Report: Sizable gap remains between Ravens and Eugene Monroe

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The Ravens passed on the chance to use their franchise tag on left tackle Eugene Monroe on Monday although they were reportedly far apart in negotiations on a long-term deal.

Several days have passed, but things don’t appear to have changed much at all. Matt Zenitz of the Carroll County Times reports that Monroe is looking for a deal that pays him $10 million in average salary with the Ravens seeking a deal that would pay him $8 or 9 million a year. As a result, Monroe’s expected to be on the market when free agency opens on Tuesday.

That doesn’t rule out a return to Baltimore, although Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun doesn’t think Monroe will be back because of the divide in desired contracts and the amount of teams looking for a left tackle in free agency.

The Dolphins are believed to have Monroe high on their list of free agent targets, although there should be no shortage of choices at the position with Branden Albert and Jared Veldheer also on track for the open market. That would work well for the Ravens too as they’ll need a new left tackle should Monroe move on.

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  1. Ravens wasted a 5th round pick on a player who’s leaving this offseason and helped lead them to an 8-8 record last season.

    What a laughable franchise.


  2. Legal tampering starts tomorrow so we will know where Monroe is headed by Monday morning. He will probably set the market this year and all other signing will follow his lead.

  3. Yeah he’ll get his pay day and move on but lets hope the Wizard of Oz has something better up his sleeve than retaining Oher and moving him back to the blind side.

  4. Oh well. It was nice while it lasted. Why do I have the feeling someone’s gonna OVERPAY him, like what usually happens with ALL Ravens Free Agents, and he’s gonna stink up the place(wherever he lands)?

  5. I think that money talks in the NFL, saying that I see him going to Miami, they have the biggest need for a good tackle. And with a lot of cap room and deep pockets, so we will see. Bill

  6. “The gap” they speak of is a metaphors for what the oline will look like in 2014 if the ravens don’t make some moves on that oline. The center position is the biggest glaring weakness on the line

  7. Minnesota Vikings
    Founded: 1961
    Super Bowl Championships: Zero

    Baltimore Ravens
    Founded: 1996
    Super Bowl Championships: Two

    Now, which franchise is the joke, again?

  8. Hoping to see Monroe return to the Ravens next year at a reasonable price, but if he does go elsewhere, the Ravens will likely be entitled to a third-round comp pick the following draft, on account of his contract size. So giving up a fourth and a fifth for a third a year later isn’t really a waste.

  9. We stole McKinnie and Birk from the Vikings and gave them Super Bowl rings. We’ll do it again if necessary. “SKOL”

  10. The Vikings are wasting AP’s career/talent. Tough to call a franchise one season removed from a Lombardi laughable without realizing your statement is comedic.

  11. Wait that’s a vikings fan who called the ravens a laughable franchise for a trade! I have only one thing to say to that…Herschel Walker!! Hahaha Dallas still polishes all 3 trophies because of that trade!

  12. Stop feeding the Vikings troll folks…

    As for the article itself, Ozzie will never be backed into a corner to make a bad deal, so if someone wants to pay Monroe $10+M/season to be a good but not elite LT then have at it….

    Remember folks, March is where the perennial losers have their glory and blow all their money on the players the winners have too much sense to sign to bad contracts…

  13. Even if the Ravens don’t re-sign Monroe, a perfectly suitable plan B option would be to sign Eric Winston to play RT, and draft a LT to start from day one. Winston played for Kubiak in Houston and loves the guy, so he’s well-suited for a zone-blocking offensive line scheme. Easy fix.

  14. “Ozzie will never be backed into a corner to make a bad deal,”

    you mean “never again”. Oz still has the wall marks on his back from the flacco deal.

  15. For the record, the laws of economics dictate the basis. It is impossible to blame the Dolphins, Raiders or Cardinals for “overpaying”. That is a sore-loser term used by the Team losing his services. Also, why do you Ravens fans fight with the Vikings Troll? Are you all new to this Site? Don’t you get it? It was the Redskins last year, sometimes the Packers, but it seems blatant enough to recognize.

  16. If he hits the market i’m sure the phins will give him plenty of money to be their new LT.

  17. Monroe is only a slightly better than average LT…He doesn’t deserve franchise tag money…Let someone else overpay him. Ozzie will fill the holes somehow.

  18. if he leaves we will get a 3rd rounder, which is probably about equal value to what we traded to get him in the first place

    i honestly don’t even want to pay him 9 million a season let alone 10. With our highest draft position in recent memory we need to capitalize on it and draft a franchise LT

  19. Wasted a 4th AND 5th pick for this guy. And you will be forced to sign Oher.

    I love it. For years ratbird fans talked about the Steelers oline. Your oline is 4 notches below us.

  20. and let me guess…if we franchised him you would talk about how stupid we were for paying him all that money? give it up jb…your steelers still have problems as do the ravens. the division is up for grabs as always. and by the way…if monroe leaves we will get comp picks next year. so not as much of a loss as you would like to believe

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