With Cassel back, Vick won’t be a Viking

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Last night, we explained that the possibility of Vikings running back Adrian Peterson getting his apparent wish for the team to sign quarterback Mike Vick possibly hinges on whether quarterback Matt Cassel returns.

With Cassel now back, Vick won’t be a Viking.

And now we’ll all watch Peterson’s Twitter page for a potential reaction.

Cassel had a direct hand in each of the team’s five wins last year, either as the starter or the relief option.  Cassel presumably will join Christian Ponder as two of the quarterbacks on the depth chart for 2014, unless the Vikings opt to trade Ponder.

Keeping Ponder makes plenty of sense.  With a base salary of $1.76 million for 2014, that’s less than what a veteran quarterback to back up Cassel would cost on the open market.

The strength of Cassel’s grip on the starting job depends on the value of his contract.  He opted out of a contract that was supposed to pay him $3.7 million in 2014.  If he’s getting $5 million or more per year to stick around, he’s likely the starter.

The move possibly takes the Vikings out of play for a first-round quarterback.  Or perhaps it means the Vikings won’t reach for a quarterback based on need in that spot, like they did with Ponder three years ago.

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  1. They might not reach for one, but should Minny fans really have faith that this team can find a good QB? And I repeat myself, those that say the Vikes are ready for prime time might say SKOL, but in reality those suckers just need to go back to SCHOOL.

  2. Good. I love spending Sundays on the couch with my dog, watching my beloved Vikings. Michael Vick wearing purple would have just made it awkward.. She’d never forgive me.

  3. I can live with that QB move, as long as the Vikes make one more QB move. Well, that and moving Ponder even further down to the dusty dimly lit end of the bench where the Kicker sits.

    Hey did I beat the poet and the legion of cheeser trolls? Guess there is a benefit to lollygagging around while waiting for one’s wife to get ready.

  4. Typical Viking move … no need for any further discussion here …

    Mike Vick should sign with the Browns … that would give them Vick and Brian Hoyer – two decent QBs.

    Use the 4th pick in the draft to select Sammy Watkins, WR – Clemson – that would give them the foundation for a very dangerous offense. Pick up a quarterback to develop in a later round.

  5. Hope Vick goes to Buffalo and pushes, prods, and challenges EJ Manuel into being the best he can be. And steps in when Manuel twists his knee again……

  6. There are a lot worse QBs on NFL rosters that has never had the success Vince Young has had in the NFL… (Rookie of the Year, 2 Pro Bowls, Playoff experience and Mobility). Vince will soon turn 31 years old.. He has a career winning record of 31-19.. He has really only “played” for 2 teams (Titans & Eagles)…
    I hope he gets another chance even if it’s third string…

  7. I’m not convinced Vick is out of the picture for the Vikings. I know from the dollars standpoint it likely doesn’t make sense.

    What if the Vikings trade or dump Ponder, sign Vick and draft a QB?

    That would leave two veteran QBs competing for the starting job while the Vikings play in a temporary stadium for two years. The drafted QB sits and learns and starts playing in 3 years in the new stadium.

  8. Cassel couldn’t even keep the starting spot from Ponder last season. Its a classic Rick Spielman move. I’m just going to shake my head in disgust. I am sorry AP your GM is wasting your career away 😦 with a mediocre to bad roster. Well at least we have good coaches now but still not enough talent to be a threat of doing any serious damage. We already have the table at the bottom of the NFC North reserved.

  9. Resigning Matt Cassel reassures the Vikings of two things:

    1) They probably won’t take a quarterback in the first round of the draft this year.

    2) They will continue to have mediocre play at the quarterback position for the next two years.

  10. They could trade Ponder and open up room for Vick and use that material and the #8 pick on other things Peterson would enjoy. Maybe a WR or OL with that draft pick.

  11. This means my Raiders may still be in play for the worst human being in professional sports. Reggie, don’t make me hate the Raiders more than I already do!

  12. At this point, Cassel and Vick would probably bring the Vikings about the same number of wins. Vick is undoubtedly a better quarterback, but it’s hard to play well when you’re injured and standing on the sidelines.

    The Vikings need a young quarterback, not another old one. This is a rebuilding year anyway.

  13. You’ve seen what a middle of the road QB like Alex Smith can do replacing a piece of trash like Cassel.

    How can people in charge of things be this dense? I understand the fans, but man, c’mon.

  14. I like Cassel and I think this is a great move. Let’s not forget how awful the o line was last year. There weren’t any qb’s lighting it up behind that leaky faucet and the Vikes tried 3 of them. I hope they give Matt the respect he deserves this season and don’t go all Bode Miller on the bit. ( think about it for a minute, you’ll get it)

  15. So the Vikings, bring in Cassel to compete for the starting job, cuz Ponder is awful. Cassel wins a game in London, yet they give the reigns back to Ponder. Who is still awful… the Vikings then sign a newly released Freeman and just be like hell lets throw see what he has.

    The Vikings totally fudged last season. I am not saying they would have made the playoffs, but I promise they would have been a better unit with Cassel at the helm pulling atleast 1 more win out of it, and whole lot more competitive games.

    Now they upset their Superstar didn’t get the QB wanted and he is going to change his name to Adrian Pouterson.

    I think the worst part of all of this is, is they have had 5 1st round picks in the last two years, yet they aren’t able to turn it around, part of it is because of coaching, but you know when the Owners say hey Speilman what is going on?

    He is going to say Wilfy my man…look at all the talent I have given the coach to work with…

  16. So how does this make the Vikings better in 2014 or when they open the new stadium? Are they hoping to get a first round pick next year? Please explain this to me!

  17. Viking fans think this is a great move, then again they voted to have Stewart Smalley as their US Senator

  18. This is why i cant be a vikings fan i grew up here and every year this is the same old bs!! Matt is good as a back up thats it!! No offense matt just proven facts. Im glad to se him stay because he can play just not as the starter. Vikes need to get a qb this draft the franchisr qb if not im hoping matt will prove me wrong.

  19. Why the references to trading Ponder? Every team in the league has film on the guy. You couldn’t get yarn and pocket lint for the guy.

  20. Since there will be absolutely no QB’s left by the 8th pick, they should acquire We-done (Weinke 2.0) from the Browns. I’m telling you, that guy has some arm! He just needs proper coaching, and you guys picked up a good one in Norv’duh. (Maybe Patty Schurmur is available to QB coach?) Skool’d!

    Seriously, I think Vick would be a natural fit in Oakland. He’s still pretty decent…when healthy and maybe he could mentor the other, younger QB’s.

  21. When you have o-line and a d-line that had 10 wins the year before under that same QB everyone’s trashing. (CP7) And the next year you add 2 veteran QB’s, you can’t blame it all on the players. The coaching was slow and simple. That means predictable and bad. We have all the talent for a playoff team. But we did not have coaches with confidence in their players. When the play calling was “Run AP down the middle” philosophy” and the a pass once and awhile from a play card the size of a business card. That’s not on the players. I say give the new coaching staff a chance before throwing in the towel on the players. After all just like “Any given Sunday” ,you can put that on “Any given Season”. SKOL VIKINGS!!!

  22. between Cassel & Vick, this was a decision of career character.
    The Vikes solidified a good locker room teammate.
    The opposite is true in gb. Having a self-absorbed, “elite”, questionable (sexual preference), quarterback has built up enough pressure to implode the offense next season.

  23. No matter what they do, the Vikings are not going to win the Super Bowl next season. That said, even if they kept the roster intact, they would perform better than last year due to the simple fact that there is finally a professional coaching staff in place. Norv Turner vs. Bill Musgrave? End of discussion.

  24. Vick was never the answer but in reality, the Vikings could sign Tom Brady, Manning or Rodgers (who the Vikings let sit in the Green Room in 2005 while they had not one chance but two chances to draft him) and still not make the playoffs, they are that bad of a team.

  25. Everyone seems to love to hate Ponder. The man is far from an elite qb. He is not even a good one. But he lives an awesome life. I would love to be a backup qb in the nfl. And I’d rather be the backup than starter in MN. The starter will be pummeled and lose most of the time – in the most miserable fashion. Meanwhile the backup will be paid millions of dollars each year – to watch some film and hold a clipboard. And then go home to his nice house and hot wife. You’ve seen her, right?

  26. Good signing. Matt is the best option right now. It’s a whole new ball game in Minnesota with the make over in the coaching staff. Totally excited for free agency and the draft.

  27. AP…. Thanks for your service in Minnesota..Great career ruined by bad coaches, poor management decisions and no QB.. Accept a trade to Indy and try and get a ring

  28. AP surely is not happy about this, after publicly lobbying for Vick. Sign Josh Freeman and then they can continue the rotating quarterback carousel one more year.

  29. Adrian Peterson will now be able to blame missing the playoffs again this year on not signing Vick.

    But the fans know the truth. The hapless and tasteless Vikings weren’t going to make the playoffs either way.

  30. I’m tired of kicking Viking fans in the nuts. I do it to respond to the few fringe-dwelling idiots with the mistaken hope it will cause them to somehow see the errors of their ways and shut the hell up. There are too many. They multiply too fast.

    Instead, I will acknowledge good football news when I see it. This was a good move for the Vikings. They cannot afford a newbie to accomplish anything outdoors for the next two years. Cassel should have replaced Ponder last year and Ponder will be an adequate backup this year. Not every position can be a”10.” If they fill the ranks with enough “7’s” and “8’s” they will do fine. I expect the North Division to be competitive and unpredictable. Any team amongst the four could prevail. There is enough balance among all four teams to assume coaching could make the difference.

    Good luck to all North Division teams.

  31. Hi Well I love dogs I forgive Vick he did the crime he served his time as far as I am concerned his debt paid. I believe he learned his lesson and he appears better for it. Now to football I wish the Vikings would sign him and send Ponder down the road would make sense to me and pickup a QB in the draft that is not to much of a reach that way when Vick gets hurt if he does Cassel comes in and Vikes would be ok. Again all Dog lovers I’m with you but forgive people who make stupid mistakes hang around wrong people it happens makes me sick what happened but he was punished let it go.

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