Brett Keisel wants to play, but hasn’t heard from Steelers

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The Steelers can’t possibly keep all their old defensive standard-bearers around.

So while defensive end Brett Keisel is hoping for a return, he’s not banking on it.

Keisel’s agent told Alan Robinson of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that he’s heard nothing from the Steelers, so Keisel is preparing to play elsewhere next year.

“He’s productive, healthy and has every intention to continue to play football,” agent Eric Metz said.

Keisel’s 35, but he’s still playing at an effective level  when he’s well. He missed four games late in the year with foot problems, but came back to finish the season and should be ready to go for his next employer, if it’s not the Steelers.

“Hopefully, he can finish his career a Steeler as he’s always desired,” Metz said.

This could also be a case of the Steelers slow-playing veterans to see if they can get a better offer elsewhere, so the lack of contact might not necessarily mean there’s no chance.

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  1. Every story about the Steelers is just another opportunity for all the haters (and those whose teams give them nothing to be look forward to) to bash the Black and Gold.

    Keisel’s a warrior who played well and he’s got to win a Lombardi (unlike the haters’ players).

    If he doesn’t latch on with another team playing the 3-4 he may get a chance to come back to the team at the league minimum.


    People criticize the Steelers for re-signing Troy Polamalu instead of cutting him. Many say he’s not playing to his former (league’s best) level.

    Of course he’s not! He was the best. But that doesn’t mean you cut him. He had an outstanding year last year, playing in all 16 games and earning a 1st Team ProBowl (again).

    UNTIL A TEAM HAS A BETTER PLAYER to take another player’s roster spot, YOU KEEP YOUR BEST PLAYERS.

    How many teams have a safety as good as or better than Troy? The Steelers still don’t; if they did Troy would be gone.

  2. I have appreciated everything Keisel and his beard have done over the years, but being right up against the cap and him being a 35 year old part time player, it makes more sense to go younger and cheaper at the position.

    If he does catch on somewhere else, I wish him nothing but the best.

  3. he’s washed up.

    so, the steelers will resign him.

    Funny coach you would say something so stupid when your team is backing an abuser of women. Ssshhh worry about your own teams issues skippy.

  4. .

    You’ve stumbled upon the truth, perhaps unwittingly. The past few Steeler drafts have been relatively unproductive, so they don’t have the quality young players to push the veterans aside.

    Whereas the Steelers used to have a stronger roster than most of their competitors, it’s no longer the case.

    They could really use a strong draft this year.


  5. Dude’s been a great player, and he’ll be somewhere in 2014, but I hate it when people use the terms warrior or soldier to describe an athlete. They play kids’ games for money. Let me know when they add bullets to the game, and then we can call them that.

  6. The Diesel played well in ’13, and I hope he gets another shot.

    He’s also a Team Leader and respected locker room presence great for keeping teams out of the kinds of situations low character locker rooms devolve into (e.g., Miami Dolphins).

    If he’ll play at as cap-friendly a contract as is vet status and consent will allow, why wouldn’t we bring him back for another season – to pair up with Cam on the other side?

  7. My favorite Steelers D-lineman since Kimo Von Oelhoffen. Favorite LB is Terence Garvin.

  8. By the way, if Ben grew out his beard like this, they could pass for identical twins.

  9. Hate see him go, but you can’t keep everybody. As a Steelers fan, he’s been one of my favorite players… probably of all time. I wish him nothing but the best.

  10. If the Steelers re-sign him, people will say how old and slow they have become. If the Steelers let him go, people will say how the so called “salary cap mismanagement” is hurting the team. So does it really matter what the Steelers do anymore for the purposes of these message boards?

  11. The Bubby Brister Era continues.

    Bubby Brister took a Steelers team that lost their first 2 games by the combined score of 92-10 to the playoffs one year and he actually won a wildcard game on the road as well in that same year. After two straight years without playoffs because of bad coaching and injuries, I will take a road widlcard win this year.

  12. I am betting he eventually gets a vet minimum contract from the Steelers and backs up both ends. If he can stay healthy, he can be productive because he’s always in shape and his motor is always on high. Being a back up gives him a better chance to stay healthy. He is rock solid in the locker room and the film room, and he’s worth it.

  13. Hey Doc, at least we are not in a constant state of the “Bubby Brister” era like your Bungles.

    You mean the Boomer Esiason, David Klingler, Jeff Blake, Akili Smith, Scott Mitchell, Jon Kitna and Carson Palmer eras? I won’t diss Kenny Anderson and Andy Dalton disses himself.

  14. Brett has been the epitome of the Steeler organization his entire career. Great guy on and off the field. Hope something can be worked out for mutually reasonable money, since I believe he can be a meaningful roleplayer on the team. This is another person that should retire a Steeler and play for no one else.

  15. Its not hard…..Da Beard takes the minimum, comes back for one more year and collects another superbowl ring. If not, it was a great run. He has 2 superbowl rings and was a big part of the success.

  16. Hope he comes back for the minimum or least the Steelers offer it we need the experience plus he seems to be still playing at a high level. Why not i dont care what the haters say. Signed Miller no extra still a very good TE not old. TP43 Steeler for life! Had a great year I dont get all the hate check the film it dont lie! Check out ProFootballFocus… TP ranked FIFTH overall among all NFL safeties (ahead of players such as Jairus Byrd , Earl Thomas and Antrel Rolle , trailing only Devin McCourty , Will Hill , T.J. Ward and Eric Berry). In pass coverage — an area where some fans appear to believe Polamalu has slipped — he was SECOND in the league with a 13.9 rating, trailing only McCourty (14.1). Berry and Thomas were immediately behind him. According to Pro Football Focus, he gave up 25 catches for 200 yards and one touchdown; a good chunk of that yardage came as he allowed for 92 yards and a touchdown in the 55-31 Steelers loss at New England.

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