Colts and Vontae Davis described as “far apart” in talks


The Colts aren’t afraid to move quickly, but things are moving more slowly with Vontae Davis.

According to Stephen Holder of the Indianapolis Star, there’s no deal imminent between the team and the veteran cornerback, and that “the sides are relatively far apart in negotiations.”

That’s the kind of thing that can be fixed in one phone call, but at this stage in the process, the timing works against the Colts.

With other teams able to talk to free agents tomorrow, today’s the last window for them to negotiate exclusively with their own.

While the Colts have been quick to bring in linebacker D’Qwell Jackson and re-sign punter Pat McAfee, letting Davis get to the market would be a blow, as his physical play and age (25) should make him one of the top available players at his position.

21 responses to “Colts and Vontae Davis described as “far apart” in talks

  1. Vontae Davis doesn’t want to stay on that franchise that could fall apart any minute.

    If you want to join a stable, classy organization come to the Vikings.

    We have the most talent in the NFL sorrounded by the best coaching staff.


  2. The Vikings have been irrelevant for years. Colts are just begging their run at greatness.Colts have very good chance of getting to the Super Bowl this year.

  3. They ran out of money for Vontae because Ryan Grigson was too busy overpaying Laron Landry, Erik Walden, and D’Qwell.

  4. listenup823 says:
    Mar 7, 2014 12:23 PM
    Denver has no money available, none.

    Peyton Manning has it all.

  5. I can’t see him going to Pats. The Pats have never been one to pay for free agents in their prime, they typically trade for them while they are under contract, and the free agents that they do pick up are typically just a tick past their prime. Somehow the pats always squeeze an extra glass of OJ out of those oranges too.

  6. Ummm Toronto… If by none you mean between $30-35 mill (and increasing) then you would be correct. #lowinformationguy

  7. This is why Grigson made a big mistake in trading a 2nd for a player with a season and a half left on his rookie deal.

    Add this to the Richardson trade, DHB signing, Bjoern Werner selection and I’m not so sure Grigson is quite the golden boy GM some believe he is.

    I like the D’Qwell Jackson selection a lot but Grigs is gonna have to bat 1.0000 in the mid-rounds this year to build the right team around Luck.

  8. To me Davis is the best free agent corner available. And it’s really not even close. Verner is good too, but he is a zone oriented player and press man coverage is the only real way to stop the better offenses in the NFL.

    I’d take Davis ten times over Talib because of his age (three years younger) his far better play (he was PFF 3rd corner while Talib was 58th!) and the fact that he’s not on his last strike before getting banned for a year like Talib is.

    If the Colts let him go with all their cap space and after giving away a second round pick to get him they are fools.

  9. A guy that consistently fails to play to his ability. If he ever grows up he’ll take a huge step towards becoming a top-notch CB.

  10. Davis will be overpaid. More times than not he got burnt in big games. There are better DBs for the money. Good Luck (12) Davis(23) you’re gonna need it. Colts Nation!

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