peterson is speaking up because he is feeling the pressure of an entire career that may be easily forgotten without a ring. He should do his job and let management do theirs…….or go somewhere else.

  2. If they were willing to throw stupid money at Freeman, why not Vick? Get Vick, and draft a QB. That will give the new kid an 8 to 10 game buffer to learn before Vick gets hurt and they will have appeased AP in the process……..makes sense to me. If by chance Vick has a good year… would be way better than what we’ve been suffering through at the QB position. I never thought I’d be longing for the good old Jeff George days…….. Heheheheheheeeee!

  3. What? People can’t share their opinions anymore ???
    Give the guy a break. The whole team has probably talked about who would be a good person to bring in.

  4. For all he’s had to endure with the Vikings QB carousal, I think he’s earned the right to voice his opinion. He practically carried the Vikings into the playoffs a season ago, and AP is only getting older. Vick may not be the ideal option, but no one can say he’s not a better option than Ponder.

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