Report: Seahawks give Doug Baldwin a second-round tender


Three years ago, the Seahawks signed wide receiver Doug Baldwin as an undrafted free agent.

Clearly, Seattle found itself a steal, a point that has been driven home time and again, perhaps never more than in the 2013 postseason, when Baldwin hauled in 13 passes for 202 yards and a touchdown for a Super Bowl-winning club.

On Friday, we were reminded again of Baldwin’s value. According to NFL writer Brian McIntyre, the Seahawks have given Baldwin a second-round tender as a restricted free agent. Teams interested in signing away Baldwin would have to surrender a second-round pick, and the Seahawks would have the right to match any offer.

The second-round tender is a one-year, $2.187-million contract for 2014.

Give the lack of action in restricted free agency in most years, it’s likely Baldwin — No. 74 on PFT’s Free Agent Hot 100 — will stay put in Seattle another season, and if he plays out his one-year deal, he could potentially test unrestricted free agency next March.

47 responses to “Report: Seahawks give Doug Baldwin a second-round tender

  1. Sucks for him. If Harvin can stay healthy and Tate re-signs then Doug’s number will certainly drop and he’ll hit F.A. next summer at a decreased value.

  2. Angry Doug Baldwin plays with a chip on his shoulder every play. He is fearless, has excellent hands and made unbelievable catches to move the chains on 3rd downs. I watched his Fresh Files from the summer running routes and its almost unhuman.

    I honestly couldn’t tell you if Baldwin or Tate are more valuable to the Seahawk passing game. Even if we don’t get Golden back, I look forward to seeing him, Kearse and Harvin on this offense.

  3. Doug Baldwin is a man!!!

    Worth it and I don’t see anyone going nuts to sign him to more than that so we can expect back probably one of the top 3 possession receivers in the NFL.

    He’s our newer, slightly more awesomer Bobby Engram.

    Haters gonna hate but no one with any intelligence can deny how clutch Douger was this year. Big play after big play. And no not 70 yards on a post but several foot drags and tip toes for firsts as well as some tasty corner routes to extend long drives.

  4. He could do well as a high end wr2 compliment… love to see what he would do with a lot more volume of throws going his way.

    He seems to have his head on straight and strives to be great, money with whatever is thrown to him no matter the situation..

  5. Baldwin’s a good one. He’s like Steve Largent or Bobby Engram in terms of a reliable, can’t miss possession receiver. He is worth a lot to us. I hope nobody else matches the offer, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some team did.

  6. Haha, and Jim Harbaugh aggressively lobbied to draft Ronald Johnson out of USC instead of Baldwin. Johnson’s out of the league forever and Baldwin has had some of his best games against the 49ers and was a leading receiver for the most dominant Super Bowl champion in years.

  7. I wish they had extended him to more than just this one year – a 3 to 4 year extension would have been a just reward for Doug.

    Hope you stay here for many more years, Doug!

  8. He’s not an elite receiver, but you can never underestimate the power of chemistry. For whatever reason Baldwin is productive at the right times for the Seahawks. Good move Schneider …

  9. Mediocre are u serious!?! Do the vikqueens have a SUPERBOWL RING? NO LMAO even with ap u guys are mediocre at best haha!!!!

  10. Sounds like the author has a big man-crush on Baldwin, an ok receiver. Seems fair and balanced takes a back seat when it comes to being a homer.

  11. You Viking fans are insane. Without AP your team is nothing…..NOTHING!! And there is no credible argument to dispute that.

    Hawks up, Niners down, and nobody cares about the Vikings……

  12. Historically the Vikings will go 1-14 this coming year…The Vikings seem to lose out every year, they have the worst management in the league, the worst RB and QB in the league, the worst O line, the worst D line, special teams, etc…I can see Cleveland and Jacksonville doing a lot better this year, but the Vikings are going to be the worst team in the NFL this coming season…They simply stink…

  13. I like him, not to flashy but absolutely clutch on 3rd downs. Tate I wouldn’t pay a lot to keep especially with Harvin.

  14. Funny to always see these Vikings n SF cheerleaders on Seahawks posts. Get over it…Your players wanted to win, so they came to seattle. Kiss the ring haters

  15. The WALK sign is lit green for at least another year.

    No one will make an offer. Too many WR options in the draft and free agency to give up a second. It’s a nice bump in pay for a UDFA, and he can continue to play his way towards an even larger contract next year.

  16. thevikesarebest says: Mar 7, 2014 6:22 PM

    The shehawks love their mediocre recievers.fits right in with their mediocre irrelevant franchise.

    Minnesota receivers’ stats:
    Greg Jennings — 68 rec/804 yds/4 TD
    Jerome Simpson — 48 rec/726 yds/1 TD
    Corderelle Patterson — 45 rec/469 yds/4 TD
    Jarius Wright — 26 rec/434 yds/3 TD,
    Kyle Rudolph — 30 rec/313 yds/3 TD

    Vikings — 217 yards per game passing, 17 receiving TDs.

    Seattle receivers’ stats:
    Golden Tate — 64 rec/898 yds/5 TD
    Doug Baldwin — 50 rec/778 yds/5 TD
    Zach Miller — 33 rec/387 yds/5 TD
    Jermaine Kearse — 22 rec/346 yds/4 TD

    Seattle — 205 yards per game passing, 26 receiving TDs.

    Looks pretty even, wouldn’t you say? I guess the big difference here is that Seattle’s “mediocre receivers” helped the team go 13-3 in the regular season and win the Super Bowl.

    What was Minnesota’s record again? How long has it been since the Vikings have been to the Super Bowl?

  17. Its like this… great keep on angry Doug. Golden Tate is EVEN MORE valuable when you factor in his return skills. Harvin may or may not survive an entire season, further solidifying Tates importance. Look for changes at the TE position. O line is in flux as well.

  18. Come to Minnesota to be on the practice squad. That is funny who is gonna throw the ball in Minnesota? Ponder? Freeman? Talk about a mediocre franchise.

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