Tarell Brown says “nothing” happening in talks with 49ers

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Cornerback Tarell Brown fired his agent after he missed out on a $2 million salary bump because he was unaware of a clause in his contract regarding offseason workouts and it looks like his new agents will be guiding him onto the open market.

Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com reports that Brown said “nothing” when asked Thursday if he’s been talking to the 49ers about remaining with the team. With the negotiating window with other teams opening on Saturday, his response would suggest that Brown will be talking to other teams over the weekend.

The 49ers signed Tramaine Brock to a four-year, $14 million deal with $7 million guaranteed during the regular season and Maiocco thinks the 49ers’ best offer to Brock will be in that range. Brown has started 42 games over the last three seasons and could use the window as a chance to see if other teams place a higher value on that experience.

Eric Wright is also a free agent at cornerback for the 49ers, leaving Brock, Carlos Rogers and Chris Culliver on hand if Brown leaves.

9 responses to “Tarell Brown says “nothing” happening in talks with 49ers

  1. They should incorporate the $2 million loss from the offseason workout debacle into an incentive package on a new contract for Brown to stay.

    ….and then go kick his old agents teeth in.

  2. I equate this to mean Brown & his agent are looking for big money and there’s just no way Baalke will pay it. Nor should he.

  3. Why should we resign Brown and Whitner, they gave up a lot of yards for us and they just plain sucks, Brown can’t cover nobody, he line up far from the reciever and sure does Whitner. If you guys calculate on how many yards that they gave up durning the season, it’s about 200yards a game, I’ll pray that we don’t sign them, we all know that Rogers is out.

  4. We lost the Super Bowl last year and the playoffs this because of Brown and Whitner.. Brown can’t cover nobody and Whitner always trying to hit somebody and be missing tackles plus he is up there in age..

  5. Elizabeth I guess you were watching some other game last year. Culliver was the one getting beat on the deep ball to jacoby jones and whitner. On anquan boldins catches every time it was rogers or Culliver. Brown is by far the best corner we have and I promise you like Alex Smith who you all said sucked too you will miss brown next year. Btw Kapernick looks so much better than Smith right now right?

  6. The 49ers tried to sign Brown during the regular season last year without any success. That was why they signed with Tramaine Brock, as insurance that Brown may want to test the free agent market and may leave. Once they signed Brock, there appears less urgency for the Niners to re-sign Brown. Brown also appears to want to test the market. Does not mean that he will leave, but it looks like the 9ers are not going to break the bank to try to keep him.

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