Graham “shocked and disappointed” by Saints’ offseason moves

Jimmy’s finally getting upset.

Less than 12 hours after we pointed out that Saints tight end* Jimmy Graham has been a good soldier during four years of playing under a rookie contract that the team never ripped up and replaced with something approach market value, Graham has sounded off on Twitter about the team’s recent roster decisions.

“Wow unbelievable,” Graham said.  “Shocked and disappointed on everything that’s gone on this offseason.”

He’s presumably referring to the release last month of linebacker Will Smith, cornerback Jabari Greer, and safety Roman Harper, Friday’s release of receiver Lance Moore, the news that running back Darren Sproles will be traded or cut, and the likely trade or release of running back Pierre Thomas.

It’s all happening because Graham is in line for a new contract, presumably one that he hopes will pay an average of more than $10 million per year.  Because of the salary cap, certain moves had to be made.

Maybe Graham doesn’t understand the connection between his contractual expectations and the need to dump cap space.  If he doesn’t, we’ve got a feeling some of the folks on Twitter will let him know.  Loudly.

86 responses to “Graham “shocked and disappointed” by Saints’ offseason moves

  1. Saints fans were shocked and disappointed when you completely disappeared in big games.

    Jimmy orders his wings covered in weaksauce.

  2. Jimmy, just in case you needed clarification, you are a tight end and the NFL is a business.

  3. Graham should understand you have to rob Peter to pay Paul.

    It’s kinda like when the salary cap stays flat and Roger gets 30 million +

  4. “It’s all happening because Graham is in line for a new contract, presumably one that he hopes will pay an average of more than $10 million per year. ”

    No, it is all happening because they are paying their QB $20+ million and overpaying other mediocre players…

  5. When he sees that money in his bank account …he won’t have that feeling anymore!!!!

  6. He’s getting killed on Twitter. Mostly fans that are angry over his greed. Let’s hope he gets receiver money!

  7. Brees is a great QB but it seems that teams paying QBs $20M+ are no longer winning SBs. Graham is making peanuts for the production he has given & now he’s getting the blame for all these cuts? Really?

  8. Whats the problem? Saints have to pay you and D Breezy. I wonder how many players actually put 2 and 2 together and realize that to give one guy an extravagant contract, you have to come up with that cap space at the cost of some other players(s).

  9. Lets say Jimmy gets 10 million a year (a nice number between WR & TE max contracts) — Drew Brees and Jimmy Graham will make 23% of the Saints 2014 cap money….leaving 46 other roster players to earn the other 77%.

  10. The only way Jimmy gets his money is for other players to be cut and replaced with cheaper players. He is part of the reasons these cuts are being made.

    I dont get how athletes dont “get it”.

  11. i love how players like this sit back and demand money but then are mad about the team cutting people to make room. it happens every year. if you really don’t want teammates to be cut then take a pay cut. Otherwise sit back, shut up and be happy the team values you over them.

  12. I have to laugh at these comments and the post. Graham isn’t responsible for these cuts. If you watched the games you would know all of the people released weren’t a factor last year and their salaries aren’t commensurate with their production.

  13. With sproles gone and pierre thomas likely gone as well, wonder if former heisman ingram will finally break out

  14. All you non-Saints fans should shut up and let the real Saints fans explain to you what’s happening. Now, I know some of you are slow so I’ll say this as simply as I can. When the Saints won the superbowl in 2009 The players on that list had already been in the league a minimum of 4 years. It’s been four years sense we won it. That means has been 8 years for most of those players. In other words, they’re old. And, if you look at the names that have been released only Sproles would be considered a contributor. Greer was hurt last year, Will Smith didn’t play. PT was just ok.

  15. Jimmy want to know why owners don’t have a cap on how much money they can make. (Most owners like Jerry Jones, Paul Allen, Dan Snyder, Jeff Lurie, etc. are BILLIONAIRES). So Jimmy can’t understand why there is a cap on what the players can make?

  16. For some reason people are evaluating the players we cut based on their performances 2-3 years ago. Everyone we have cut has diminished and become expendable, even sproles. These players will go onto other teams and be backups. the only ones that will see the field next year for other teams will be sproles and maybe Greer if hes healthy.

  17. Loomis and Payton know what they are doing. After all, they did build a SB winning team 5 yrs ago. Only season Saints missed playoffs with Loomis and Payton,was the overblown, overly harsh bounty gate season. Peace out!

  18. I’ve ever despised the presence of a certain player on the Saints’ roster. Welcome to the club, Jimmy. Wow, what a douche!

  19. First things first – possibly the best Seinfeld reference yet.

    Now – perfect example of a non-team, all me guy who chokes in the playoffs and against real defenses then demands so much money his “friends” get cut to pay for him.

    I hope they get on a team that dominates him in the playoffs.

    You would think some of these guys would take one or two business classes in school (that’s free by the way) and learn some fund entails instead if throwing a tantrum when a business does what it has to to follow the rules and stay competitive.

  20. Best TE in football, pay him. The only team that stopped him was my Seahawks.

  21. Joe Flacco would like to remind Jimmy that it’s all about grabbing as much cash as you can even if it means dismantling the entire team around you.

  22. I honestly think (and I have no evidence of this) that Graham feels personally offended by the Saints. My guess is (again, no evidence), is that he toyed with the idea of holding out/asking for more money before, and was given the old “just finish out this year and we’ll take care of you”. Then when that time came, their idea of “taking care of you” and his, weren’t the same.

    Not saying who is right or wrong. But with some of the comments he’s made, he seems to be more upset than one would think seeing how everyone knew this was a likely scenario last year, it just feel like there is more to it than “we can’t agree on his position”

  23. The no-brainer move is to trade him. Easy small victory from cap savings and draft material that is arguably worth it, and no chance to get stung in a bad way. Unless the team they trade him to wins the Super Bowl, that would suck.

  24. As far as Brees goes, his contract won’t look as bad when/if the cap goes up to 160 as reported. But for now, agreed. I don’t think you can pay a QB that much, and still put a SB worthy team around them. I think that is the main reason you see so many young QB’s having so much success the last 3-4 years. Because the team around them is better since they are only making peanuts in comparison.

    You CAN put a SB team together with a QB making that kind of money (Denver just did it, even though they fell short at the end). You can NOT keep that team together for more than a year

    I think the key for Seattle (and a lesser extent Philly) to be contenders for the next 5-6 years, they will need to get the QB’s to take “reasonable” contracts. Wilson will get more than Foles (unless Foles wins a SB this year), so we’ll use him as the example. There is NO WAY they can pay him “market value”, and keep that defense together. If they could get him to take say, 4 yr 50 mil, they’d be able to keep much more around him. But if they give him what the market will pay (20m these days for a young SB winner), there’s only so much money to go around

  25. Jimmy, whether you like it or not and whether they admit it or not, the Saints are rebuilding.

  26. Jimmy doesn’t like misunderstandings, Jimmy and misunderstandings kind of clash…

  27. You said “presumably”. That’s the key word here. You’re assuming he’s talking about the Saints.

    The ambiguity in his statement says he could be talking about anything, including Vick going to Minnesota….

  28. Quarterbacks are important, I get it, but this is what happens to teams that pay their quarterbacks a ton of money. I have a feeling the Kaepernick and Wilson contracts that are coming are going to have a severe impact on the quality of supporting case they’re able to retain.

  29. They’d have been over the cap even without having to worry about him taking all their money. What did this idiot think was going to happen?

  30. These were brilliant football moves. The Saints were just trimming some of the fat from the roster. They had the oldest starting offense in the NFL last season.

    In Loomis we trust!!!

  31. When a quarterback eats up 20% of the cap space, this is what happens. I’m not sure why anyone (especially a player) would be surprised by this.

  32. this guy deserves to be paid. he has been underpaid for the numbers he puts up. last time I checked the stats he had the most touchdowns for a te or wr. this is his last chance to get the big money. after all he is 27 years old. its not his fault that the owners are stupid and way over paying players. he just wants a piece of the cake.

  33. I don’t understand how the saints are in so much cap trouble that they need to cut guys to afford graham and that they needed to let bushrod walk last year. Other than brees, Evans, Grubbs, colston, and now graham, what other big contracts do they have?

  34. Only Sproles here really qualifies as a cap move. The rest are all football moves, plain and simple. The Saints are overhauling the offense this year the exact same way they did with the defense last year. Younger, faster, cheaper. It stinks for some of the old guys, but the Saints obviously know what they’re doing at this point, no matter what the haters want to say.

  35. everyone one of those cuts is justified harper is old and terrible, greer was getting overpaid and sproles, moore and pierre thomas have lost a step and can be easily replaced with cheaper free agents/draftee’s.

    will smith’s release was probably pretty mutual so he can go to a 4-3 team now.

  36. I for one am not shocked the saints cut 5 players over the age of 30 who didnt really produce all that much and 4 of 5 barely played this year on a playoff team. This imo has a lot to do with jimmy but maybe just the saints hace otger players in mind they won’t to sign during free agency. They had a top 5 offense and defense without most of these guys. Sproles and greer will be missed but sproles isn’t tge same. Greer hurts but u don’t know about his knee. Playoff team just got younger with more money to spend with a growing cap. U think this writer woukd realize the saibts have other free agents they won’t to sign besides graham.

  37. In all honesty, anyone on here saying “if you don’t like it, take a pay cut” is out of their minds and being completely unrealistic. How would you like it if someone came up to you and demanded that you take less money at your job so some of your co-workers could stay on?

    That said, it’s a two-way street. Jimmy obviously didn’t think this out before he posted it (ah, the magic of Twitter. Unfiltered thoughts for the whole world to laugh at and criticize). I would hope he understands that if he really wants the kind of money he’s asking for, then the Saints will have to make the necessary roster adjustments. This seems to be a classic case of wanting to have your cake and eat it too. This is the grown-up world Jimmy. Time to take the blindfold off.

  38. Lol, what are they supposed to do, the reasons they are making those cuts is so they can sign you to a new contract that you want for yourself.

  39. Well, what do you really want him to say? Of course hes not happy they had to cut some players. The better question they could have asked is if he would sacrifice some of the giant contract he is probably asking for so that they can keep a few of those guys. thats the way it goes Jimmy. You cant pay everyone

  40. Saints are shedding these players, cause they are all older. They’re doing a rebuild. Half are done in the league, IMO. It has nothing to do with Graham.

  41. After he signs his big contract with the Saints he will be talking about how they are ready to compete for a championship and how great the offseason was for the team.

  42. The elephant in the room is drew Bree’s contact. It has entirely handcuffed the entire franchise. So holla at your boy Jimmy- Drew breese to see if he can break u off something !

  43. Holy crap. The article starts by calling Graham “…a good soldier…” for accepting his rookie salary for four years, then rips him a new one and blaming him for the release of all those others. REALLY??? You ever stop to think that maybe a lot of folks benefitted from him on that rookie salary for those four years who might otherwise have been kicked to the curb?

    It’s managment’s fault for not knowing how to do math and overpaying when they don’t need to.

  44. These cuts were necessary to get younger and more athletic with better economic value. Cap is needed to fill voids at CB, S , RT, C, and WR. It’s not so simple of just paying Graham and Brees. That is ignorance.

  45. They offered him an amazing contract last year. He chose to push it this far, not the team. They’re trying to make him the highest paid TE and he is still letting his agent squeeze the Saints.

  46. Don’t put it all on Jimmy Graham, it started with the Brees contract and the fact is, there was poor planning by Mickey Loomis et al. If they would have paid him last year and planned their budget around Brees and Graham this wouldn’t be happening now. The Saints could still have asked Brees to restructure and there are a number of ways they could have managed to pay them both.
    If players don’t get paid early in their careers and place a value on their abilities and contributions, nobody else will,and they could be injured and done just as they are getting started. Fans want a Superbowl team but don’t want to pay for it and expect players to work for minimum out of loyalty to a very lucrative financial enterprise??? Get real! How many fans on this thread have passed up a merit increase for the “greater good” of the company they are working for? If Graham goes to the Seahawks the Saints (and everybody else in the NFC West) can kiss any Superbowls in the foreseeable future goodbye, as the Hawks build their “Legion of Doom” dynasty and the Saints take their place as always a bridesmaind and never a bride!

  47. What I don’t get is why fans are blaming Jimmy… he wants to be paid.

    You got him for cheap for a long time. He played under a contract that grossly underpaid him. That bill is now due.

    Yet no fan blames Loomis, who continuously kicks the can down the road by signing cap friendly deals and pushing money too future years. That’s not a bad strategy, because he thought the cap would increase by more, quicker. But a lot of this is poor execution by him.

  48. Wow. Obviously he loves the money more than the game. If I were Loomis, I’d send him to Cleveland along with 2nd and 3rd picks in this year’s draft in exchange for two 1st round picks and Jordan Cameron.

  49. Jimmy loves his money. But Jimmy holds grudges and needs an explanation. It’s gold, Florio, GOLD!

  50. So it’s all Jimmy’s fault just because he wants to get paid. You don’t think that the players cut were making to much and getting old and nonproductive? Jimmy should make as much as the Saints or another team will pay him!

  51. We are all sad at seeing these guys go, not just the offense, but the defensive players that were purged too. I cried at the thought of seeing them go, but Jimmy has to understand the cap situation. Sure everyone wants to get paid, but you can’t get blood out of a turnip either. He had to know his salary demands would have to be at a consequence. Sure Jimmy is a big rangy guy that’s bigger than any corner or safety out there, but I have yet to see the guy throw a block. As much as I love Jimmy, I am prepared to see him go too.

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