Cassel, Henne signings likely take Vick out of play for Vikings, Jaguars

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As quarterback Mike Vick prepares to become a free agent for the first time since the days after he gained his freedom in 2009, a couple of potential candidates can be crossed off the list.

In recent days, the Jaguars and Vikings had emerged as potentially interested teams.  On Friday, both re-signed veteran quarterbacks for amounts that would make it unlikely that another veteran quarterback will be signed at a similar rate.

Per a league source, Vick is unlikely to have any interest in either team given the re-signings of Chad Henne in Jacksonville and Matt Cassel in Minnesota.

As to the Jaguars, word emerged only recently that they had interest.  Some believe that the interest wasn’t genuine, and that it was part of the effort to get Henne to agree to terms.

As to the Vikings, the possibility of signing Vick emerged after tailback Adrian Peterson played G.M.-for-a-tweet and lobbied the team to sign the former Falcons and Eagles starter.  In the aftermath of Peterson’s passive-aggressive power play, it was believed that Vick could land with the Vikings, if Matt Cassel signed elsewhere.  With Cassel now getting a reported $10 million over two years, it makes little sense for the Vikings to spend as much if not more for Vick.

Both teams have first-round quarterbacks from 2011 on the roster, but each has a very reasonable salary for 2014.  Blaine Gabbert, the 10th pick three years ago, has a base salary of $2.011 million.  Christian Ponder, the 12th selection in 2011, will earn $1.76 million.  Both will be much cheaper than a veteran free agent with similar experience.

Look for both teams to add at least one rookie, and for neither to be interested in a veteran who would want as much or more than the amounts to be paid to Henne and Cassel.  Also look for Vick to look for a team where he’ll be paid as much or more than Cassel received in Minnesota — and where Vick will have a legitimate chance to win the starting job.

34 responses to “Cassel, Henne signings likely take Vick out of play for Vikings, Jaguars

  1. Vikings fans unite.

    As we are the chosen ones!

    We decide the fate of the NFL.

    As we obtain greatness that is above all other teams.

    Jealousy awaits us, as it should.

    Our franchise will dominate the NFL for the next five decades.

    The Vikings Dynasty Begins….


  2. Raaaaiders. Raaaaaders!!!!! Come on big reg sign Vick and draft Sammy watkins.. or how about vick and prior on the field at the same time?

  3. Matt Cassel finally came to his senses and realized he couldn’t win a Super Bowl with any other team except the Vikings.

    Smart man if you ask me.

    He’s the best backup available in the market, as he went 11-5 before as a full season starter.

    Now after we draft our franchise QB in the draft, our offense will be unstoppable.

    Matt Cassel just gives us insurance policy in case of injuries.

    Great move by a great franchise.

  4. Biggest mistake ever by the Vikings. Going with Cassel over Vick. Now they’ll go 6-10 instead of 8-8

  5. Vick is better suited to being a backup at this stage of his career. Maybe Cincy would be a good fit, they’re a west coast team and he could light a fire under Dalton.

  6. While Vick may be an immediate upgrade for a few teams, he’s not getting any younger and is too injury prone. His passing game doesn’t scare anyone, it was the threat of him running for yards that made him dangerous. But has he ever played a full season? If he’s your starter, you better have a quality backup.

  7. “Passive aggressive power play”…give me a break. He was simply playing along with the tweet from NFL Network that asked, “Mike Vick would instantly make ____ a playoff contender”. It was probably ill-advised all the same, but AP has already shown he’s not the brightest bulb.

  8. So glad we did not sign Vick, and now we can get a QB in the 2nd round LB in the first, unless a QB drops to us. Cassel is good for 8 wins if we draft some “D” …

  9. Browns, Raiders, or Jets?

    And the Vikings are still in play until it is proven that they don’t find a way to trade Ponder (same with the Jags and Gabbert). Who wouldn’t want a young inexpensive QB like that except for the team trying to trade him; happy bidding everyone!

  10. Cassel fits Turners offense more so than Vick. Pretty simple. And Cassel is a stop gap to prepare for the undrafted rookie. Don’t overthink the situation.

  11. The fact that Henne and Cassel signed a couple days before free agency probably indicates that the offers they got were only on the table until free agency opened. Take it or we offer it to the next guy. Henne’s deal was no different from the one he signed two years ago with the Jags. Same bonus, an extra $150k first year base salary. Nothing has changed in terms of the QB situation in Jax, and isn’t likely to after the draft. Quarterback isn’t the issue there.

  12. Those Raider fans who are asking for Vick to take the reins at QB…. and let the team add Watkins in the draft… are making a lot of sense to me…..

  13. Vikings “likely” to not sign Vick? Bit of an understatement, don’t you think?

    Tell you what, I’m LIKELY to not date Gisele in 2014. But I’m not guaranteeing anything.

  14. Bad move. Why not draft a QB and have Ponder be the backup for pennies? Vick would have been a better backup than Cassel or Henne. But none of the QBs in this article are any more than a backup. These teams must look to draft a starter.

  15. This should be a wake up call to all of the people who somehow still believe that anyone in the league still considers Vick to be a viable option at QB.

    Two teams desperately in need of better QB play have chosen to role the dice with the devils they knew, Cassel and Henne, than take a chance on the devil they didn’t, Vick.

    Mike Vick, Adrian Peterson, and a few posters on here are the only people who still think Mike Vick is a starting QB in this league.

  16. Let’s face it, if Vick couldn’t beat out Cassel, its time to retire from the NFL.

    I wouldn’t cross the Vikings off the list just yet, last year they had Cassel, Ponder, and Webb and they still signed Freeman.

    This year, Ponder might not even be with the team and considering the shortage of Chinese restaurants in the Twin Cities, they are plenty of dogs around town, not including the Viking fan’s wives.

  17. Mike Vick is not a starter in the NFL, but neither are 8 or 10 other guys. Tough call for a team to have to choose between a horrible QB and a terrible QB. Not a winning formula. No matter where Vick ends up, he will be on a team that is and has been losing. A team that will not win.

    The NFL needs to get with the NCAA and have the NCAA develop more passing QBs. The college trend has seen teams moving to the option system for whatever reason. I guess they can get a few years out of it before it goes back the other way, but it has been terrible for the NFL. All we see now is NFL fans trying to explain why guys who can’t throw the ball are such great QBs. If the NFL doesn’t get proactive, the fan base will end up like NASCARs.

  18. Vikings make a wise move for their QB quandry and it still brings out the Packers trolls. Sad that you can’t worry about your own team, but show more obsession over a 5-10-1 team.

  19. Vick’s decline and inability to stay healthy makes him unattractive.

    Why would you want an occasional player for a full season?

  20. Michael Vick should thank his better angels that Andy Reid and the Eagles’FO were willing to give him a chance (when they still had McNabb), and that he’s had a career as a starter at Atlanta and Philly. At this point in his life he should tone down the bravado and accept the fact that his starting days are about over (or have been over for a while), and sign on to be a backup (in Philly, or elsewhere).

    If he’d been a producer in Philly, and a constant playoff threat, maybe things might be different. But they gave him enough weapons to get it done, and he didn’t. Time to move on.

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