49ers could make a run at Michael Bennett


The NFC West arms race could get very interesting this year.

Last month, it was reported that the Seahawks will re-sign defensive end Michael Bennett.  They haven’t.  As of tomorrow, he officially can negotiate with other teams.

The negotiations already are occurring, discreetly and hypothetically.  Some believe that the 49ers will make a run at Bennett, which would in one fell swoop help the Niners and hurt their chief rivals for supremacy in the division, the conference, and the league.

It’s entirely possible that the 49ers are feigning interest in order to force the Seahawks to pay Bennett more than the Seahawks want to pay him.  Ultimately, every extra dollar paid to Bennett is one less dollar that would be available for someone else.

Then again, Bennett had two sacks in three games last year against San Francisco.  While not an ideal fit as an outside linebacker or a defensive end in San Fran’s 3-4 defense, he could play inside and outside and wherever they line him up.  With the 6-4, 285-pound Justin Smith getting close to the end of the road, the 6-4, 274-pound Bennett could possibly become the eventual replacement — at least on passing downs.

The prevailing view is that the Bears will make a beeline for Bennett, the brother of Chicago tight end Martellus Bennett.  Regardless of whether it’s the Bears or the 49ers or someone else, Bennett figures to get far more interest in 2014 that he got a year ago, when he signed a one-year, $5 million contract for Seattle.

Like Martellus in 2012, Michael bet on himself last year.  Like Martellus, Michael won.  Regardless of the logo appearing on the bonus check, it’s time for Michael Bennett to collect.

77 responses to “49ers could make a run at Michael Bennett

  1. What is all the fuss about with this guy? Was he that great in Tampa Bay? No. Did he have 8 sacks in Seattle? Sure. Are we maybe making too big a deal out of this guy? It’s looking like it.

  2. the Ravens are the reigning, defending champions of the World

    yeah, seattle fans, last season’s wins will all be vacated shortly

  3. You took, “Some believe that the 49ers will make a run at Bennett,” and turned that into “49ers are feigning interest.”

    I should have focused more on journalism in college because apparently all you need to do is make stuff up to be successful. Just like the Harbaugh “crisis.”

  4. Did Tampa also suck? Yes. Is Seattle at a better organization? Pretty much. Does an organization matter to success? Absolutely.

  5. He deserves to get paid. I just hope it’s not SanFran.

    The road to the SB has had to go through the NFC West for two years and will likely have to for the forseeable future. Seattle really doesn’t want to play against some of these FAs they are/may be losing.

  6. He got his ring. Now it is time to go get his money. After reading the Matt Bowen article I can completely understand why these guys go for the bigger payday. Get as much as you can because you probably won’t be playing for long.

  7. Yeah, like Pete and John are going to let any player hold them hostage. He’s pretty good but the way these guys acquire and develop talent, his production will be replaced without issue. Go Hawks!

  8. I figured if we didn’t have a deal in place by Friday last week he would be gone. Seattle is all about young talent and can find his replacement out there. He only played one year here and it wasn’t like our DL was that bad to begin with. I wish him luck on whatever team he lands on and I’m sure we have several people that can or will step-up in his place.

  9. “Michael, phone call for you.”

    “Tell them to call back later.”

    “He says to tell you it’s Gus.”

    “I’ll take that call.”

  10. It would be a nice addition and all, but we REALLY want to see what Tank Carradine can do considering his size and explosiveness.

    Besides, we can’t exactly afford to break the bank for Bennett when we have guys on our team that want damn near $20 million per year on a new contract.

  11. The sun will rise tomorrow. It could be clear. It could be cloudy. It may start out cloudy then become clear.

  12. If they do make a run at Bennett, I think it might be safe to say Carradine’s knee….he apparently underwent a second procedure on it fairly recently….isn’t up to snuff.

  13. San Francisco has even less cap space than Seattle. I doubt they will use what would be a major chunk of it on Bennett. However, if they want to then so be it. The 49ers are spending too much time trying to make Seattle weaker as opposed to just worrying about their own team. Bennett is a fine player but not one that will cause Seahawks fans to lose sleep over if he leaves. I guarantee Seattle has Plans A, B, and C.

    In Schneider We Trust

  14. someone will pay Bennett 11mill a year contract. He will then average 7 sacks a year. Is that worth it? Really depends on how bad your team is.

  15. Part of the reason the defense was/is so successful is the depth allowed for a lot of substitutions and it is not a complicated defense.

    I am not worried about him going to SF.

    First, I think it is a made-up story. Second, it would do to SF exactly what the writer says that SF would be trying to do to Seattle. If SF pays Bennett big dollars, that is less money available to their team.

    So yep… go ahead and make that run niners…

  16. chasing the champions by seeking the champions “rejects” won’t take the 49’ers to the promised land! LOL

  17. Bennet could be made useful but you are absolutely crazy if you think either team will get into a bidding war over him. Especially SF. They don’t make big FA signings. Its never been their style. They will also want to see what they have in Tank before paying big money for Smith’s successor.

  18. Do they have cap space? Last I heard, they were having trouble signing their D-backs.

  19. Do the 49ers have some new found cap space I haven’t heard about? Do they plan on signing back anyone in their secondary Terrell Brown/Whitner? Are Al. Smith and Kaep no longer up for extensions? People are underestimating Michael Bennett when they say he isn’t some top tier pass rusher because he was a rotational player 8.5 was the sack total but he generated more QB hurries, tackles for losses and sack per snap. His versatility in a 4-3 defense is what makes him so dynamic. I don’t see him going to OLB in a 3-4

  20. For everyone saying the Niners have no cap space they currently have $15 million in space if they cut Rodgers they have $22 million.

    The Niners have Aldon Smith and Ahmed Brooks two players that are significantly better than Bennett. They wouldn’t pay Bennett to be a back up.

  21. Came up big in the playoffs as far as getting pressure. The 8 sacks reflect more that teams were trying to run on them versus pass the ball into the Seahawks strength.

    If he would have played for the lets say…the Broncos, he would of easily recorded 13-14 sacks just because most teams were in pass mode most of the year…

  22. Seattle fans are cute…..wait till your team gets dismantled next year. You still need to pay Wilson(18-20 million). Sherman who will want Revis money(16 million) and Thomas (9 million). Not to mention any other impending free agents.

  23. LOL! He will be on neither team he simply wants TOO much $$$…
    Sure, the 9ers will kick the tires as will other teams. This has AGENT TACTIC written all over it. Neither team is stupid enough to bite.
    Go Seahawks!

  24. The Niners have plenty of their own guys to re sign (Kap, Aldon Smith, Whitner, Crabtree) They are not going to spend big money in free agency. It is pretty clear that Bennett will want a big contract

  25. Let him go to the 40whiners, It would save Seattle a lot of money, and look what happened to Steve Hutchinson when he left Seattle for Minnesota for more money…
    It would definitely screw up the 40whiners cap cash…Bennett will never see another ring when and if he leaves…The Seahawks have the depth they need to win another Lombardi…

  26. Did I really just read some clowns comments on here saying the hawks are getting “dismantled” this off season??? Hahaha that might be one of the very FUNNIEST comments I have ever ever heard on here. We have the very BEST gm/coach combo in the league. We just cut rice and Bryant saving a TRUCKLOAD of money. Even if Bennett goes to the niners we have 2-4 hungry fast strong guys just WAITING to crack this roster!!! Face it clowns. The SUPER BOWL CHAMPS AINT LOSING A STEP!!!!’


    See you next season!!!!

  27. Carroll and Schneider will view this with clear eyes….while they love Bennett and even Golden Tate – they are both flawed. Tate is not a #2 WR (but teams like Jets may view him as one)….and Bennett is a situational pass rusher. If others value them higher – unfortunately – they must go

  28. A high tide raises all ships, aka, a defense for the ages makes everyone look like a HOF player.

    Someone will overpay, but not the SB Champs!

    Next man up

  29. liddogg33 – Wilson is up for an extension 18-20 mil +, Sherman is as well 16 mil +, so is Thomas 9 mil + etc. The team wont be dismantled this year but just like every team in the NFL it will be tuogh to keep all your superstars. My guess is Sherman bails he’ll want to be paid like the best CB in the NFL which he is.

  30. What’s really funny is that Bennett’s strength is rushing the passer…yet if SF were to sign him to help beat Seattle they seem to be forgetting that Seattle passes the ball less than any team in the league.

    Bennett isn’t the type of lineman to help beat Seattle. Big run stoppers are and that’s not Bennett’s strength.

  31. the Ravens are the reigning, defending champions of the World

    yeah, seattle fans, last season’s wins will all be vacated shortly


    Hey, Rip Van Winkle lives! Since some poor football slob fell asleep and has no consciousness of the past football season.

  32. The ‘Niners have a monster about to be unleashed on the NFL. His name is Cornellius “Tank” Carradine.

    Carradine’s injury while at FSU is the only thing that prevented him from being a high first last year. He will be very very effective.

  33. I just don’t see him getting the money he thinks and everyone is saying is coming……The Seahawks need him, for sure. They need someone who can defend the run and pass rush who is quick to the ball and relentless. They have a few fellows on the team, already. Having Bennett was a plus and helped make them a solid/great team.

    He is just doing his due diligence and after seeing what the market is, will sign with the Seahawks for another run at the ring.

    Go Hawks!

  34. Bennett was a huge benefactor of the overall strength and depth of the Seattle defense. Go ahead….I’d love to see AZ or SF overpay him.

  35. Never pay a bennett, they’re both crazy. We have a guy named Tank Carradine if you do your research. He will be a starting end in 2 years. Along with Ian Williams coming back we don’t need him. Also Tony Jerod-Edie and Quinton Dial provide real depth.

  36. Wilson and Sherman will get what their value to the team/the market dictates.

    You really think Romo is worth what he’s paid? Flacco? etc etc etc?

    The $ they make has no correlation to whether or not you’d pick them in fantasy #1.

  37. What the commentor was saying was not for next year but the year after. It is incredibly awesome and unique and difficult to win win so many players still in their rookie contract. When you have to pay Wilson his 18-25m per year and sherman his 10m/year along with everyone else your run will come to a halt. Theres a salary cap that u are beating right now but it will catch up and players will be gone.
    Thats all the guy was sayin.

  38. 49er fans love to bring up injured players on their roster and oversell them. I have heard Tank’s name many times over. Didn’t he just have a second surgery even after sitting out all of last year. I heard the same thing about wait until we get Manningham back. I heard so much hype from your fans on Quiton Dalh then I watched his first start against the Hawks and the first thought I had was that guy looks soft.

    The reality is your core roster drafted by Seattle’s Scot McCloughlan is now getting old. 49ers average is was higher than the Steelers in case people weren’t paying attention. Balkee’s 2012 draft is looked at as a complete bust. If those injured players of 2013 don’t produce the same could be said for 2013 even though you had the most draft picks of any team in football.

  39. The Niners front office is not this dumb. Bennett is a good player, but they aren’t going to get in bidding war with all the other teams besides the Seahawks who could use his services.

  40. wilson is a game manager, you dont pay a qb to throw 20 times a game and 200 yrds a game. the reason he is able to do that is directly tied to the money they spend on the o line, run game and defense, take money away from those, and wilson will not be successful as shown in the games he throws for 50% completion and 100-150 yards. if you put more on his plate and ask him to throw 30 times a game they will be an 8-8 team. example, wilson threw 30 or more passes in one game last season, the colts, and they lost, not only did they lose, wilson had the ball and a chance to win, and he threw a pick.

  41. To uninformed NFL fans belittling Bennett’s contribution to the one of the best D’s in NFL history here are the facts:

    The 2013 SB Champion Seahawks played a 4-3 Under as their base D. They rotated 7 guys on DL. Red Bryant, since released, played the most snaps and MB was #2. On rushing downs MB played LEO – left end outside. And his role was to play run contain while providing QB pressure.

    Because of his versatility, MB would slide inside to DT on the Hawks nickel looks during passing downs. This allow the team to unleash their version of the Giants ‘NASCAR’ package. Avril came in to play LEO and Clemons became another pass rusher.

    Pete Carroll said they had no idea how dominant Michael Bennett was until they played him extensively later in the season. He said the team regretted not playing him more.

    So to those saying “but only 8 sacks” realize that the team limited the entire DL’s snaps to create versatility and to keep guys fresh. He provided something most lineman can’t: the ability to play inside and outside, for all 3 downs and to provide great run support and phenomenal QB pressure with sacks, hurries, and forced fumbles.

    He will be worth every penny of his new contract and I hope he returns for a few more SB rings up here in Seattle. If not the team will use the $ allocated for MB wisely and will move on as best as they can. This roster will still compete for a SB next year with or without MB; it is still loaded despite 17 FA’s.

  42. 6 mil a year-4-year -12 guaranteed

    That is what he is worth. Not much more that the 5 mil the hawks were paying him.

  43. As a Seahawks fan, I hope the Niners sign Kaepernick for $20M/year and Bennett for about $13M/year. That would pretty much seal their fate, and kill the rest of their team.

  44. 8 sacks in limited snaps in regular season. 10 sacks total with post season. Great run defender. You haters are acting like they’re saying he’s a 11-13M a year guy. No. He’s a 7-9M guy and that’s what he will get.

  45. Scot McCloughlan is a alcoholic who couldn’t show up to work without being drunk. Way to be proud of him.

    Justin Smith is the only old player on the team and he’s still great. Look at each player’s age individually. When you average them out it skews everything. I know Seattle fans aren’t that smart so that’s a little tip for you.

    Did Scot draft starters Kap, A. Smith, Iupati, Davis, Reid, Miller, Brock? NOPE.

  46. With Glenn Dorsey and Ian Williams at nose tackle, Justin Smith and Ray McDonald at the ends and Tank Carradine, Quintin Dial, Tony Jerrod-Eddie and DeMarcus Dobbs backing them up. Don’t see where Bennett would fit into that equation with their current cap issues and numerous key players they need to re-sign/extend: Crabtree, Whitner, Kaepernick, Aldon Smith, etc.

  47. Bennett is the product of the Seahawk “system” as any team stupid enough to break the bank on him will soon find out.

    I’m sure John and Pete made him a fair offer and if he chooses to go elsewhere, so be it!

    Next man up!

  48. I think its funny people are addressing this report like it’s actually true. I don’t know where this writer gets his information. We have our own players we are trying to resign. Baalke isn’t going to overpay for Bennett to “snub” the Seahawks. Especially not being an ideal fit for our 3-4 defense. I’d rather see us go after Jarius Byrd if we don’t resign Whitner. Maybe even swoop up Brandon Browner, former Seahawk star. He had his problems but he was a beast before he got suspended

  49. What got my Seahawks the Lombardi was not Michael Bennett or any other single player. It was the process the front office uses to evaluate and acquire tallent.

  50. It takes forever to sift through all the troll comments on here anymore by each fan base that are more unfunny by the day, but I don’t see the 49ers spending big on a free agent to weaken Seattle. The Seahawks are built from the top down and Bennett is certainly replaceable.

  51. So. He got 8.5 sacks (5.5 of which were at the Link) 1 forced fumble and we’re supposed to pay him like he’s Aldon Smith or Mario Williams?

    Next. Man. Up.

  52. I LOVE IT, all these clowns shows thinking they can replicate what Seattle has


    Bennet can go to SF and SF will still be a .600 team and Seattle just might go undefeated anyways, regardless who stays..

    do you guys realize how many young players are willing to give their heart and soul to Pete for a ring and chance at a big payday?

    Seattle isn’t trying to BLOW up the players salaries, they are trying to put them in perspective, if a player makes 2 mill a year plus endorsements he is making a GREAT salary!!!

    Pete knows he can take the new guys pay them a normal wage and make world beaters out of them, this whole payday getting bigger and bigger everyday is a joke and it keeps many teams down for along long time..

    the league uses salary caps to make it fair but then players ask way to much, there has to be a way to even the playing field and thats to close the gap on performance, if every player out of college is better than the veteran then they can’t ask for astronomical figures..

    IO hope players realize that US the FANS actually pay their salaries,through ticket sales and marketing, where do you think that million dollars per 30 seconds superbowl ad money comes from, yup thats right they raise the price of that product to make up for it so the reality is even people that don’t watch football pay..

    that money to pay your salary? yup the fans pay that, team owners aren’t into losing money they are into making it so they jack ticket sales, then they get money from the networks and who pays that? consumers do!!!

    consumers and fans pay for everything, even the facilities so next time you think you are worth 6 mill a year think about the average joe who pays your paycheck, do you want to make $55k a year like him, or maybe even less?

    these salaries are ridiculous, i am glad Pete stood up and showed the world he can win without massive salaries, make what you have work, its called COACHING, a good coach can take the worst and make them the best… all I will say about that the formula you need to find for yourself, but its not multi million dollar players thats for sure

  53. Sure Florio and they could also sign a handfull of other free agents as well,.
    @meatcarrol go away you bandwagon jumping scum bag.

  54. We need to re sign Bennett he is a big part of what makes our team so great but we need to get him for the right price. We still need to lock up Tate but for the right right price Tate lead the team in receptions last season and is a very talented receiver but again we need to get him for the right price you gotta think ahead next year we have Wilson Sherman and Lynch contracts all up and are going to want more money so we really need to be smart about how much money we throw at players like Bennett if he wants an ridiculous amount of cash then let him go to the 40 whiners we will put the money into someone else

  55. Niners won’t get into any kind of bidding war for Bennett, that’s not how they do business. They drafted Tank Carradine last year to eventually take over at one of the DE positions. They could do something similar this draft. They’re deep along the DL now so it makes no sense to try to outbid Seattle for Bennett’s services, none.

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