Steve Smith planning on being a Panther until told otherwise


Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith said he thought his future was “bright,” but he doesn’t know if it will be in Charlotte.

Smith, appearing with ESPN’s Josina Anderson at Clemson’s Pro Day, didn’t reveal much about his recent meeting with Panthers General Manager Dave Gettleman.

But if he knows his own future, he did a good job of concealing it.

“I am working out and doing all those things as I am a Carolina Panther,” Smith said. “That’s where I am, and I’ll continue to move forward until I’m told otherwise.”

Asked if he thought he’d be told otherwise, or if he was prepared to play elsewhere, he dodged.

“It’s a business and I understand that and ultimately decisions are not up to me,” Smith said. “I’m a player, and at the end of the day if a team decides to move on, I either have to accept it or I go sit at home and cry about it.”

At some point, Smith’s brilliant 13-year run with the Panthers will come to an end. At this point, it’s clear that’s up to Gettleman, who hasn’t shown himself to be as concerned with loyalty or bedside manner as he is the cold evaluation of talent.

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  1. “Steve, do you think you will be playing somewhere else? Are you prepared to play somewhere else?”

    Media members have a great tendency to ask monumentally stupid questions…and it never ends. Obviously Steve Smith doesn’t know what his future holds exactly, and why on earth would he claim to “be prepared to play elsewhere?” If you want answers as to Smith’s future…ask his employers instead.

  2. Would be a horrible decision to let him go. Who stuck with us through the horrible times? Steve. Who called a players only meeting and whipped our team into shape when we started 1-3 this season? Steve. He is much more than a player and Gettleman HAS to see that. If you want to get rid of somebody who isn’t worth their contract, show Stewart the door.

  3. Unless I missed something all I saw that Gettleman said is that he is evaluating Steve’s role on the team? I dont understand how that correlates with the Panthers getting rid of Steve. I dont think Jerry Richardson will give the OK to get rid of him without significant reason. This non-story seems to be getting more attention than necessary

  4. The problem is the overt disrespect Gettleman has shown to his entire team of vets. It goes without saying that he has handled Smith the wrong way. If he’s pondering an adverse decision or if he sees a major role for Steve, he should have met with each of his guys. (at least picked up the phone)

    Gettleman is likely to cause a team setback. Even Rivera and Richardson can’t be happy with recent developments.

  5. He’d look good catching passes from Brees…he’s always wanted to be a Saint anyway.

  6. I hope Smith plays at least one more year in Carolina and then gets a spot coaching the receivers.

  7. I have a feeling Jerry Richardson will have something to do with this when it is all said and done.

    89 will retire in Charlotte in 2-3 years in front of a massive crowd to see the unveiling of his statue outside Bank of America stadium.

  8. I’ve been one of the biggest Gettleman defenders. It’s getting harder and harder to do. It appears he has concluded that talking fondly about anyone wearing our uniform will be perceived as being mushy like the last GM was. Hey, Dave, we already know you are a better GM than the last one. We’re not going to think you’re mushy if you express some interest in retaining the services of the man who is the undisputed top dog in the locker room.

    The one I really want to hear from right now is Ernie Acorsi. He’s the one that told JR to hire Gettleman. I want Ernie to tell us what the hell is going on in Gettleman’s mind.

  9. Steve Smith would be great in Seattle. He can fill in when Percy Harvin gets a hang nail.

  10. Yes JS it is SS.

    They had an interview with Smith on tv today and the most fascinating thing about it is that they put Keyshawn Johnson next to him. Probably the first time they have been that close to each other since Dec 2006.

  11. Think thosee statements mean the handwriting’s on the wall in Carolina. Great career, a little crazy, tough, winding down w/a couple or yrs left. Has Patriots written all over it.

  12. Steve is an awesome competitor and would be great in the slot in New England. His career could resurge there in his last few years in the Brady/Belichick system.

  13. You understand why he would be let go and this is a business EXCEPT…usually there is a solid player to fill in when they #1 guy is gone…the Panthers have no one close to what Smith beings to the field…we will see what will happen

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