Darnell Dockett does some Twitter tampering with Branden Albert


The legal tampering period of free agency starts tomorrow, but Cardinals defensive tackle Darnell Dockett decided to get a head start.

Dockett just posted a message on Twitter welcoming his “new teammate” Branden Albert.

Of course, Dockett also uses Twitter to invite women to eat chicken wings at strip clubs and post pictures of alligators, so it’s probably not the kind of thing to warrant a league investigation.

The Cardinals need some help at left tackle, and the Chiefs free agent needs someone to pay him to play left tackle, so maybe there’s something to it.

Or maybe Dockett just succeeded in drawing attention to himself.


15 responses to “Darnell Dockett does some Twitter tampering with Branden Albert

  1. The Cards team can be full of hall of famers but as long as Carson Palmers QB they won’t win a Superbowl.

  2. Notice how this never happens with the Vikings?

    The best free agents come to us without us showing any interest .

    They beg to be on our team.


  3. .

    If true, the signing makes perfect sense. To compete in the NFC West you need an above average OL. The Seahawks, 49ers and Rams are all adept at getting to the passer. Let’s not forget the Rams have pick #2 in the draft and quite possibly could add another skilled defensive player if they so desired.


  4. This reminds me of Vontae Davis tweeting about Sean Smith going to the Chiefs and 2 weeks later where did Smith sign…(It was the Chiefs if you don’t know).

    Speaking of which someone needs to get on Twitter and ask Sean Smith where Vontae is signing in the next 2 weeks

  5. Soon to be 30 year old Brandon Albert will be eaten alive if he chooses the Cardinals and the NFC West. He could only play in 12 games last year, has had nagging issues with the back and can be easily beaten by speed rushers (look at 2012 game video for proof).

    He’ll likely be overpaid but IMO, a team like the Cardinals would be better served by trading up to grab a Taylor Lewan than signing a guy with issues that will soon be on the wrong side of 30.

  6. Location, Location Location. Just as true with Free Agents as real estate. And its a problem for the Cardinals. Most NFL teams are east of the Mississippi and Flight times to most popular destinations are 2 hour or less. A free agent comes to Phoenix and he’s 3 hours away from anywhere and he’s changing time zones to get there. Antrell Rolle Loves NYC since its easy to fly his mother in for games from Miami with no time zone change. Can’t do that in Arizona

  7. Ok , so I have to retrack my previous statement about not bringing this guy in. I mistook him for Albert Haynesworth. My bad.
    I Don’t know anything about Brandon Albert.

  8. All free agent OT’s each come with their fair share of baggage. Monroe is lazy. Albert is lazy and Veldere (spelling) is injury prone. Please Dolphins just draft one. I like the Notre Dame kid.

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