To mock or not to mock, please answer the question for us


Mock drafts have some value, but not much.  They have none before free agency, when teams address needs and develop needs that don’t exist prior to the annual veteran swap meet.

But everyone has a mock draft now.  We’ve done them every year since the site was launched.  Currently, we’ve got one in the hopper that has been put together with the help of an actual NFL scout.

As the time for posting a pre-free agency draft wanes, I’m wrestling with an important question:  Why bother?

Inevitably, some of you will declare it to be the “worst . . . mock draft . . . ever,” regardless of how the picks are configured.  The rest of you won’t really care, because you’ve already seen so many mock drafts that are even more useless than usual when done before free agency.

So we’ll put the issue up to a vote.  Do you want us to continue to do mock drafts?