Texans interested in Cassel, Cassel interested in Texans

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When Vikings quarterback Matt Cassel opted out of the second year of his contract, passing on the chance to make $3.7 million in 2014, the dot-connecting process began.

And the brightest line connected the former Chiefs starter to Bill O’Brien in Houston.

Cassel led the Patriots to an 11-5 record during O’Brien’s only season as receivers coach in New England.  The following year, Cassel landed in Kansas City and O’Brien became the de facto offensive coordinator in New England, replacing Josh McDaniels.  (O’Brien wouldn’t get the title until 2011.)

Now, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that mutual interest exists between Cassel and the Texans.

Unless the Texans don’t plan to draft a quarterback in round one (or two), Cassel at best would be a Kurt Warner (New York, not Arizona) placeholder for the rookie, possibly yielding the position as early as the pick is officially made.  And Cassel is smart enough to know that he wouldn’t be playing for very long, if at all, if the Texans end up with Teddy Bridgewater or Blake Bortles or Johnny Manziel.

That said, serving as the placeholder and mentor to a rookie could be Cassel’s best bet.  Though he played well in 2013, having a direct role in each of the Vikings’ five wins, any team that would make him the starter from the moment he signs also could be taking a quarterback in rounds one or two, necessarily making Cassel’s tenure at the top of the depth chart a short one.

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  1. If he’s expecting more than $3.7MM then that’s way too much to pay for a clipboard holder or an extra mentor. Hire him to not play in the game and be a coach if you want him as a coach so bad, or find the very best mentor or coach you possibly can that is good for the QB you are drafting and I don’t see why Cassel would be that person. Save the money and build the team around the new QB if you are going to draft a QB. Cassel would take money away from some other positions for very little purpose or benefit. You need to get better bang for your buck when you are the team with the worst record in the league.

    It’s time to exploit high leverage value deals, remember how we got here now fools!!!!

  2. He’d be better off coming back to the Vikings if he wants to play. If Houston takes a QB first overall, he’ll be starting from Day 1 and Cassel will never get a chance. The Vikings are much more likely to wait until the second round for a QB, so Cassel would be able to start as long as he’s playing well. It’s a better team, too.

  3. 1) Sign Cassel;
    2) Pick Clowney;
    3) Pick a QB in the 2nd round or later that will never pan out;
    4) Watch Clowney grow fat and lazy; and
    5) Watch other teams with good QBs in the playoffs for the next 3 years.

  4. Should make the perfect mentor to Teddy Bridgewater or Blake Bortles. The national media thinks it means we aren’t going to draft a QB at #1. It’s actually the exact opposite. It is more likely we do. Do you really want Cassell as your starter all season?

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