Sanchez’s status remains unclear

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It’s a given that quarterback Mark Sanchez won’t return to the Jets with a $9 million base salary and a $2 million roster bonus due later this month.  But until he’s cut, there’s a chance he could stay, with a revised deal.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, it’s still too early to know how it will play out.  Whatever the Jets offer Sanchez on a reduced contract could be more than what another team would pay.

The Jets haven’t committed to Geno Smith as the starting quarterback in 2014, but it would be awkward for G.M. John Idzik if the guy Idzik tried to displace returns to the team after a year spent on injured reserve and knocks Smith to the bench.  For coach Rex Ryan, in contrast, it could be just what he needs.

Ryan is coaching for his job once again in 2014.  If Smith can’t do lead the team to victory, then Ryan needs someone else to get it done.

The final outcome hinges largely on whether the teams potentially interested in Sanchez find other quarterbacks elsewhere, in the early days of free agency.  By the time March 25 approaches, much more will be known about the available options — and much more will be known about whether and to what extent the Jets’ best offer compares to what another team would pay.

Yes, it’s tampering for another team to let Sanchez or his agents know what another team would pay.  That won’t stop it from happening.

The Jets have the space to carry Sanchez’s $13 million cap number.  Based on the way his latest contract was written, they also have some time.

70 responses to “Sanchez’s status remains unclear

  1. They can’t bring him back. Incredibly, he still has some support in the locker room and on the coaching staff. Is that the kind of guy you want around your young starting QB?

  2. They will make him wait until the last second, but the deal will already be “under the table” meaning below the NFL Tampering Radar. His agent is sneaking feelers out to certain GMs. IMHO because that is what I would do.

  3. Rex Ryan 2011: “He’s going to be our quarterback for as long as I am here, which I hope is a long, long time. We know we got the right guy.”


    Yeah – this guy has a lot of credibility with his players, no doubt.

  4. Gone by March 25th.

    Idzik did the same thing with Tebow last year and these same articles were written. Gonna try and get anything he can (he won’t get anything) for as long as he can and then cut him before the bonus is due.

  5. I don’t see the Jets drafting a Qb or pursuing one via FA. I think he stays with the Jets with a reduced salary. Geno Smith didn’t exactly light it up last seasom and who knows if Sanchez would have beat him out if he hadn’t been injured in a meaningless pre-season game playing with a 3rd string OL.

  6. What sad franchise could possibly have any interest in this turd? I really don’t understand the fascination. Just let him fade into obscurity.

  7. thegreatgabbert says:
    Mar 6, 2014 11:19 PM
    Like his complexion.

    You really need to change your name. Gabbert may be the only qb in the league Sanchez could beat out.

  8. I’d love him as a backup. Guy went to two AFC championship games when he didn’t have to carry an offense, and he’s much more capable with a strong supporting cast around him than half the QBs in the league.

    Also guy has made over fifty million dollars and slept with Kate upton….so I doubt making fun of him on PFT really hurts his feelings.

  9. Sanchez’ status: a worse quarterback than Tebow but still in the league because he’s not Tebow.

  10. And yet Woody Johnson put Mitt Romney ahead of the Jets????

    I’m not trying to be political or disrespectful to one’s political values, but Johnson and Romney wanted spending cuts.

    Johnson wants to consider keeping Sanchez for $13 million???

    Can anyone sense hypocrisy and fiscal irresponsibility?

    Johnson = worst owner in the NFL not named Jerry Jones.

  11. After a bogus QB battle in camp that led Idzik to handing the job to Smith, ol’ John can’t bring him back. What’s funny is that Sanchez is the better of the two and would have better results with Morningwood as his OC but like Sanchez, they committed to early to Smith.

    You’d think they would learn the first time.

  12. For two years the Jets and their fans labeled him Mark Sanchise…then they let all of their talent go and didn’t sign anyone of substance. They stunk. Sanchez has stayed out of trouble,said all the PC things and even helped Smith out. A bounce here,a tip there and more than likely the Jets would have been 6-10 or 5-11. If Sanchez hadn’t have gotten hurt,it’s a solid bet he would’ve started…and the Jets know it. That’s why they’re keeping him around. They don’t see the great upside that…well no one sees in Smith.

  13. Cut him and let the Vikings pick him up for 2.5 mil. I think Sanchez is a decent QB who has never had offense or O-line around him.

  14. Sanchez is as good as gone, it’s just a matter of when they cut him. Idzik never wanted him on the team when he came over to the Jets. Sanchez would a good fit for the Raiders, they have a big Hispanic following in So. Cal.

  15. he made two afc championship games with a great defense and a solid running game. these jets have another great defense and a running game that could be better if all of its RBs were healthy. i don’t blame rex for trusting this guy.

  16. Thinking back I remember some people won’t
    THE GREAT DETROIT LIONS to draft Sanchez and not Stafford that would have been a big mistake.

  17. No chance Sanchez hangs around. The Jets will cut him before 3/25 and then Sanchez will try to make a team as a 2nd or stringer. Which is quite questionable as there are not many teams with backups that he would have an honest chance of beating out.

    But if he can make a team he will be a fine backup. He has always been a better practice player than real game players. 3-4 years on the bench might improve his game quite a bit.

  18. If I’m Sanchez, I want out. Why would I want to go back to a team that at least half of the decision makes (front office) have publicly tried to get rid of you? He’d probably be better off with a fresh start

    If I’m Idzik, I don’t want him anywhere near the team. Besides the fact that he could take the job, then Idzik looks like a clown for forcing Ryan’s hand last year. If he doesn’t take the job, and they don’t get off to a hot start, you have one guy who has been to 2 AFC championship games on the bench, and a kid who never won anything in college, had a shakey rookie season, now is off to a slow start his 2nd season…..that’s asking for a locker room divide

    If I’m Ryan, it would depend. I would be looking to upgrade in FA. He has no interest in grooming Smith, what good does that do him if he’s unemployed this time next year? If he can’t upgrade the position in FA, I think he’d like to have Sanchez back, with an actual competition this time

  19. I am far from a Jets fan(Not even close) But Sanchez made some pretty sick plays on his way to 2 AFC Championships.. All haters that think it was just Defense, check out how Sanchez won regular season games just to get chance to make playoffs. Sure he faded out a bit, and that was with depleted talent. I love making fun of Sanchez after he has a Sanchez game, but really, I would take him over who my team drafted in same year draft (Freeman)

  20. The Dolphins could use Sanchez as Tannehill can’t hit a wide open Mike Wallace streaking down the sideline and that’s a fact, watch the film!

  21. It sickens me how much everyone dumps on this kid. He was a few key injuries in the ACFCG at Indianapolis away from taking the Jets to the superbowl in his rookie season… A season in which he had terrible numbers, and yet put up his best performances in the postseason. Something needs to be said for that. Then in his second season he was surrounded with even more weapons on offense and lead the league in come from behind victories and at one point had the Jets at the top of the NFL standings through 12 weeks… We’re talking about the Jets here. They stumbled a bit into the playoffs but sure enough the kid played his butt off and grabbed wins on the road in the playoffs versus Peyton manning’s colts and Tom Brady’s patriots and was a play or two away from leading a huge second half comeback against the Steelers in the ACFCG. He comes back for a 3rd year under the same system but loses key tenured veterans such as Jerricho Cotchery and Braylon Edwards and is left with cancers such as Derrick Mason and Santonio Holmes… And yet (despite a lot of turnovers) put up career numbers in yards and touchdowns. A late season collapse cost them a bid in the playoffs and schottenheimer his job. So who does the team hire? Sparano… A guy with absolutely ZERO experience as a play caller… And it showed. Couple that with the complete lack of talent on the offense and Tim tebows presence in the locker room it’s no surprise things turned out the way they did. I’m not excusing all of his mistakes that cost his team games. But I find it disturbing how time makes people forget that this kid one showed great promise until the team and the constant showing of the butt fumble replay destroyed this kid’s reputation. Any team that tries to sign him should know that they are getting a proven winner who saves his best games for the biggest moments… And whether anyone wants to admit that or not he’s still one of the winner road playoff quarterbacks in NFL history. If he goes somewhere else and has success you heard it here first.

  22. I hope they cut ties. I don’t hate the guy, just hope to see them ‘move on’. Would be shocked if that doesn’t happen.
    Then i hope he lands somewhere where he can start and do well. Caroll was probably right, he came out too soon and would’ve had a firmer start if he waited a year. Don’t care though, it’s up to him.

  23. I think I’ll take a pass. As a season ticket holder I can only hope to never see that name on the back of a Jets jersey again.

  24. He’s still a better option than any of the free agents available. It boils down to – do they want a backup for Geno, or do they want someone to compete with Geno for the starting role. I say it wouldnt be so bad to keep him and continue the QB battle again. On the other hand, I would understand cutting the cord and picking up someone else (as long as its not Vick).

  25. The Jets know what they have in Sanchez…they would have to basically pay him 25% of what he is due to earn to make it worthwhile to keep him. If I were Sanchez I would want a fresh start with a different team that needs a QB. It seems like his level of play has decreased every year…and it is hard to see it getting better with the lack of weapons he has to work with on the Jets.

  26. I’d bet the my Raiders have at least an interest. It’s not one I’d really support but the idea of him being brought back to Cali and seeing how things work out has to have at least crossed thier minds.

  27. As gifted as Rex is at putting together defenses, he’s completely mute when it comes to building an offense. Hence… the QB mess, lack of WR talent, and absence of an effective running game.

  28. Why does everyone believe because the Jets are in the liberals capital of the world believe they will win just like the government they are losers.

  29. “If Smith can’t do lead the team to victory, then Ryan needs someone else to get it done.”

    My source that is close to the situation tells me that the Jets don’t think that Mark Sanchez can’t do lead the team to victory as well. This source also tells me that the Jets plans are a little hard to determine right now. They might draft a QB, or the might not. They might sign a veteran free agent to help stabilize the team like Alex Smith did for KC, or they might not.

  30. He’s staying. No other outcome is possible or permissible. The head coach has a tattoo of his wife wearing this guy’s jersey for pete’s sake.

  31. Let me help clear h’s status…

    He’s an over paid, crappy, second rate back up at best who wears his hair in some kind of odd bun.

  32. @Rajbais they’re not keeping him at 13 million. You’re an idiot, they’d ask him to take a significant pay cut if he wanted to stay. Sanchez is at the jets mercy cuz if they choose to wait until a few days before March 25th when his roster bonus is due, they could offer him a significantly lower deal, and if he didn’t accept they’d just cut him. By that time any team that actually had interest will have already found there QB/Backup QB. stop talking about the jets if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  33. Gotta say I missed the Butt Fumbler last year. He’s always good for comic relief.

    His head hanging and defeated body language is the PERFECT fit for the jests.
    Keep him around in NJ.

  34. The deal here is simple.

    Jets have from 3/11 – 3/24 to aggressively pursue other options and you have to believe they will try to pull trigger on competition for Geno in the first week of free agency. If this happens, they wish Mark luck on his career in press announcement the next day. (Plan A)

    If the right guy isn’t there or they can’t reel that guy in at the right price in week 1, then week 2 becomes a serious discussion with Mark on how a cut and reduced signing would look like. Then they trot it out there and tell the world this was their plan all along and looking forward a solid QB comp in the fall (Plan B)

    And if they can’t find the right FA and Mark forces his way out by not agreeing to a reduced rate, then Plan C is to seriously consider picking a QB higher in draft than they probably anticipated or picking up lower tier FA and putting lipstick on that pig.

  35. @unclebluck

    As a Bills fan, you’re better off just simply not talking about the Jets at all and worrying about your own pathetic franchise.

    He’s 4-2 against the Bills all time, 5-2 if you count the week 17 game in 2010 where he played the first series then was sat to get ready for the playoffs, and our backups creamed you 38-7. Even in his 5 interception performance in his rookie year, you needed an overtime field goal to win the game.

  36. They have to keep Sanchez. Rex Ryan needs to get his money’s worth from his tattoo of his wife in a Mark Sanchez jersey. What happens if Sanchez goes, does Rex get the tattoo removed??

  37. hakunamangata says:
    Mar 6, 2014 11:50 PM

    I’d love him as a backup. Guy went to two AFC championship games when he didn’t have to carry an offense, and he’s much more capable with a strong supporting cast around him than half the QBs in the league.


    Then you can have him. Don’t want him even holding my team’s 3d string’s jock. Sanchez is absolutely terrible.

  38. You commenters keep talking about how he led the Jets to AFCCG appearances, but do not mention how he has regressed horribly in the last 3 years.

  39. People are delusion. Going into his 5th year and still making the same mistakes he did as a rookie in preseason. Most turnovers in the league the last two years he started. Can’t think of another QB who has come close to throwing as many INTs to defensive lineman as he has. Never completed more than 56% of his passes in a season. And only had “success” if you want to call it that, when the team was stacked.

    Terrible on field demeanor. Never a leader.

    And one thing people forget to mention is that NO ONE was named starter before he got injured. Again the guy was making the same mistakes he always has in throwing an INT to Ansah in the preseason and he’s the guy the Jets wanted to start? No one gave the Jets a chance last year. It was all about building for the future and they had nothing to gain starting Sanchez where you know what you have already instead of a rookie with potential which Geno flashed more of this whole season than Mark ever did.

  40. Five of the top eight teams picking in the draft need QBs. There are three, maybe four, decent QB prospects in the draft. Sanchez could very well find his way onto the team that misses out.

    You also can’t rule out Tenessee bringing him in. Locker is going to need a veteran backup if he keeps his hold on the job there, and it is hard to trust Fitzpatrick there. Wisenhunt loves him a mediocre quarterback, too.

  41. Might want to look at the whole Jets roster regressing before pointing fingers at Sanchez. He can play with a solid supporting cast and he has played his best football in the playoffs.

    I’d much rather have Sanchez who is only 27, rather than Vick who’s 32 and McCown who’s 35.

  42. @rboutote you hit it right on the head it’s the front office that has handicapped this kids career and any jets can with any knowledge of football would agree with you and to the trolls hating on this kid it’s probably because he’s beaten your team.

  43. You guys are worried about Sanchez?
    I’m worried Vick will come to the Jets, Geno will sit on the bench, and then it’s bye-bye Geno’s career.

    The only thing he’ll develop is splinters.

    Vick isn’t even effective enough for a quick fix. This is rebuilding?

  44. Geno Smith sucks , he is a crybaby Diva! Rex Ryan is a joke! Mark Sanchez is a strong play maker. The Jets need to surround him with weapons not flakes like Santonio Holmes!

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