Jaguars hang onto Chad Henne with a two-year deal

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The Jaguars now have their Plan B at quarterback, and only need to fill in Plan A.

According to Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports, the Jaguars have agreed to a new two-year deal with quarterback Chad Henne, keeping him out of the unrestricted free agent market this weekend.

Henne performed ably in relief of, and eventually instead of Blaine Gabbert last season. His solid play down the stretch coincided with the Jaguars looking like an actual NFL team rather than a punch line.

The Jags are still going to add a quarterback, and Henne knows that. So his willingness to accept the situation, and play well in spurts, will prove valuable to the team as they figure out which one they draft.

His addition could eventually end the Gabbert era as soon as they draft another one, though Gabbert’s contract mean’s there’s no hurry to make a move now.

23 responses to “Jaguars hang onto Chad Henne with a two-year deal

  1. There’s zero downside to letting Gabbert stay on the roster. He might even improve at some point.

  2. Gabbert era never started he was a poor pick

    Now they have to take another qb early. Hope they get it right

    Henne played ok. And the jags were actually in games last yr so hope they turn it around this yr

  3. I would love to see Clowney, Mack, or Watkins at #3 and Garrappolo, Mettenberger or McCarron later, but what would be best would be to trade back and gain picks if Caldwell can get a haul.

  4. I like the move. If I were the Jags I’d pick Watkins and then take a QB later in the draft.

  5. As terrible as Gabbert has been, it’s interesting to look back at how highly he was rated by some of these draft “experts.”

  6. This is a good move by Jacksonville. Henne is a quality backup and can fill in as start while their draft pick develops.

    They are slowly building their roster and improving the talent level, bit by bit, just like Gus Bradley learned in Seattle. They won’t make any really stupid draft choices or massively overpriced free agent signings, but the Jags will be competitive in a year or two.

  7. The Jags didn’t Re-sign Henne to keep the bench warm. They are going to start him until Bridgewater is ready. Manziel will probably be the fourth QB drafted behind Bortles, Bridgewater, Carr.

  8. LOL, Gabbert beat Henne for the starting role both years Chad has been with the Jaguars. For two different coaching staffs. Since Blaine is five years younger, I can’t see Henne suddenly becoming “better” than him.

    They sat Gabbert last year because the team was 0-8 by the time he was healthy, what was the point in sending the guy out there with both starting OTs gone and the interior line playing like crap? Not dissimilar with what Washington did with Griffin once it became clear they weren’t going anywhere as a team.

    Gabs is the same guy who was rated the best QB in the 2011 draft by 16 of 24 pro player personel guys who were polled by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal at the time. He’s had a lot of niggling injuries but nothing that will hamper him long term. Just bad luck and a bad situation with a franchise in turmoil. He’s still the best of that group as a pure player and no one has come along since who has the same blend of raw talent and intelligence.

    Rodgers, Brady, Palmer, Kaepernick, Romo, Schaub, Rivers, and a few other current starters hadn’t made their first NFL start when they were the age Blaine is now. Alex Smith didn’t make a single start the year he was 24. Drew Brees won 2 games at 24 and the Chargers used the top pick in the next draft on Eli Manning. Mannind didn’t win his first NFL game until the day he turned 24.

    Give it a break, you ignoramusses.

  9. Gabbert,

    You can’t really believe that can you? I mean I’m a jags fan thru and thru, but c’mon. They chose not to start gabbert even once he was healthy. Nobody sits a developmental qb out just for the heck of it.

  10. Gabbert needs a fresh start. He’s still young enough to get another opportunity to start. A year or two behind a Romo or Phillip Rivers would do him some good.

  11. Gabbert was getting killed, he was going out there with injuries and an offensive line in flux while the whole offense was trying to learn a new system. The media and fans were getting down on him. Everyone taking a turn showing how clever they were by trashing Gabbert in public. They had to pull him back out of the spotlight to give him a chance to adjust. It was starting to erode his confidence. Blaine is as mentally tough as anyone you will ever meet, but there is only so much you can take. They give him a restart out of the limelight. No expectations.

  12. Henne took just as many hits if not more than Gabbert last year. When did he go out with injury? And the line wasn’t a mess for him too? If the 3 games he managed to play in last season didn’t tell you something, there’s something wrong with you.

  13. Being honest though if Gabbert has the work ethic and drive, he can be a good QB if he gets traded to a GOOD ORGANIZATION!

    After all if Rodgers went to Oakland or Cleveland instead of sitting behind Favre, we probably wouldn’t be talking about him now and how he makes McCarthy look good.

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