Report: DeMarcus Ware expects a lot of interest if Cowboys cut him

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The Cowboys have told defensive end DeMarcus Ware that they want him to stay in Dallas for the 2014 season, but that he will have to cut his $12.25 million salary coming off a year plagued by injury.

If Ware were to agree to the haircut or be cut, the Cowboys would be able to drop below the cap and start putting together plans for free agency. So their rationale for wanting the change is obvious. For Ware, taking a pay cut would make sense if he felt there would be a limited market for his services.

According to Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Ware doesn’t feel that way. Per Hill, Ware expects to get a lot of interest from the rest of the league if he’s released by the Cowboys. That interest may not add up to a $12.25 million salary, but he may be confident it is close enough to tell the Cowboys that he’s not interested in playing for anything other than the salary that the team agreed to pay him.

Ware also reportedly believes his elbow surgery will allow him to get back to his old ways on the field, although he’s not going to have a chance to prove that before his contract situation plays out.

44 responses to “Report: DeMarcus Ware expects a lot of interest if Cowboys cut him

  1. Ware might get close to 12 mil a year with a few clubs,however,
    such a deal would most likely be for only one year. Ware can gamble
    And hopefully play well enough this year to generate a multi- year
    deal. History indicates Ware’s value and his best chance for making more money is to stay with Dallas. If last year’s market is a true indicator of how NFL clubs will proceed it is definitely in his best interest to renegotiate.This years free agency will be interesting. Will
    clubs go back to high free agent contracts or will the new trend of lower payments especially to older and injury prone players continue?

  2. “If Ware were agree to the haircut or be cut, the Cowboys would be able to drop below the cap and start putting together plans for free agency.”

    If ware were agree to the Haircut huh? Do you guys even have an editor?

  3. He’s done in Dallas. He has to recognize that sinking ship. Just play for a contender even if you can’t make your current salary. Dallas is a turd.

  4. This is an interesting case. Ware was great b4 the last 2 seasons. At first I felt they should cut him. Now im not so sure. After all Jerry gave him 15-17 per year. Its not like at the time Ware wasnt the best OLB in the game. But Jerry? He has a bad habit of overpaying guys. BOTH Roy Williams Marion Barber etc. People keep talking about cutting Ware. But the real issue in the last 5 seasons or so is thr Cowboys training staff isnt it? Case and point is Terrance Newman. Hurt in every season for the Cowboys. At 31 the boys release him and he has 2 very good injury free seasons for the Bengals. This year I think he missed 4 games. He isn’t the only one but every year part of the problem of 8-8 is not putting the best product on the field. The last time the boys were healthy they were in the playoffs in 2009. Jerry needs to stop worrying about hiring more of his cousins and signing ridiculous bad contracts and start figuring out how to keep the Cowboys healthy. Jus my take from someone who has watched the last 6 seasons every game for the boys

  5. Ware went from being awesome to being good.

    Yes, there will be interest in him. And whomever signs him will get a boost of enthusiasm from him as he sets out to prove he’s still got it.

  6. DeMarcus if the Cowboys cut you your time on the open market will begin and end with your first trip to Titletown USA, as part owner of the most storied franchise in the NFL I want to be the first to welcome you to the Green Bay Packers.

  7. Redskins fan here, I have the utmost respect for DWare in saying something here. Riddle me this, say Ware goes out and has his usual 12-16 sacks and typical forced fumble numbers, what then? This is my thing with Jerry Jones as a GM. I get it that if it’s your team you should be able to d what you want. I was a huge Daniel Snyder apologist and I heard people talk that hire a GM stuff and once he did I saw a huge difference.

  8. No doubt there will be interest in DeMarcus, but at what price? He needs to consider what he will be paid on the open market against what the Cowboys would like to pay him. Even if he takes a pay cut from the Cowboys, they are probably still willing to pay more than he’d get on the open market.

  9. If it’s Demarcus from the past 2 years…eh

    If it’s Demarcus before then…sure

  10. That goes without saying. Arguably the most dominant defensive player in the last decade. As a Giants fan, PLEASE go elsewhere!

  11. Wait……signing Demarcus Ware will put packers back in the big dance?

    Wow…he’ll have an impact but he’s not single handedly fixing that defense.

  12. Sometimes you just shouldn’t buy in. Ware should tell the Cowboys to trade or cut him and tell them they don’t get a break for a dollar. He can have a better chance at a title with another team and if you can get out of having to play for the Cowboys why wouldn’t you? Who wants to play for them? They have no plan or prospects to be good with the way they run things there with no strong football leaders or managers or coaches. That’s a dismal place to play ball right now.

  13. Unless he wants a low salary for a year or two or forget it. A team would be stupid to offer him a huge long term deal at his age and his injury history last few years.

  14. No way he gets more than a 2 year deal (at most) for $10 mil each year, as a FA. The Cowboys (and clueless GM wannabe Jones) will certainly provide him more length (i.e 3 yrs) and annual salary (>$10 mil). The question becomes, how badly does Ware want to win a championship? I love the way he plays but I feel like money is more important to him at this juncture. Smart money says he stays in Dallas.

  15. BYE dont let the door hit u on the way Out…All of u wanting Ware on your team will be pissed to see him on the Side lines on most important downs this year and have fun with the jumping offsides on critical 3rd and 5 in the Fourth quarter, I love Ware but he is only gonna get about 6 to 8 sacks maybe 10 but those sacks will be early in the Game and u wont see him make any impact late in the 4th….Signed Cowboys Fan who has seen every single game he has played!!!

  16. Jerry learned his lesson last year with Spencer and Ratliff.

    Spencer – learned that the FA market is FAR less than the players think at DE.

    Ratliff – If a guy doesn’t want to be there….he doesn’t want to be there.

  17. Ware will be able to pick up on another team with a one year show me deal. He has played in both 34 and 43 defenses, so he has versatility. He’s been Pro Bowl caliber when healthy. Denver could be a surprise landing spot.

  18. It’s a tough decision but we can all be confident that whatever decision the Cowboys’ G.M makes the correct decision is the other one.

  19. Star players in the NFL get paid millions. If the team needs to reduce salary, less than 50% are willing to take a pay cut, even though they are still being paid over a million dollars a year. How much money can that individual player spend in his lifetime? Some people call that greed, while others said players deserve all they can get. All players should be given incentive laden contracts with a contract limit of 5 years or less. With Ware’s refusal to take a pay cut, and no teams wants to trade for Ware at his current salary, Ware will be released and he can test his value.

  20. Clearly, this extension was another Waterloo blunder for Cowboy management. Ware sucked the life out of as many 5 prospects and solid players in cap space since the final extension. Typical paying for past performance and image rather then building a serious team.

    Romo will be looked at in the same way in the coming years.

  21. Exactly how much do you guys think he should be paid. This issue comes up every year because Jerry and his sperm burping son missmanaged the cap by trading for a garbage player and then handing out money to him like he was the second comming of Randy Moss. The man gave his soul for next to nothing and then when it was time to be paid he got paid. Now because hes been hurt for a couple of seasons. If they had a decent defense he wouldnt keep getting doubled and tripple teamed and substain these injuries. but stop acting like he didnt earn what he got paid. I tell you what , let San Fran get hold of him and not only will he get a Super bowl but he might get Strahans record.

  22. There may be interest by a team running a 3-4 defense to bring him in as a OLB where he played every year except last year. But I think it would be a one year deal and for less money than he probably thinks it should be.

  23. I personally would like to see him goto any team that possible has a chance of contending. I feel Houston threw a lot of games last year wanting the number 1 pick in this years draft. Ware on one side Watt on the other that would be fun for a lot of OC’s. I would expect houston would have to pay him more than anyone that wa sin the playoffs last year. But I have a hard time swallowing Houston was as bad as their record shows. I want him to leave and go to a winner, just to show how much Jerry knows about football. Mr. Jones is a succuessful business owner he bought the 3 super bowls he has, but the game has changed and Mr Jones has not.

  24. Ware is 31 years old and has spent his entire 9 year pro career with the Cowboys, has bled and sacrificed his body for that team, I would not even think of taking a pay cut if Dallas doesn’t want to pay I would go somewhere else for less just to beat up Dallas every time I played them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Yeah lots of interested teams… the right price. Definitely not $10million, unless he goes to a perennial loser. Saints keep cutting and make room for Ware! Reunite Ware with Ryan. Brees can make any decent WR/RB look good.

  26. DWARE.

    Work it out. Everyone chiming in on this situation is about as clueless as it comes. If we cut every injured player on the team, the dallas cowboys would continue to bring in all these retreads. Everyone call them free agents but, they are free agents for a reason. Hint, Hint!

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