Co-defendant could be the key to convicting Sharper

As prosecutions launch in both California and Louisiana against former NFL safety (and as of last week former NFL Network employee) Darren Sharper for rape, Louisiana has something that California doesn’t.

A co-defendant.

In Louisiana, Erik Nunez remains in jail on charges of aggravated rape.  The arrest warrants, according to Naomi Martin of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, allege that Nunez was present in Sharper’s apartment for the rape of two women last September 23, that both women woke up “disoriented” from a “stupor” to find Sharper on top of them naked, and that another acquaintance who had a key to Sharper’s apartment arrived after the alleged assaults and saw both Sharper and Nunez wearing only boxer shorts.

Sharper is suspected of nine rapes in five states during a period of less than four months.  He also is suspected of drugging 11 people.

The presence of Nunez and his subsequent prosecution give the authorities an potentially significant edge in their effort to secure a conviction of Sharper.  Cut a deal with Nunez, who testifies against Sharper, and Sharper goes away for a long, long time — regardless of the outcome of the other cases in the other jurisdictions, where without a witness who was in the room and wasn’t drugged an “if it doesn’t fit you must acquit” outcome becomes more likely.

In those other jurisdictions, Nunez also could be a key witness.  At a minimum, he can testify about “other bad acts” of Sharper in Louisiana (that’s Rule 404(b) for the aspiring lawyers in the crowd).  Nunez also can provide testimony about things Sharper may have said to Nunez about drugging and raping other women in other states (that’s not hearsay, under Rule 801(d)(1)(A)).

It all comes down to what Nunez knows, whether he’d be able to tell a credible story in court, and whether a mutually-acceptable plea agreement can be negotiated.

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  1. Nine rapes across five states over four months. If Sharper is guilty of all that, how does that not make him a serial rapist?

    I’m no lawyer, but if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck…..

  2. He has to get his day(s) in court but I guess it’s safe to rule out a vast conspiracy by a lot of women to defame Darren. Good bet he’s going to prison for quite a while.

  3. .

    Nunez has only two options :

    1. Go it alone on an aggravated rape charge in Louisiana which could result in a life term.

    2. Cut the best deal he can get.


  4. I’m trying to figure out why a wealthy celebrity would need to rape women. Sick bastard. I wonder if he has any daughters. This is pending his day in court of course….just so no one gets their feelings hurt.

  5. These Criminal Defense attorneys kill me. They always concoct the most implausible scenarios as to why their client (aka the Defendant) is innocent – and it’s all just a big misunderstanding.

    However, they paint a totally different story about co-defendants narc’ing our their client (aka the Defendant). For the co-defendants, the soft and gentle understanding (and faux naivete) is replaced by some of the harshest cynicism one will ever see. They castigate the co-defendant(s) who are spilling the beans as vile, evil scumbags who should not be believed — since the only honorable human in the courtroom is sitting shackled in the defendant’s chair with a brand new suit, tie and fresh haircut.

    Who buys this load of crap?

    Answer: many juries.

    Gag reflex in my throat, you’re about to win.

  6. I hate typing this but the thing that gets me is he was quite good on the NFL network . The only ex player that impressed me more as far as their views and opinions is Keyshawn . I guess ya need to know someone to know someone .

  7. Nofoolnodrool says:Mar 7, 2014 10:29 AM

    I’m no lawyer, but if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck…..

    Remind anyone of a guy named Ray speaking of ducks.

    Reminds me of a qb named Ben speaking of ducks.

  8. The whatjusthappened guy may be right — jail may not be that tough for Sharper since he played all those years in Green Bay, which means he’s used to being bored and sitting alone in a room in a desolate area with nothing to do.

  9. probably guilty but sharper will walk. Rich Ex Star football players don’t get convicted.

    He will probably not only win his trial but he suit against NFL network for getting fired. Sharper will come out ahead on all of this.

    Welcome to America when you are Rich and Popular. The moral of the story is if you are going to kill your ex wife or rape multiple women make sure you have money.

  10. He’s not that popular to use OJ comparisons and he will go to jail. This is borderline psychotic behavior and he is an arch criminal. On top of that, these crimes are significant and pre-meditated, he will not survive this many victim’s testimony.

  11. I think it’s the opposite on 404(b) – R. 404(b) would more likely prevent Nunez from testifying as to other bad acts. “Repetition” is often not “in itself” evidence of a plan or common scheme to allow evidence of his other crimes. This would be argued is more particularly so, since, if there was a common plan or scheme between these crimes, Nunez would have been part of the plan for all of them, and should have to have knowledge of all the crime in order to testify to them being part of a plan or scheme.

  12. I swear this story gets more weird. With all these beautiful escorts advertising their services I do not see why he had to drug women. Granted, both are illegal. At least he does not run the risk of being accused of rape.

  13. Guaranteed a DA who looks a lot like Monty Hall is right this minute talking to Nunez’ lawyer and saying “Let’s Make a Deal” !!!

  14. Many people across the country have heard stories about Louisiana’s famous Angola prison.

    It is bordered on 3 sides by the Mississippi River where there are no fences. It is so large the prisoners grow their own food and cotton.

    Sharper’s broadcast experience may get him a job on the prison radio station KLSP (Louisiana State Prison).

    If he fights extradition successfully he will only be in California’s San Quentin prison in Marin County on the North side of San Francisco Bay.

    Of course he may be found not guilty because the witnesses were unconscious and cannot testify against him.

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