Wade Phillips: My record was better than Jason Garrett’s

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In the middle of the 2010 season, Cowboys owner and General Manager Jerry Jones fired head coach Wade Phillips and replaced him with offensive coordinator Jason Garrett. Phillips would like to make the case that Jones made the wrong decision.

Phillips took to Twitter on Thursday and pointed out that he and Garrett have each coached the Cowboys for three and a half seasons, and that the Cowboys’ record under Phillips was better than under Garrett. “Phillips: 34-22; Garrett: 29-27,” Phillips added.

The Cowboys started that 2010 season 1-7 under Phillips, and after Jones turned to Garrett they went 5-3 the rest of the way. So it looked early on like the right choice. But since then, Garrett has gone 8-8, 8-8 and 8-8 in his three full seasons. Phillips, on the other hand, went 13-3, 9-7 and 11-5 in his three full seasons as the Cowboys’ head coach.

So Phillips has a good case that he was a better coach in Dallas than Garrett. Why he suddenly decided to make that case today is unclear.

UPDATE 7:45 p.m. ET: Moments after we published this, Phillips tweeted, “My surprise was that Jason and I had coached the same number of games. Not the record – time passes quickly -I wish Jason & Cowboys well.”

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  1. I would agree that Phillips has better potential at head coaching than Garrett… I have NO idea why they continue to stick with him.

  2. No one makes mediocrity sound as heroic as Jason Garrett does in his end of season conferences as he explains how proud of his 8-8 team he was. Team of no accountability. Get em’ Wade.

  3. This has nothing to do with Jason Garrett. Wade is a defensive genius and Jason is an offensive genius. Collectively they are horrible head coaches.

    This was a message to Jerry Jones, not a dig at Jason Garrett.

  4. “Phillips would like to make the case that Jones made the wrong decision.”

    Wade-no need to make your case. All Jerry Jones ever does is make wrong decisions.

  5. As Dave Campo, Chan Gailey and Barry Switzer rush to their Twitter accounts to post their sparkling records with the Cowgirls….. #JerrysPuppetRevolution

  6. Difference is that Jason is a better lapdog for Jerry than Wade ever was. While Wade was not exactly outspoken, at least he did not spend his days licking Jerrahs face like Garrett does.

  7. It’s been a surprise to Wade that he coached the same number of games as Garrett (WITH A BETTER RECORD!), since January of this year when Jason coached his 56th game.

  8. It’s funny cause there’s no room for the first ‘r’ in “suprises”, but plenty of room to set up the numbers and perfect spacing and dashes to make the data clear. He could have taken the space after the colon before the first number (and yes I copy/pasted to verify there is a space there to save you the time), but those are his wins so better give that number some cushion room so it’s a little more comfortable. All part of the art of wishful Tweetings.

    In all seriousness I hope he doesn’t attach that quote except to his application to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. They might not think his enthusiasm is genuine enough.

  9. That’s just a PR person tweeting for Wade as most famous people use them these days. He wouldn’t refer to himself in the third person.

  10. As an eagles fan, I hope jerry keeps Jason and all the collection of bum coaches on the team. That and paying romo 100 mill makes it that much easier to see the eagles owning them for the foreseeable future.

  11. Wade Phillips went 13-3 coaching a team which was filled with Bill Parcells talent. Parcells found Romo as an undrafted FA, and he drafted Jason Witten, Bradie James, Marion Barber, Chris Canty, and Jay Ratliff. Wade Phillips taking credit for that is ridiculous.

    Jerry Jones hired Wade Phillips, a HC who had NEVER won a playoff game (even with John Elway). Tony Romo was 28 at the time, and should have been in the prime of his career. Why would you pair a 28 yr old QB with a HC who has never won a single playoff game? Because Jerry is an idiot, that’s why.

    And the reason Garrett has been 8-8 ever since, has less to do with Garrett himself, and more to do with the fact that he’s been cleaning up the mess that Jerry and Wade left him when they made a royal mess of the 2009 draft.

  12. Jason Garrett is possibly the worst coach in the league. Wastes tons of talent not knowing how to use it. Jerry is without a doubt clueless these days. Loyalty is nice, but throwing away seasons with an inept coach is stupid.

  13. Jerry for once in your life read this and all the comments …your head is as hard as a rock…but you do bank hard on a 8-8 team

  14. They should really re-name the team the “Dallas LOLs”

  15. I would much rather have Wade too, but this is exactly why he was fired. He’s a polite, formal, white old man. He’s not vulgar nor “swagger”-full enough for today’s young defensive player. That’s why the ‘Boys went 1-7. Jones is a business man, he was scared his investment was crashing, and sold his stock. Chicken.

  16. Wade forgot the most important point – the Dallas Cowboys flat out, without a doubt, beyond any shadow of a doubt, with full knowledge Wade’s job was on the line – quit on him.

    The Cowboys have not quit on Jason Garrett.

  17. Right Wade….no one is buying the “Oh I didn’t realize we had both coached the same number of games sh–.”

    The spin you attempted to put on it AFTER the fact shows your true character…..you are a lifetime coordinator who doesn’t have the nads to even own his tweet.

    Enjoy tbe job you have….no owner is ever going to turn the reins over to you again.

  18. Wade Phillips later tweeted he was also 1 and 2 in the playoffs as the Cowboys HC while Garrett was 0 and 0.

    Garrett retorted with a tweet of his own saying “Oh yeah? Well at least I’ve never lost in the playoffs and you’ve lost like five times”.

    Asked for comment, Jerry Jones said “Jason Garrett is my HC? When the heck did that happen?”

  19. the truth is Wade has no Twitter account. This is part of the Cowboys PR machine. There’s been more talk about the Browns than Boys as of late so Jones needed some press time!

  20. Phillips inherited the team that Parcells built. Garrett inherited the team that Jerry dismantled.

    Those 5 fewer wins don’t look so bad for Garrett after all….

  21. thestrategyexpert says: Mar 6, 2014 8:11 PM

    It’s funny cause there’s no room for the first ‘r’ in “suprises”, but plenty of room to set up the numbers and perfect spacing and dashes to make the data clear. He could have taken the space after the colon before the first number (and yes I copy/pasted to verify there is a space there to save you the time)
    If anyone needs a girlfriend/boyfriend more desperately than thestrategyexpert, please point them out.

  22. When the Cowboys went 1-7, take a wild guess who was the OC?

    It isn’t that hard to guess that Wade might have been sabotaged.

  23. Company man.

    It’s not that surprising if you’ve watched the Cowboys in the progression from the firing of Landry, to JJ, to Switzer, to…….The assortment of clowns that have been the HC.

    I respect Garrett, in as much as he’s a team guy, but he’s simply out of his depth, and he really doesn’t have that much authority. He’s the buffer to take the hammering that Jerry Jones should get.

  24. @prgsdw has it right. The players quit on Phillips. If Jerry hadn’t fired him, he would have only won a few more games that season. His overall winning record at Dallas was saved by Jerry’s firing.

  25. Let’s see Wade inherited a team coached previously coached by Coach Parcells. Garrett inherited a team coached by Wade. Hmmm….maybe the fact that Wade left the team in horrible shape has something to do with what Garrett is trying to do. Hell it’s all Jerry’s fault anyway.

  26. Keep in mind that Garrett was the OC when Wade went 1-7. Many (like me) believe Wade was sabotaged by that idiot call plays that everyone in the league knew how to defend.

    I thought Garrett sabotaged Wade, but then he proved he didn’t do it by showing his clear lack of coaching ability.

    Keeping him in place and WASTING THE PRIME OF ROMO’S CAREER is insane.

  27. I for one am glad Wade spoke up…Jason Garret has no buisness being the cowboys head coach..in reality Jerry Jones is the head coach and Garret does what he says…when Wade was there Jerry only butted in when a player would cry to him…but with jason there jerry there watching his every move and Garret dont say a word about it…thats why jones like Garret ..basically Garret is a suck up…terrible won -loss record and yet hes still there..

  28. Yes, but Wade has his own opinion and Jerry doesn’t like that. He doesn’t want a coach, he wants a yes-man. No players will ever respect the head coach of the Cowboys as long as Jerry Jones is the GM.

  29. Man, this is a great argument.

    Dismissing for the moment the idea of Wade’s apparent boo-hooing on Twitter, the fact is that this “brutal head coach” (somebody’s words above) went 33-15 in his 3 full seasons while Garrett on whom “the Cowboys have not quit” (somebody else’s words) went 24-24 in his 3 full seasons.

    Did Wade inherit a great team and ride it into the turf? Did Jason pull Wade’s crappy results together to achieve mediocrity?

    Or is a .687 winning percentage significantly better than .500?

    I think Wade has a point, personally, but let the argument rage.

  30. Well as many people want to laugh at 8-8, that’s been good enough to be in a win the division or go home game,the last three seasons. Each season, with a different NFC East team.

    Which means the Cowboys have finished better than every team in the Division, except one, every year. The Giants, Eagles, and Redskins have all finished behind the Cowboys at least once, in the last three seasons.

  31. Dumb comparrison, you Wade Phillips were handed a Superbowl favorite from Bill Parcells which you completely destroyed by being their friend instead of their coach. Jason Garrett has just now weeded the apathy you left on this team.

  32. Parcells could barely go 9-7 with that team. Wade took it and went 13-3 with it, including a 12-1 start. They just ran into a buzz saw against the Giants in the playoffs (probably bored with them after beating them twice in the regular season).

    Wade had to put up with an inexperienced OC, who went on to be an inexperienced HC. He (Garrett) has been a coach of some sort for 8 seasons, yet still coaches like an inexperienced coach. He gets promoted to HC, and still wants to do the work of an OC, and only an OC. He has no clue about the defense, and doesn’t want one. All he wants to do is call plays.

    If he’d came up in the ranks the right way, maybe there’d be a chance for Garrett. But now that he came up the ridiculous ‘Jerry Jones’ way, there’s no chance for him to get hired once he gets fired by Jerry in the 2014 offseason.

    Guys coach for decades on some level and HOPE the pros come calling one day to HC. This guy gets handed a head coaching gig because he works for an owner with no clue. I wonder how Romo REALLY feels, knowing that his prime years were wasted on a permanent ‘rookie’ head coach who’ll NEVER win.

    As someone stated earlier, the real loser is us Cowboy fans.

  33. Wade everyone that knows a thing about football knows garrettkeet tanked the O to get you fired…. he’s NOT a HC…. and in the end people will realize just how bad this idiot truly is. IT took 3 former HC’s to get this team to win… on his own garrettkeet is infamous for… 8-8 … freezing his own kicker.. horrid game management… poor game plans…. the list goes on and on… Al Davis jr resigned him to a 5 year deal which is funny because NO ONE else was even interested in him… that should tell you alot.

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