49ers should wait to pay Kaepernick


Over the weekend, a report emerged that 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick wants $18 million per year.  Some have thereafter suggested that he wants $20 million per year.

If that’s true, our advice (money-back guarantee) for the 49ers is simple:  Wait a year.  For several reasons.

First, Kaepernick currently has no leverage.  (He’d have even less if the 49ers had moved up not to the top of round two but to the bottom of round one in 2011, since the 49ers would then hold an option for 2015.)  Unless he plans to hold out of training camp, which would squander plenty of goodwill with the fan base, Kaepernick has to play out the 2014 season before the 49ers face the sign-him-or-tag-him dilemma.

Second, Kaepernick has started only 23 regular season games.  That’s not nearly enough to come to the conclusion that he should be paid at the top of the market.

Third, Kaepernick has struggled at times in the regular season.  He had a few ugly stretches in 2013, and his numbers when under pressure aren’t stellar.

Fourth, Kaepernick’s success may have more to do with coach Jim Harbaugh than with Kaepernick’s abilities.  If, as it appears, Harbaugh knows how to get the most out of any given quarterback, Harbaugh would still be successful if given another quarterback with NFL-caliber skills.

Fifth, by not paying Kaepernick a contract worth $20 million per year as of 2014, the 49ers automatically bank $19 million for future use, since Kaepernick’s 2014 salary is below $1 million.  That works out to $3.16 million extra per year on a six-year deal.

Sixth, the salary cap suddenly is expected to grow at a rate higher than the top of the quarterback market.  That will make it easier in future years to fit a $20 million quarterback contract under the cap.  It also will make it easier to apply the exclusive franchise tag to Kaepernick in 2015, in order to eliminate the risk of someone signing him to an offer sheet and giving up a pair of first-round picks.

Seventh, Kaepernick’s mobility translates to a higher injury risk.  The longer the team can avoid assuming that risk via a huge signing bonus, the better.

Eighth, there’s presently no guarantee that Harbaugh will be the coach next year.  (Sorry, 49ers fans, but that’s true.)  A new coach may want a new quarterback.  Likewise, if Harbaugh ends up coaching another NFL team, maybe he’ll offer more than a pair of first-round picks in order to get Kaepernick away from the 49ers.

Ninth, all stats aside (and there are plenty of stats to support any given media agenda or bias), Kaepernick is zero-for-two when it comes to delivering in the ultimate clutch.  Two seasons ago, he failed to get the ball to Michael Crabtree from the doorstep of the goal line with the Super Bowl in the balance.  In January, Kaepernick underthrew slightly a pass to Crabtree when Crabtree was covered in the end zone by Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, in a situation where the ball should have been placed in a spot where Crabtree or no one should have been able to touch it.

Tenth, it’s unclear whether Kaepernick will be a true leader.  In San Francisco, Harbaugh seems to be the off-and-sometimes-on-field field general.  If Harbaugh weren’t such a fiery and animated presence, would Kaepernick fill that void?  Would he know what to say and when to say it, when the team needs to have the right thing said at the right time?

For all those reasons (and possibly more — I always lose interest after the list hits 10), the 49ers should wait.  And if Kaepernick pulls a Flacco and wins a Super Bowl, they should be happy to pay Kaepernick at the very top of the market in 2015.

150 responses to “49ers should wait to pay Kaepernick

  1. As a Niners fan and a fan who actually likes Kaep, he is not worth close to 18 million. Win a ring first, then we will see.

  2. I’ am sick and tired of these anti Kaep post. Where are these post about Gabbert, or Tannehill or Matt Ryan………

  3. With future bumps in the cap, QBs will demand more money. If you think salaries won’t rise in proportion to the cap you’re high. Even now, $20 mil a year isn’t what it was 2-3 years ago in terms of the % of cap used.

  4. I said it before but he’s obviously a top 5 RB in the NFL. Unfortunately for him he’s a QB, and when it comes to throwing he was in the bottom third of the league last year. 49ers would be wise to tread carefully.

  5. The historic Minnesota Vikings ultimately created what football is today.

    From the first mobile quarterback – Fran Tarkenton.

    To the first dominant defense – the Purple People Eaters.

    We revolutionized the NFL in a way no other sports organization has.

    Every franchise is now trying to emulate these trends we started from such a long time ago.

    We were ahead of our time, and will always be the best franchise in sports.

  6. Kaep has proven since his early Nevada days that his haters and distractors don’t understand what he’s capable of. He’ll prove himself with a full complement of receivers (which he hasn’t had yet). The guy is a winner.

  7. Maybe he can afford some decent clothes for press conferences if he gets paid that much.


  8. You lost me at giving up two first round draft picks to bring him to a new team, if Harbaugh leaves.

    No way. Probably not even a single first round pick.

  9. Agree with this. The obvious idea is that if Kaep says he wants top pay immediately and won’t factor that $1m 4th season into the contract, so that he’d get $16-17m over 5 years, then just wait a year and give him the $20m if he performs… you save $19m in the process. I’d recommend the same for Wilson (or Foles) next year if he wants top of the league QB money.

  10. Some QBs make the receivers they have better.

    Other QBs need great receivers in order to play well.

    I’ll leave it to you to decide which one is worth nearly twenty million bucks year.

  11. While I agree waiting makes more sense I don’t agree with those that say “you need to win a ring” to get a top salary.

    This is a TEAM sport. Winning a ring does not prove you are good (several examples) nor does failing to win mean the QB is suspect. A team winning the Super Bowl is irrelevant in the evaluation of a particular player.

  12. I wouldn’t pay him just yet. I would let the 2014 season play out. I believe the speculation about Harbaugh could be a big issue moving forward and I am sure the front office is well aware of that. They can always tag him after the season. Looks like the Seahawks will be doing the same thing with Sherman, let him play out this year and take care of some other needs and contracts such as extending Earl.

  13. Kaep still hasn’t learned to work through his progressions. He locks on to his first read, and either throws it, runs, or gets sacked (way too often). He needs to learn how to be more than a one-read quarterback and become a lot more accurate in his throws (his completion percentage is worse than Vick’s!) before he can command the kind of money he desires. The 49ers have had a stellar record for the past three years more in spite of Kaep than because of him. He still has a great deal of promise, but needs to start living up to it.

  14. I love hearing 49ers fans say they would still take Crapernick over Wilson.

    For all you people that still think that or still think Crapernick deserves $18 million as of right now, go back up to the article and re-read #9 and #10.

  15. “If Harbaugh weren’t such a fiery and animated presence, would Kaepernick fill that void? Would he know what to say and when to say it, when the team needs to have the right thing said at the right time?”


    Not with his mommy speaking for him during criticism!

  16. You have to look at the opportunity cost.

    If you don’t give him a long-term deal, do you have another QB in your system that you can plug in?
    – No

    Are there other QB’s on the market who can give you what he does? ie, can you win with someone else who costs less money?
    – Yes

    I wouldn’t give Kaep $12M.

  17. A QB has to know how to read defenses, not run the ball. Learn how to read a defense and how to put some “touch” on a pass as well then get back to management.

  18. Paying for Kaepernick like a quarterback is the same as paying Jimmy Graham like he’s a tight end.

    Whereas Jimmy is getting screwed for deserving a big contract, the 49’ers will screw themselves for paying a running back to pass the football.

  19. System QB that can run with a very strong team around him. Can’t hit the broad side of a barn but he works for what the 49er’s ask of him. 18 Mill a season is much too high for this guy but he should get quite a bit more than the relative peanuts he’s making now on his rookie deal.

  20. Tony Romo, Matthew Stafford, Matt Ryan, Jay Cutler, Matt Schaub…. Etc.


    Why are you guys so up in arms about his potential deal? This is the cost of the position set by OTHER players. Where was the outrage by Cutler, Stafford, and Romo deals?

    Is Kap a top 10 QB? I don’t think so, but neither are the other guys already making that kind of money.

    Kap has more playoffs wins than Stafford, Romo, Cutler, and Ryan COMBINED. And only after less than two years starting.

    Is he a little douchey? Yes, but he wins games by making big plays and he’s only going to get better.

    If you’re actually a fan of the game then you would understand that this is the cost of the position. And with the cap increasing dramatically in the next two years it won’t be a back breaker if structured correctly.

  21. Every team hits the cap wall eventually. SF and Seattle are riding high on rookie deals. When they end so does their run.

  22. I agree with most of those reasons, except about him having more injury risk, about him not being a leader and about Harbaugh not staying. The Niners are not going to fire Harbaugh unless the team has losing records in his final two seasons and miss the playoffs. It is indeed wise for Kap’s agent to not play hardball and insist that he be paid top dollars now. I think he should get a raise, but if his agent demands too much, then the 9ers can play hard ball too. Two first round picks for a second round pick is not too bad of a deal.

  23. Kaep is a top 6 QB and has the potential to get better. The 49ers drafted well to get him and he’s the face of the franchise, but enjoy the low cost for now, because his value goes up significantly over the next year. And don’t tell us that Colt McCoy is a viable alternative. 49ers will be forced to pay big $ next year or watch him on another team.

  24. It is a myth that quarterbacks who can run are injured more often. The fact is that quarterbacks are injured when they stay in the pocket and get hammered by 300 pound linemen. A running quarterback can slide and avoid the hard hits. RGIII got hurt because he was too dumb to slide. He said he liked the contact. He paid for it. Steve Young only had his concussions after the Niner coaches made him stay in the pocket, and those concussions finally ended his career. Therefore Kap should be able to stay as healthy as the average NFL quarterback, if not more so.

  25. Kaep’s two shining-moment games (and they were definitely shining) were when he destroyed my Packers. And even then, although Kaep played extremely well, a LOT of it was because Harbaugh just flat out-coached Dom Capers.

  26. Are there other QB’s on the market who can give you what he does? ie, can you win with someone else who costs less money?
    – Yes

    I wouldn’t give Kaep $12M.

    Like who? Do you even watch football?

    So that bum Cutler is worth 5 mil. more than Kap? That makes sense.

    So that bum Schaub was worth 5 mil more than Kap? That makes sense.

    So that choker Romo is worth 8 mil more than Kap? That makes sense.

    So that interception machine Stafford is worth 7 mil more than Kap? That makes sense.

    You guys don’t even look at this from a realistic perspective.

  27. He’s NOT worth $18M
    See if you can sign him to a short term contract that’s reasonable
    Then, if he does well in a couple of years he can earn his pay day
    He hasn’t earned it yet

  28. It would be really wise to pay him now because we have to pay Aldon Smith next offseason. I don’t see how in the world we could pay both in the same offseason.

  29. The guy’s gotten one whole game further than Alex Smith did. The proof is next year, at least.

  30. I will laugh my ass off if he signs a moderate contract instead of what Bay Area writers are making up to keep themselves “relative”.

    The $18 Million figure is made up drama…

  31. For Cap, not Kap, reasons……Use what cap space you have to improve your team around Kap. Then if you win it all, pay him the going rate. If you still don’t get the big prize, you need to decide if he is the QB to get you there in the long run or just another good QB.

    Don’t see a reason to spend this years’ cap space for someone already under contract. In fact, I would use it to make a run at Bennett and hope that the cap goes up next year in order to keep Kap happy, then.

    As a Seahawk Fan I truly hope SF will give him a 18 Million contract this year and use considerable amount of cap space money.

  32. All very good points…

    They will most likely make him an offer in the offseason, far less than what he is expecting, and he plays out his rookie contract in the hopes of a great 2014 season…..then he gets PAID.

    He’s making enough from endorsements as it is and this will be a true test of his character, whether he’s a team-player or simply money-hungry.

  33. The best part is the Seattle fans are going to go crazy when they have to pay Wilson Flacco money even though he’s a limited passer.

    The last four weeks of the season he was awful. Throwing for a 100 yards a game. Then he won the superbowl by throwing quick slants and letting the D and running game do all the work.

    I’ve seen Kap take over games. I’ve never seen Wilson even come close to that.

  34. I like the kid. He may not be the warmest, fuzziest guy in the world, but he plays his heart out, and leaves everything on the field.

    Kaep passed for 21 td’s last year, while without his #1 receiver for 11 games. He protects the ball, only logging 8 picks and 1 lost fumble. Over the last 6 must win games of the season, he had 11 touchdowns, 1 int, and passer efficiency ratings of:


    You don’t put up numbers like that in practically one and done playoff-type games if you’re not a proficient qb.

    When Crab came back, he was pretty much a decoy, while Boldin went nuts. Give all three of them, with Vernon and Gore, a full preseason, and I think this offense will definitely be among the elite in the league. Do I think he’s worth the $18 million now, probably not.. but he is worth throwing some numbers at to see how firm he is. I think he’s gonna have a great year.

  35. Just one untimely hit away from being on IR where the 49ers can live with a cap hit of $ 1 mil but would be screwed if the cap hit were $18 mil tied up on one IR player.

    Plus, he’s a jerk, so is his Mom.

  36. When Gabbert, Tannehill or Matt are up for their next contract I am sure that you will hear as much (probably more in Ryan’s case) criticism.

    Romo currently gets as much or more criticism than Kaep. So not sure that you aren’t over-blowing the situation.

  37. Wilson is not going to be the kind of quarterback who can drive the ball downfield with less than 2 minutes and his team behind to win a game. He is no Joe Montana, Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. He is not even as good as Andrew Luck. Whether Seattle will pay him $20 mil a year will depend on how their team is playing at that time. The Seahawks are scheduled to lose many free agents, many of them starters. No team can sustain that type of loss and stay competitive. If the Seahawks are 7-9 or 8-8 or 9-7 when his contract is up, they may let him go as a free agent.

  38. For those of you who are freaking out over the contract money, I’m going to leave this right here:

    In 27 combined seasons as NFL starters, Matt Ryan, Jay Cutler, Tony Romo and Matthew Stafford have combined for a 3-9 record in the postseason and earn average at least $17.6 million in annual salary. You know where this is going. In 1 ½ seasons as a starter, 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has a 4-2 record in the playoffs.

    Whether he deserves the money or not at this point is debatable; however, know the game within the game before you spout nonsense about how unfair it is.

  39. The fact that Kaepernick is trying to get way overpaid right now speaks volumes…. He is trying to get paid like a SB winning qb with no ring. Is that because he knows that his chances to get paid well will go away next season if they dont win the SB? That tells me he is not that confident in winning next year and he is just trying to weasel a deal

  40. All these comparisons about what Cutler, Stafford, Romo and others make are ridiculous. Put those guys under center in SF and they would have won 3 SBs in a row with all the Talent. Put Kaepernick on any of those guys teams and they lose more games than they did.

    You can’t compare the teams based on only the QB position. Those other guys are on teams that just aren’t as good as they should be It is not the QB position that is the problem. No where near the D or offensive line that SF has.

    Reality is, Kaepernick benifits greatly from having a solid team built up aroud him. No one ever considers that fo whatever reason.

    Like others have said, how good would he be in Cleveland or Jacksonville?

  41. Draft a QB with their 1st rd. pick and play Kap this year and then let Kap walk in 2015 and play the new QB and save $ to help pay the rest of the Niners.

  42. “I’ve seen Kap take over games. I’ve never seen Wilson even come close to that.”

    “Wilson is not going to be the kind of quarterback who can drive the ball downfield with less than 2 minutes and his team behind to win a game.”

    Thanks for the laughs guys. Great way to start a weekend, with a chuckle and a smile.

    Guess you missed the Pats game last year (long TD pass to Rice in last two minutes to win)…and the Chicago game (TD in final seconds, another long TD drive in OT to seal game)…and the Atlanta game (20 point second half comeback to take the lead when the defense gave it up with 30 seconds to go)…and the Tampa game from this year (erased 21 point deficit)…and the Houston game (long back-to-the-wall TD drive shortly before Sherman tied it up, then offense won in OT)…..and pretty much every one of his numerous heartstopping finishes at Wisconsin (got his team the lead in the final minutes in every game they lost – defense blew every one of them allowing last- second scores).

  43. The should of kept Alex Smith. 4tds and over 300 yrds passing against the Colts, w/o a rb. How did Kap do against the Colts?

  44. Seattle must be the most boring place on earth because all they do there is post on niners news all day. Florio is a hater. Kaep wants $18 the floor that lesser QBs like Cutler has set. Criticize all you want but his body of work and most importantly: FUTURE VALUE merits the pay. He’s going to be paid less than Wilson when Wilson gets his contract and even you fan boys know there’s hardly a significant difference between them. Kaep has more potential.

  45. Seems lots of individuals are mistakingly thinking that since the Lions, Bears, and Ravens made poor decisions- the niners should too.

    Due to those 18-20 million salaries, those teams are non-competative. The niners would be better off using the savings in NOT paying kaepernick so that they can give extensions to Iupati and Boone. As the niners showed with Alex Smith getting to 13-3 the first year. The team can fit an average to slightly above average qb in and get fantastic results.

    The niners should use Harbaugh- find a new QB in this coming draft and ready a trade of kapernick somewhere where he can ruin another teams hopes with a silly contract.

  46. The performanc (or lack thereof) for Matt Ryan, Jay Cutler, Tony Romo and Matthew Stafford only means that they were overpaid.

    It doesn’t mean that Kaepernick should be paid on their level.

  47. If it is future value, let him get paid in the future.

    Or, put performance incentives in the contract.

  48. Wrong, wrong, wrong! Sign Kaepernick…..One Superbowl appearance, one playoff appearance in two years and with the Seattle Seahawks in the same division this is not the time to be mucking around and killing what could be this years Superbowl champs.

  49. I’m not a Kap fan but if you don’t pay him $16-$18 million now, his value could go up to the $20-$22 million range after the season (see Joe Flacco)

    Kaepernick has more playoff wins than all of these QBs combined.

    Matt Ryan +$20 million
    Matt Schaub $15 million
    Matt Stafford $17 million
    Tony Romo $17 million
    Jay Cutler $18 million
    Sam Bradford $14 million

  50. Without the #2 Defense and the #1 oline, this guy is not even in the conversation and is merely known for some running ability.

  51. Always wait to pay a running QB. He is one Achilles injury away from being useless. Only pay him more when you absolutely have to.

  52. I’ve been a 49er fan for 28 years, and a Florio skeptic since PFT launched, that said, I absolutely agree with him on this one.

    I am absolutely pro Kaepernick as well, and believe in him long term, that said, the flexibility to sign other people this offseason and take advantage of the championship window the team is currently in is exponentially greater if they hold off on giving Kaep the big money this year.

    if the Salary cap grows another $12mm as some have speculated then paying Kaepernick next offseason really wouldn’t hurt as there will be a built in buffer.

    That said, if you don’t pay Kaep this year than Baalke and Harbaugh need to be agressive in free agency and the draft to bolster the few weaknesses that the team has.

  53. Significant difference between Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick… .lets see

    How about come from behind wins?

    Russell Wilson 8
    Colin Kaepernick 5
    Andrew Luck 8

    Or maybe go with RW QBR of 100.6 over two seasons and Colin Kaepernick 93.8 over 2.5 seasons…

    Or let us look at something kaep has the edge in…

    Kaep averaging 6 yds per run, RW 5.4, oops… but RW has run for a total of 1028 to Kaeps 937…

    Playoff games
    Kaep 4 wins 2 losses
    RW 4 wins 1 loss

    Yeah… let me know again how you figure kaep is better than RW.

  54. Man, some of my fellow Ravens fans are IDIOTS.

    One of the biggest problems with this team since it arrived was the lack of a good QB. I mean, other than Vinny Testeverde (yeah, he was the BEST guy we had) the remaining list that came between him and Flacco reads like a list of misfit toys.

    Then here comes Flacco. All the guy does is win. He wasn’t even supposed to start his rookie season. Boller got hurt, Troy Smith (what has he done?) was inked in as the starter, but got a throat infection and the default was Flacco. Ravens have had a winning season (save for last year) ever since, going to the playoffs every season ever since (save for last year), and won a superbowl.

    He has an off year in a season in which he loses his best WR (Boldin), his best TE (Pitta), the O-line falls apart (McKinnie past his prime, Osemele out all year with a bad back, Gradkowski not cutting it, Oher’s continued regression) a ground game that disappeared, and a defense that is trying to find its way after losing two legends in Ed Reed and Ray Lewis….and the team still went 8-8.

    Flacco is a darn good QB and he’ll prove that once they can protect him again and get him another guy that doesn’t have two bricks for hands.

  55. If other teams made bad decisions on overpaying QBs that have not performed, that does not make it a requirement for the niners to do the same.

    I’d be more impressed if you put together a list of winning QBs that were paid big contracts.

    Sorry, but without his defense, niners don’t even make the playoffs.

  56. And yet proven proven chokers such as Matt Ryan, Tony Romo, Jay Cutler, Matt Stafford, and Philip Rivers will still make more money regardless. Oh yeah, and Peyton Manning.

    Then next year we can see what more proven chokers in Andy Dalton, and Andrew Luck get paid. Cause they’ve both performed exceptional in back to back playoff losses.

    The fact is he still led the team down for a potential win in the final minute of both the NFCCG and Super Bowl, which is something I can’t say for any of those others.

  57. Most of the qb’s are over paid. What is funny, is when a young black qb is up for a huge pay day, he doesn’t deserve it. Yet we see the Flacco’s, Ryan’s, Stafford’s, and Cutler’s cash in, and it’s a “smart” move.

  58. Let me preface this by saying I am no Kaeprnick or 9’er fan.

    …. all this dude does is win… PLAYOFF games. But hey, he hasn’t won a SB so shouldn’t be paid?
    Only Flacco, Wilson, Mannings, BRoth, Brees, Rogers and T Brady have won SBs, but lots of other QB’s are getting paid.

    Every other QB with a fat contract, i.e. Bradford, Ryan, Stafford, Romo, and Cutler haven’t done squat compared to Kaep! Even Matt Schaub is making $16M next year.
    And last time I checked, Ryan didn’t deliver in the clutch and got stuck on the goaline. He got punished with a fat extension!!

  59. omeimontis says:
    Mar 7, 2014 3:52 PM
    Wilson is not going to be the kind of quarterback who can drive the ball downfield with less than 2 minutes and his team behind to win a game.

    49er fans always crack me up. They love to talk trash even when it’s just blatantly false. Almost like they don’t watch much football.

    Last season, Russell Wilson won more games in the last few minutes than any other QB in the NFL. His rookie season, he was second only to Luck.

    There are few quarterbacks I’d rather have down by 6 with only a minute left. Kaepernick is definitely NOT one of them, as he consistently chokes in that situation. The Superbowl loss to the Ravens and the NFCCG loss to the Seahawks being two good examples. Both losses were clearly due to poor qb play from Kaep.

    But hey, good luck with your $18m joke of a quarterback. Seattle fans love it. Dude is just terrible in the Clink and in the postseason.

    Maybe if Kaepernick is nice, Russell Wilson will show him what a Superbowl ring looks like.

  60. The way to win in the nfl now is to dominate on defence and have a qb that doesn’t turn it over. Seattle and Balt rode that strategy the last two years.

  61. Yeah, I’m no Florio fan but it’s hard to argue some of his points especially considering Kap has another year on his rookie contract. Give whatever money it takes to the key players you need to keep this year. As many have pointed out, the salary cap will rise over the next year or two. Kaps value may rise (or drop) making this decision easier. I like the kid and see plenty of upside. I don’t hold it against him that he didn’t win the Superbowl in his 10th NFL start. He might have if his team wasn’t 3 TDs down in the 3rd qtr. I also don’t hold it against him that he didn’t pull off a win in the most hostile environment in the NFL. These are things that the great ones do, that’s what makes them great.

  62. Quick, name all of the QBs in the last decade to go to New England in December and won. Just one guy, and it was due to his play. Also, he went four straight road games at the end of the year against winning teams and came up just shy in the last one. And he’s 3 and 0 against Aaron Rodgers. Yeah, not very good.

  63. ctiggs says: Mar 7, 2014 2:43 PM

    I’ am sick and tired of these anti Kaep post. Where are these post about Gabbert, or Tannehill or Matt Ryan………

    They aren’t asking for 18-20 million a year…

  64. Why shouldn’t he get paid like other starting QBs who have not accomplished as much as he did in his two years starting? The fact that he accomplished more than Ryan, Romo, Cutler, Schaub, Stafford say that he’s a winner and he should be paid according to the going rate.

  65. Actually for that matter, Kaep has about the worst percentage when pressured of any QB.

  66. Does kAp have faults and weaknesses? Yes? Is he a top 5 qb ? No! He misfired In two HUGE games, at the same time he also almost single handidly beat the best defense since the 2000 ravens, beat Aaron Rodgers TWICE in the playoffs basically on his own and beat the falcons at home on the playoffs where Matt Ryan didn’t lose. Is he worth. 18 mil. Probably not but if jay pick and tony choke are making that then why shouldn’t he feel like he deserves it

  67. He’s NOT wearing Beats headphones?!? FOR SHAME!

    He’s not the man he’s not the man he’s not the maaaaan…

  68. This article is Excellent. Valid points all around. My whole family are NinerFans/ Kaep Fans/ Harbaugh Fans an i totally agree to wait for one more year to see what the turnout will be in 2014 with a whole cast of starter caliber receivers, the best OLINE in the league and a 4-headed monster in the back field. Statistic wise you shouldn’t turn away just because his subpar passing stats, this isn’t no ordinary offense, it is a run first offense in a pass first league so that can be dismissed. Also he ain’t saying to pay him “Top QB” money he simply wants to be paid in the same category as Cutler and Romo which is Super Bowl contending QBs NOT Super Bowl winning QBs so what I’m trying to say is, when time comes PAY THE KID! He will keep OUR team in SuperBowl contender talk for quite some time. Our offense isn’t built for a “Pure” pocket passer.

  69. I am 100% certain that he feels he may deserves 18 million.

    The people that matter will be the niner Management.

    As a seahawk fan I hope they give him 30 million, just so they can’t afford anybody else.

  70. First Alex Smith gets cut , SF gave it to him deep with no KY.
    And now Keap is getting it deep without lube…
    SF sure does like to fk over their QB’s.

  71. A lot of high priced choke artist, I mean quarterbacks, arnt worth what their paid. But just because someone else was dumb enough to pay them, doesn’t mean the 9ers should pay Kap 18 million. Pay him 8 and be done with it.

  72. @Shlort yeah except Cutler has Jeffery and Marshall but was dramatically outplayed by an old journeyman backup. Romo has Dez, Austin and Witten and well he is Romo. Stafford has Megatron. Ryan has had Jones, White and Gonzalez. Does Kap benefit from a strong team? Of course but you are talking about QB’s that ALL have elite playmakers but still constantly flop. So to say they would all have 3 superbowls shows you have no grasp of any sense of reality.

  73. Sure Florio and they could also sign a handfull of other free agents as well,.
    @meatcarrol go away you bandwagon jumping scum bag.

  74. “And he’s 3 and 0 against Aaron Rodgers. ”


    No – he’s 3 and O against the Packers defense.

    Colin Kaepernick has neither the intelligence, the leadership, nor the accuracy to even be mentioned in the same sentence as. Aaron Rodgers.

  75. Ultimately reason number 1, cited in this article, is the most important factor. Kap has no leverage. He is under contract for less than $1 mil., so the only thing he can do is to hold out. If he does, it could hurt his chances when he becomes a free agent, because he would have lost a valuable season for improving his skills, and the doubts people have about his abilities will remain. Nevertheless the possibility that he will hold out will weigh on the minds of the 9ers, who must now find a credible backup for Kap, both in case of injury and also in case he holds out.

  76. shlort says:
    All these comparisons about what Cutler, Stafford, Romo and others make are ridiculous.
    Reality is, Kaepernick benifits greatly from having a solid team built up aroud him. No one ever considers that fo whatever reason.

    Like others have said, how good would he be in Cleveland or Jacksonville?

    romo had 1 of the best teams when terrell owens was there. he couldn’t get out of the 1st rd in the playoffs.
    cutler has 2 good wr’s and rb. he cant get out of the 1st rd in the playoffs.
    stafford has megatron. he cant get out of the 1st rd in the playoffs.
    put any qb in cleveland or jacksonville and no1 will be good

  77. I am thinking of what some of the niner fans were saying regarding the market was “set” by Flacco, Ryan, Romo and others.

    Ever heard of a market correction?

  78. I am thinking of what some of the niner fans were saying regarding the market was “set” by Flacco, Ryan, Romo and others.

    Ever heard of a market correction?

  79. I’m a BIG Kaep supporter. I think he’s done a terrific job for a two-year experienced QB. But he’s not worth even close to 18 mill. He may well get there (and I hope he does), because he has all the tools. If he does… pay him. But he’s not there yet. Even if he had won the Super Bowl, he still has a lot to learn before he’s in the 18 mill category.

    I could see giving him 3 or 4 mill, AND performance bonuses…. but 18 mill is half again what Tom Brady makes.

  80. Look I agree kap isn’t Montana, Brady or even Rodgers. But to all the he isn’t that good contingency, would u rather have Cutler, Stafford, Romo? How about tannehill, gabbert, Dalton? He isn’t elite got it, should he make the most no. Got it but if your only thought is “uh he sucks” tell me outside of the top 6 or 7 who definitively better. The market dictates cost, in the grand scheme who is worth it really anyway. So with all things relative if your him or the niners what else do you do?

  81. @ juliusanonymous: Don’t paint all Niner fans with the same brush. I’m a Niner fan and I’m more than willing to acknowledge that Wilson is a superb QB… especially considering HIS relative inexperience.

    Actually… in the history of the NFL, only one QB had a higher passer rating his first two years than Wilson (100.6), and that was Kurt Warner (103.75). Kaepernick is number five on that list, by the way, at 94.95 first two year average. Not too shabby.

    By comparison, in his first two years John Elway averaged a 65.85 passer rating, and Tom Brady 86.1.

    So anybody saying Wilson is a loser doesn’t begin to understand the position. Like Kaepernick, he’s only likely to get better as time passes and experience is gained.

    People want instant dominance. The real world doesn’t work that way.

  82. Kap and Cam will be best two qbs in football despite the haters and SeaPed fans. The average fan must be a moron not to realize that Kap was two plays from two Super Bowl trophies in his first two years? Who does that? NOBODY!!!!

  83. @Bucrightoff: Kaep was in the bottom third in passing YARDS…. but that’s because the Niners are a run-first team in a league that mostly isn’t. His passer RATING was in the TOP third (tenth). He also has won more road playoff games than all the other Niner QBs combined (I’m not counting SBs, which are played on neutral territory).

    I expect him to improve this year. With more experience, he should go through his progressions better and overall have better reads. I see the Niners passing a bit more this year as Gore starts to slow down… especially late in the season. He’ll either show he’s worth the big bucks or he won’t.

    I expect the Niners to draft a backup QB that will keep him on his toes as well.

  84. There are very few QBs in the league that cannot say they need more weapons to go to the next level.
    He is one of them, they have a crazy number of offensive skill players, including Kap himself.

    When he can think down field quicker, he will be a great QB, but he is not.

  85. I posted this in the other Kaepernick thread yesterday and it was deleted.. but the owners missed a golden opportunity during the last cba negotiations to cap ALL player salaries as opposed to just high-drafted rookies.

    The NBA caps all salaries at a max of 25% of the salary cap, with mvps eligible for 30%. The NFL should go around

    10% – $13.3 million for all players
    12% – $15.96 million for a former league mvp

    They could have locked Kaepernick up at the 13.3 before it goes up even further next year, and been done with it. Not only would all of the posturing, negotiating through the media, and leaking have gone right out the window, but the 49ers and other teams would finally be able to hold on to the quality players they presently want to keep but are losing because of qb salary cap hell.

  86. I love it when SF fans say Kap deserves the money because QBs like Romeo and Stafford make that much…

    And those are the franchises to model yourself after.

    Yeah. Pay him.

    What could go wrong?

  87. The historic Minnesota Vikings ultimately created what football is today.

    From the first mobile quarterback – Fran Tarkenton.

    To the first dominant defense – the Purple People Eaters.

    We revolutionized the NFL in a way no other sports organization has.

    Every franchise is now trying to emulate these trends we started from such a long time ago.

    We were ahead of our time, and will always be the best franchise in sports.

    36 453

    DOnt you think that a team that has “revolutionized the NFL in a way no other sports organization has” should, oh I don’t know, have won at least one championship ever?

    Face it, you were the Buffalo Bills before the Buffalo Bills were. So yes you are correct, you were ahead of your time… First team to lose 4 super bowls…

  88. They should pay him now. Price is only going to get higher. Does anyone really believe he is not their QB for next several years?

  89. Russell Wilson may not be the best QB or even in the top 5. I do know he is good enough to win a Super Bowl. The guy has ice water in his veins when the game is on the line. The point is the man is good enough.

  90. Let’s put things into perspective here…Alex Smith was 19-5-1 in his last 25 starts with 30 TD/10 INT and ran for 311 yards and 2 TD. He took us to the NFC Championship game in 2011 where we nearly beat the eventual champs(NYG) if not for Kyle Williams 2 fumbles in our own endzone.

    Kaepernick Stats:
    Record in 23 starts: 17-6
    TD 31(40 total including rushing)INT 11
    Completion%: 59.8
    (Eli Manning: 58.5, Dan Marino: 59.4, Alex Smith: 59.5) to name a few.
    Rating: 93.8
    5: 4th quarter comebacks(in 17 wins)
    6: Game winning drives(in 17 wins)
    937 rushing yards
    6.0 avg. rush
    9 TD’s
    Playoff Record: 5-2(very well could be 7-0)

    Face it, both got it done but different ways. Neither turn it over but have very different styles. Smith has an avg. arm at best, Kaep has a laser. Kaep can run like the wind, Smith is above average. Kaep is 26, Smith is 30 in May. Kaep is also converting from a zone read style of play, Smith was a pocket passer in College. Let’s not bury Kaep just yet.

    Pay him now, but not 18Mil. Give him a mid level one year deal(7-9 million) with options for a long term deal with higher pay.

  91. When are sport’s writers going to stop talking about this? I would bet they (Kap and Harbaugh) are not even talking about this anymore. If I am wrong and Kap is not “happy” with his pay then let him go try to get $18-20 million somewhere else. I bet there is no owner in the league willing to pay him that much. He could be great but he isn’t there yet. Damn athletes…if the avg Joe demanded a huge raise from his/her employer, that employee would be shown the door.

    Kap and Harbaugh both need to finish out their contracts and then talk about a raise. If they win the SB next year then OK, they can talk about a raise but if they don’t then finish out the contract that they signed. Kap has 1 yr to go and Harbaugh has 2.

  92. Not now or anytime in the future worth $18 million. Wilson on the other hand…

  93. $18 million per year?!?

    For this guy? He’s an average QB at best. Any success he’s had has been because of the level of talent he has around him, and coaching.

    There is no way he will EVER be worth $18 million per year.

  94. As far as the comment “Eli has two rings,”, uh if there were ever a Super Bowl winning QB who lucked into super bowl wins, it’s ol’ Eli. Great defense kept the Patriots at bay, and only two a fantastic catch by a wide receiver in each game (David Tyree in the first, Mario Manningham in the second) to put the Giants in a position to win is the reason El has two rings.

  95. Super Bowl and NFC Championship Appearances in first two seasons, yeah, the guy is a stud and they need to get a long term deal done. He can single handily dominate games just ask Green Bay and Seattle.

  96. After KraperChoke fails again winning a SB and not even getting to the NFCC this season, he would be lucky getting a contract worth 12 million a year LOL!!!

  97. It’s funny that there’s so much hate and skepticism for a guy that has won 4 playoff games in two years, including comeback victories on the road and who has great advanced stats like QBR and yards per attempt. The stats geeks at places like Numberfire seem to be the only ones that are smart enough to appreciate Kaepernick’s performance.

    It’s also funny to read asinine comments that insult the intelligence of an honor roll student with a good Wonderlic score. I hope my 1580 SAT and 1500 GRE can help me figure out how to “read the defense” to find the imaginary space where Marlon Moore and Kyle Williams are hypothetically open after Boldin 4.7 is blanketed.

    All that said, I agree with most of the arguments that MDS lays out here, and I would not sign him this year at $18 million even if Romo and Cutler have been signed to ridiculous contracts. If I were Baalke, I’d only give him $14-$16 million if he wants to get paid now. This would allow the team to move on in 2016 or 2017 if he somehow didn’t pan out. But I doubt that someone with the work ethic to be first in the building every morning with those physical tools is going to be a waste of money. Pay Kap, but at the appropriate time. Make him prove it again to earn the deal.

  98. No, no, no, no, no, pay the guy now! Give him the 18 mil he wants. We’d love it!!!!
    -Seattle Fans

  99. blkmanwtan says: Mar 7, 2014 5:09 PM

    Most of the qb’s are over paid. What is funny, is when a young black qb is up for a huge pay day, he doesn’t deserve it. Yet we see the Flacco’s, Ryan’s, Stafford’s, and Cutler’s cash in, and it’s a “smart” move.”

    Somebody doesn’t remember history.

    Atlanta Falcons, Mike Vick signed the HIGHEST contract ever for a QB ($130 million in 2004), and then signed another $100 million contract in 2011. He’s the only player ever to have signed two, $100 million contracts. He was the highest paid player with his $130 million deal. It was the highest $100+ million contract until Calvin Johnson signed a $132million deal in 2012. Calvin Johnson is also black.

    Other black QB’s that signed big deals?

    Donovan McNabb: $115 million in 2003, was highest paid player at the time.

    Daunte Culpepper: $102 million in 2003

    In comparison, the first two QB’s to ever get $100 million were Brett Farve and Drew Bledsoe in 2001. Farve was paid $101.5 million, Bledsoe was paid $103 million.

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