Vikings’ interest in Vick may hinge on Cassel

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Before Vikings running back Adrian Peterson made an uncharacteristic public pitch for quarterback Mike Vick, the Vikings weren’t believed to be interested in signing Vick.

Coincidentally — or not — Vick is now emerging as a potential option for Minnesota.  Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Vikings could become very interested in Vick if Matt Cassel chooses to sign elsewhere.

Cassel, who signed a two-year deal in 2013, has opted out of the second season.  On Thursday, coach Mike Zimmer said that he wants Cassel to stay, if Cassel wants to stay.  He’d been due to earn $3.7 million in 2014.

Vick doesn’t necessarily fit with offensive coordinator Norv Turner’s system, but that may not matter.  Peterson publicly has made his preference known.  Privately, he could be lobbying even more strongly.  The Vikings have committed to Peterson as the current and future face of the franchise; will they give him what he apparently wants?

While it’s a dangerous precedent for players to be stepping onto the turf of General Managers (and for teams to let them), the Vikings have struggled to develop a passing game that complements Peterson’s historic skills.  If they sign Vick, at least Peterson can’t blame the front office if it doesn’t work out.

105 responses to “Vikings’ interest in Vick may hinge on Cassel

  1. If the Vikings sign michael vick…. they are admitting that they plan to lose until the new stadium opens.

  2. Never thought that Adrian Peterson could be potentially divisive in the locker room, but publicly pining for one QB while your own coach has stated he wants the current one to stay could create an issue if the GM makes the right decision and sides with the coach.

  3. Haha, let the Vick phoney show go to Minny. The dude is: lazy (won’t or can’t be a study of the art of QBing) is not allowed to audible because that dosen’t happen in street ball. He’s a dog killer and more importantly a coach killer. The guy languishes in mediocrity so he can pad his pension. HE promises over again to be the best and he has; at snowing his fan base. Losers!

  4. Yeah but would Vick want to play for the Vikings?? I heard he wanted to start for an nfl team. Maybe if he can’t catch on with an nfl team he could try the Vikings.

  5. Skol Vikings, let’s win this game
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    Let’s get a first touch, then get a touchdown
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    Fight! Fight! Fight!
    Go Vikings run up the score,
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  6. If they sign him because coaching/management wants him, fine. But don’t sign him because Peterson wants him. What a terrible precedent to set for a new HC and OC… hey, here’s the guy our RB likes, you don’t get a say, but figure out how to win or it’s your job on the line.

  7. Why do the Viking think they can get away with always having such horrible QBs? Are they just completely incapable of evaluating talent at the QB position?

    Vick is done. Cassel is a backup at best. Ponder was a joke pick at where they got him.

    I get the feeling they keep trying to outsmart everyone else in the league and instead only manage to outsmart themselves, over and over.

  8. This would actually be an excellent signing by the mighty Vikings. By about week 11, Vick will be out for the season. But it won’t matter, because the Vikings are perpetually out of the playoff hunt by week 10. Perfect fit.

  9. I’ll always remeber Christian Ponder for throwing the worst hail mary I’ve ever seen in my life. I swear he only throw the ball like 30 yards.

  10. Yeah where is that Vikings guy pft poet at? always says that they will be a dynasty……

  11. Mike Vick. AP. Super Bowl homeboy. Pitbull can be the halftime act featuring Prince. Skol!

  12. When doped up Eastern European and Caribbean 100 meter sprinters see adrian peterson… they are uncomfortable with his hgh/steroid intake.

  13. pftpoet is logicalvoices. twin. No two people could be more alike, The twilight zone is where they reside. Anyway, I think it’s good for AP to say this. After all, nothing out of the front office seems to work. EVER!!

  14. mattolikesthevikes says:
    Mar 6, 2014 9:10 PM
    Pft poet is a moron. Figure I’ll beat him before he gets on here

    35 6
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    Thats Awesome!

  15. This move does follow suit of the vikings and their non stop pursuit of washed up Qbs on the way out to lead them to a championship. With that line vick will be on IR beginning of Oct.

  16. I don’t want Vick. I do not believe he has played a full season since he got out of the clink. I’d rather have Cassell, McCown or Shaub, I think in that order.

  17. the Purple T.U.R.D. Eaters just can’t get anything right.

    I’m eagerly awaiting comments by PFTPoet and thevikesarebest so they can tell us how the purps are going to sign Vick and cruise to a Super Bowl win next year.

  18. I don’t think its a problem that Peterson thinks of himself as a GM. The biggest problem is the Spieladope has convinced himself that he’s a GM. Look no further than his last job or his reach for Ponder at #12 overall to see the evidence that he is not. Much to the delight of the other 3 teams in the NFC North.

  19. I don’t know what all the criticism is about. Vick would be an immediate upgrade at the QB lineup with a likely 1 year contract. Not to mention he would also run the read option with AP which could prove deadly.

  20. He could help their offense out…. for about 4 games and than he will be hurt and you are back to square one.

  21. As a lifelong Vikings fan, I have a wish for our new head coach: Zimmer, please take the crack pipe – or baby rattler – away from Rick Spielman. A trained seal has better skills at picking a QB.

  22. Plus, before he got hurt a read option with AP and Patterson would be scary to defend for everyone but the Seahawks and the 9ers. They could score 55 on the Packers with the right game plan and that combo.

  23. Vikings fan here, but not sure Vick is the answer the team is looking for. The main thing is he is still a polarizing figure for any team he plays. Given his past, the Vikings could not bring him out to community events without someone shouting, “DOG KILLER” at him and taking attention away from the team or cause they are promoting. From a player’s standpoint, he’s 34 years old and is not as skilled as he used to be. Why can he be counted on now to bring a Superbowl title to our team?

  24. The Vikings have the most talent in the NFL, nobody questions that. The one missing piece to make every other team’s Super Bowl hopes bite the dust will be addressed when the Vikings draft a real QB this spring, setting the stage for the upcoming Vikings dynasty. Vick can watch from the sidelines, sure, but he would be wise to keep his distance from the Dawg Pound when in Cleveland. They likely aren’t happy with his past exhibitions of the electrocution of their brethren.

  25. I doubt that the Vikings brass feels the need to listen to AP…although they respect him. It comes down to really having NOTHING else out there if Cassel goes elsewhere. We will draft a QB in the 2nd and possibly in the 4th (Aaron Murray, Brett Smith)….then say goodbye to either Ponder or Vick if they sign him….just can’t go into draft day with one QB…..

    And yes….PFT poet IS hilarious!! Tongue and cheek humor people.

  26. If the Vikings sign Vick, and Ponder is the back-up, than Ponder starts most of the games. Vick will be hurt by week 5, turned the ball over 12 times, and the Vikings will be 0 – 4, Gonna be a long, cold winter sitting outdoors to watch this mess.

  27. A few years ago, the Vikings thought they could win with McKnabb, but that did not work. I don’t think Vick will work out either for them. Vick should go somewhere like the Jets and be Smith’s backup and mentor. I am a Vick fan, but I think his best days are over.

  28. Yeah I find the Vikings trolls amusing. Love how they’re usually the first comment on completely unrelated articles with things like “Mike Zimmer is the best coach in the NFC and the historic Vikings franchise is poised to win the Super Bowl I can ready see the purple and gold confetti, SKOL!”

  29. AD is so down to earth though.. It’s not like you’re giving TO the keys, you’d be letting AD have input on who’s going to get the last few years he has left. We need to make a push now, no more wasting time on Christian Ponder type guys.

  30. What is the point of signing Vick in a draft as deep at the QB position as this one? Vick’s time has past and his signing would be a PR nightmare in a state like Minnesota.

  31. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Sign Vick to a two year invective based deal.
    Draft a young QB and let him develop, that way the Vikings want be reaching with the 8th pick. Keep Ponder as insurance for next year then let him walk after the season.

    2014-20015 Season QB depth Chart
    ???Young QB

    ??? Young QB

    That’s exactly what Philadelphia did with Nick Foles

  33. As a life long Vikings fan I don’t want Vick. Peterson has been the face of our franchise since he fell to us. I do not want another has been QB and nor should he. Thank you, Adrian, for making Vikings football exciting through the last seven years. The Vikings have only been relevant because of you. No more has- been QBs. No more quilt work. We wasted away the best running back while never focusing on a quarterback. Daunte Culpepper was the last QB DRAFTED by the Vikes that did anything. Brad Johnson (x2), Rich Gannon, Jeff George, Jim McMahon, Sean Salisbury, Warren Moon, McNabb, Brooks Bolllinger, Tarvaris Jackson, Joe Webb, Matt Cassell, Ponder was and is a joke. The Freeman deal was ridiculous. This list needs to find stability and not all QB names are included.

  34. Mike Zimmerman just wins NFC championships mike Vick then Logan Thomas will proceed to leading the Zimmerman lead Vikings to winning 12 of the next 14 NFC championships ! The halas trophy is gonna be a fixture in Minnesota get use to it haters! Any Lombardi’s Will be a bonus but we will win NFC championship s

  35. Kant be worse then we have.. N beside it would be just a year or so till our rookie QB learn the ropes so why not signed Vick

  36. They shouldn’t have any interest.

    He can’t play well anymore.

    A key to at least play is by being healthy.

    Vick = subtraction by addition.

  37. I actually believe it would work. I see a lot of people repeating instead of researching. Norv, runs a vertical offense which fits the skill set of Vick. Mike is fragile and did turn the ball over a lot. but that was 2 yrs ago. well, the turning the ball over part. Mike is an upgrade over every QB the Vikes had last year except Freeman. I think Freeman was put in a tough situation. It would make the Vikes entertaining for about 4 weeks

  38. You have players coming out and saying when they should be drafted and by what team. You have other players stating that God told them a certain team would sign them, so why shouldn’t a player come out and tell his team what players to get?

    Who needs a front office. Just gut the whole process, let the players all do it, pass the savings on to the owners, and when the teams fail miserably you can simply blame the players themselves.

  39. …not really into the Ron Mexico chase. Vick it’s good. At one time, he had a presence. But, the injury liabilities of him & the Vikes history signing Eagle Qb’s should deter any contract.

  40. Vick, is a washed up has been, That never was!! Would someone please tell me what he has ever done that is that great!! Has he won the Supper Bowl!! I can understand that Peterson wants to win it all!! Cassel makes more sense as stop gap, & a mentor.
    The Vikes need to sign Cassel, Griffin, Verneer and either a guard or nose tackle Then draft defense with thier eighth pick, and qb after that. We are never gonna get one of the top three qbs (without moving up) which they won’t do!! They could move down!! But only if they were compensated nicely!! I know it’s not as sexy as the top three qb’s But getting Carr, Garrapo or McCarron after the first round would be perfect!! MOST, not all but MOST Franchise Qb’s come out of the later rounds

  41. babyfarkmcgeezax says:
    Mar 6, 2014 10:08 PM
    The Vikings have the most talent in the NFL, nobody questions that.

    You must be trying the tactics of George Costanza and doing everything the opposite of the truth. Good one.

  42. Please, no Vick. A new coaching staff needs a new start, and that includes a new QB.

    There are plenty of options in the draft. Yes the team needs a veteran FA to come, but with the understanding that he will not necessarily be the starter.

    The Vikings need to draft Garopollo (unless Manziel or Bridgewater is available at #8) in round two, draft another QB late (Mettenberger, Murray, or Shaw), and let the rookies compete for the starting job.

    But Vick? He will be entering his 14th season in the league, but despite that, he will be looking for a starting job for at least the next couple of years. The Vikings need to start fresh, and now is the time with a new coaching staff.

  43. lovemyqueens says:
    Mar 6, 2014 9:15 PM
    As a Vikings fan, I think pftpoet is absolutely hilarious. Dilusional if he believes what he’s saying, but absolutely hilarious.

    111 47
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    thevikesarebest says:
    Mar 6, 2014 9:17 PM
    The haters on here are jealous that free agents want to go to the vikings rather than their team.Vikings>your team.SKOL

    —————————————————————————————————————————– and this is why nfl fans don’t take viking fans seriously. if i were a viking fan i would not want vick, he is old and one hit away from being out. i would want my team to draft and develop a qb. besides vick doesn’t fit the new system in minnesota?? very few viking fans understand the game of football, most are morons.

  44. I don’t recall the Vikings being interested in Vick, I thought that was just Peterson.

    A Superstar player feeling the urgency to get a title. So he wants to play GM in the media. He wants the Vikings to do what is best for him. Not what’s best for the Vikings.

    They have had all sorts of stop gap QBs Gannon, Frerotte, McNabb, Brad Johnson, Favre, and now Ponder.

    They need something that resembles a franchise Culpepper was the closest thing they had to it, but 2 HOF WRs made him look better than he really was.

  45. Don’t know why Bear and Lions fans are yapping, look at what their QB did when pressure was on

  46. People need to be smarter. Whether it’s Cassel or Vick, what are we talking about? There isn’t a legit option in free agency to be the face of the franchise and the difference between Cassel/Vick is negligible. Either one is only intended to be the bridge for whoever the new high draft pick at qb is. There’s about a 0% chance that they don’t draft a qb by pick #40, so this is an obvious stopgap.

    Now, hopefully they do a little better than Ponder this time. Granted, as far as player development goes Ponder really couldn’t have been in a worse situation

  47. upgrayedddd says:
    Mar 6, 2014 9:55 PM
    I don’t know what all the criticism is about. Vick would be an immediate upgrade at the QB lineup with a likely 1 year contract. Not to mention he would also run the read option with AP which could prove deadly.

    -Norv Turner doesn’t run the read option

    -Mike Vick can’t run the read option because he can’t read defenses.

    Other than that, great plan.

  48. I can’t understand why Matt Cassel holds the hammer here. The dude stinks and will never be a good starter. I don’t care if he had a couple decent games last year. He stinks. He’s a career backup. They’d be better off with Vick.

  49. Wow, another dog joke , how original. Vick has been nothing but a good teammate, voice of reason and professional while he was in Philly, all the haters act like they have done nothing wrong in their lives, stop judging the guy already. I was opposed to him signing with Philly at first but he proved me wrong by being the ultimate team player. Wish him luck on his new team and thanks for the time in Philly.

  50. If Vick can return to his 2010 lights-out form then the Vikings would be in contention, they would need to protect him (I’m not sure how good their line is). Peterson, Patterson, Jennings and Vick could be a special offense……I’m an Eagles fan and I hate to see Vick go, but I wish him the best wherever he goes…..he’s a class act. Later to the haters!

  51. You know this conversation happened, as it has with every other washout QB in Vikings history…

    Vick to his financial advisor: “Hey Tom, I have diminishing skills and have been replaced. I’m 34, injury-prone…I’ve lost it, man. It’s time I hung up the cleats and retired.”

    Advisor: “I advise against that Mike. Stick it out for one more year until you’re completely washed up and your heart is no longer in the game. This is when the Vikings will send a limo to pick you up and sign to an outrageous deal to be the face of their franchise and lead them to glory. It’s a foregone conclusion. Plus, you have questionable character, have never won a Super Bowl, and make terrible financial decisions that make you look good to others, but are secretly broke and self-loathing. Minnesota is a perfect fit!

  52. As a diehard Vike’s fan I will say I absolutely hate Vick and everything that he and his family represent but at the same time looking at this through just a football standpoint he is more of a threat than Ponder and Cassel. Ponder sucks but I also blame Musgrave for a horrible offense and lets be honest the Vikings WR corps are not very good. Patterson is not a ‘real’ WR yet maybe in a few years he will run better routes and develop better hands, Jennings is washed up waste of 9 million a season maybe if he was more like 4-5 million a season it wouldn’t bug me so much having him on the team. Therefore I think Ponder will look much better with one of the best OC in the league but still he’s a back up at best. If push comes to shove Vick might be the best option for next season unless the Vike’s grab one of the better QB’s in the draft they may as well start the rookie from day one to excel the learning process. Spielman needed to be fired after the 2011 season I can’t wait till the day he is fired, what’s taking so long Zygi?

  53. All I can say is please dear God let Vick sign somewhere else so this rumor will just die. I don’t want him anywhere near this team. he’s a horrible fit for Turner’s offense, we don’t run the read option. Add on top of it that he’s a despicable human being

  54. Vick can’t run the inside zone read, much less the read option. If the Vikings sign Vick, they are setting themselves back by the amount of time they sign him to playing someone else.

  55. If Cassel goes to Houston, the Vikings will wait for Schaub to be released and try to sign him. He fits a Norv Turner offense.

    The Vikings offense scored points, even with Ponder. Sure he had 3 games where 1 completion could have sealed a win and blew it but it doesn’t change the fact the problem with the Vikings was their atrocious pass defense.

  56. The Great Ted Thompson the Genius says:
    Mar 7, 2014 11:59 AM

    What’s with the Vikings and former Eagles quarterbacks? Randall Cunningham, Mike McMahon, Kelly Holcomb, Koy Detmer, Donovan McNabb…and their first coach was Norm Van Brocklin!


    Well, can you blame them? Look at the awesome names on that li….

  57. There are a lot worse QBs on NFL rosters that has never had the success Vince Young has had in the NFL… (Rookie of the Year, 2 Pro Bowls, Playoff experience and Mobility). Vince will soon turn 31 years old.. He has a career winning record of 31-19.. He has really only “played” for 2 teams (Titans & Eagles)…
    I hope he gets another chance even if it’s third string…

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