Jaguars sign Red Bryant

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The Jaguars have just bolstered their rebuilding effort with a big addition to their defense.

Red Bryant, a starting defensive end on last year’s Super Bowl-winning Seahawks team, has signed with Jacksonville. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that it’s a four-year deal.

The 6-foot-4, 323 pound Bryant has started every game but one in the last three seasons for Seattle. Overall he’s been with the Seahawks for six years, having arrived as a fourth-round pick in 2008.

Although the official free agency period hasn’t started yet, Bryant is eligible to sign now because he was released by the Seahawks in a cost-cutting move.

Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley was the Seahawks’ defensive coordinator from 2009 to 2012, so he knows Bryant well. Bryant will be a big part of Bradley’s efforts to turn around the struggling Jaguars.

68 responses to “Jaguars sign Red Bryant

  1. Red Bryant must he pumped to leave that mess of an organization in Seattle!

    He won’t be forced to take PEDs before every game now!

    He’s a free man.

  2. Well that was quick, but also expected. Great pickup for Gus Bradley and the Jags. Good luck Big Red!


  3. Congrats to the Jags and Gus Bradley. Bryant is the kind of leader that a young team needs.

  4. Don’t get me wrong I love Red Bryant but that’s about as bad as it gets. To go from a super bowl winning team to arguably the worst team in a matter of 2 weeks

  5. Let the jaguars hawk leftover spree begin!!! Gus is a SMART MAN signing the seattle cap casualties. Jags fan base got themselves a hard working LEADER!!! Gonna miss you big red!!!! Thanks for the dedication and the 12’s wish you nothing but the best!!!

    Goooo hawks!!!!!

  6. Looks like the end of the line in Jville for Alualu. Good move Caldwell, I know Gus is champing at the bit to get his defense going.

  7. You know, if you’re going to lose players, what better place to lose them than to a team you won’t play in the regular season until 2017?

  8. He’s a big player, but not very effective and he was overpaid last year. How much are they paying him for 4 years? This doesn’t sound like necessarily a good thing if they are going to give him a lot of money that doesn’t generate enough contributions on the field. I think Seattle was wise to move on and look for more interesting players to bolster the DL with.

  9. FA doesn’t start until Tuesday… yet FA’s are being signed…

    Can you explain this to me?

  10. And when has Bryant ever tested positive for anything poet? Your insults hold no weight. Minnesota linebackers were averaging a DUI a month at the end of the season. A constant buzz is needed to play for the trophyless queens. You’re a deck hand on the love boat sucka. That banner is gonna look beautiful in our stadium. You should try to get one

  11. for people who don’t understand that big of an end that can clog run lanes, helps with multiple db and lb blitzes, the man did his job even if he stats don’t match the money

  12. His pick six against the Bears is my favorite “big guy scoring play” ever.

  13. Good for Gus, But what was Bryant thinking? Great contributor to Hawks D and locker room. Agree with bucfan..his job wasn’t to put up big “stats” but to occupy space and blockers which he did. But his playing time has been going down and the price for playing time no longer made sense in Seattle. They red-shirted almost their entire 2013 draft class so they have some untapped DL depth.

    And pftpoet’s 3rd grade schtick wore thin about 2500 posts ago

  14. Hawks fan here with a message for Jags fans. That was a GREAT move by you guys. He will decline a bit on the field. But his leadership will NEVER decline. Your team just got Better.

  15. good for both sides. he obviously wanted to get paid after winning, and so that wasn’t as important(likely he wins less than 25 games total in the next 4 years) and Jacksonville gets a really solid player. good for them

  16. Great signing by the Jags. Big Red will be able to jump right in and contribute not only on the field but as a leader and a teacher as well.
    Thanks for your time in Seattle.
    Now go get ’em Big Red!

    Go Seahawks!

  17. Still Sad to see him go… I liked big red and even though he is with the jags now I will always remember him as a Seahawk…. I sure hope it was worth it too. If Bennett walks for a fatter deal now after we cut fan favorites I’m gonna be peeved!

  18. Goodbye Big Red. Thank you for finally letting your Father in Law, Jacob Green, see that stupid look on John Elway’s face up in the press box during the Super Bowl. He waited a life time for it.

    Your jersey may say Jaguars on it, but you will always be a Hawk.

  19. strictly a business decision for seattle. Seahawks will pay commensurate to the on field contribution. Unfortunately, Red’s salary was not.

  20. And yet the Silly Seahawk fans think Russell Wilson , Richard Sherman Earl Thomas will be giving them the home town contracts..

    Sherman 14-16 million
    Thomas 10-11 million
    Wilson 18-2 million

    Seahawk delusinal fan

    Sherman will stay with us for 5 million a year
    Thomas 5 million a year ‘
    Russell wilson is 8 to 10 million a year for us ….

    Just like golden tate caught that ball your the only owns actually think this ..

  21. Jaguar’s are going to be the first team to find out the hard way that Seattle is a system defense, you plug in any player and they will be good, when those players leave, they are average. Who ever signs browner and Bennett will be the next to find out. Do you really believe someone like dick Sherman is really that good? Come on people, I mean a 2nd string linebacker won sb mvp! Nope, put him or Sherman on another team as the primary defender, they are average. Only stud from that d is earl Thomas.

  22. Best of luck Big Red! Jags are starting to become my 2nd favorite team. They are rebuilding the right way and appear to have a smart owner who gets it. I doubt they will make the playoffs this year but will likely cause some upsets against higher profile teams.

  23. I always look forward to the introductory presser when a player from a great team signs with a crap team for the $$$.

    “I’m excited to be a part of this team… we’re building towards something great and that excites me…” (All while trying to keep a straight face)

    In reality, you’ve traded team success for $$$ and everyone knows it. Not that I blame him. But Red Bryant will never be heard from again.

  24. Best of luck to Big Red and to the Jags.

    On another note, as a diehard, blue-green-and-grey-to-the-core Seahawks fan, I love to read comments from people like poet. It’s absolutely the coolest to be able to read his envy-laden drivel and know that Seattle’s success is just killing him!! Makes me smile to my soul every time he posts something negative about Seattle because we Seattle fans got to see our team not just win the Super Bowl, but do so in an historic manner! Not too shabby for a “mess of a franchise.”

    So, please, keep ’em coming, poet! They really make my day!

  25. State Tax Free lets him pocket an extra 3 million. His contract in Washington would have to be $6 mill higher to pocket that $3 mill, Curious why the great NFL free agents don’t run to tax free states in order to maximize $$$$

  26. Not shocked at the landing spot. Same thing happened in SF when Nolan was coach with Ravens players. Gus Bradley will prob implement the same game plan in Jacksonville.

    I actually liked Red Bryant coming out of college but glad to see him out of the NFC West.

  27. redrew says: Mar 8, 2014 4:44 PM

    State Tax Free lets him pocket an extra 3 million. His contract in Washington would have to be $6 mill higher to pocket that $3 mill, Curious why the great NFL free agents don’t run to tax free states in order to maximize $$$$
    Uh . . . Washington doesn’t have a state income tax.

  28. scmems07 says: Mar 8, 2014 4:23 PM

    Jaguar’s are going to be the first team to find out the hard way that Seattle is a system defense, you plug in any player and they will be good, when those players leave, they are average.
    By that logic, Seattle could just sign a bunch of scrubs, pay them all league minimum, and spend most of their cap on offense. That should work until the other 31 teams come up with some type of system for their defense.

  29. They talk more like Texas, in Florida. Mr. Bryant will feel right at home. Maybe he can talk Mr. Kahn into doing something about those helmets. They’d have to dive a QB nuts; turn one way its gold, turn the other way its black. Imagine trying to pick out your receivers in heavy traffic downfield.

    Good luck Red, be the heart and soul there, like you were here.

  30. Gus Bradley will be a very good, if not great HC. Being modeled after the Seahawks is not a bad thing.

    The Jags have money, so they will continue to be stocked by quality players. A few weeks ago I was laughed at for saying, right here, that the Jags will not be the same and may be the most improved team in the NFL this coming season.

    The groundwork is being laid for that to be true.

  31. Good signing. I’m sure he’ll be the opening day starter at DE with Alualu taking a rotational role. Now if we can sign some interior O-lineman we can join for business.

  32. I’m pretty sure this signing didn’t come as a shock to anyone who follows football. Gus is building a defense on the same lines as the Seahawks, obviously, so slipping Big Red into his usual slot will be a huge addition. It will almost be like having a player-coach.

    Good luck to Red and Gus both. The Jags just signed Chad Henne, too, so they have a reasonably competent journeyman QB under center. They are a ways away from taking the division, but they may not be the easy win they’ve been for the past three or four seasons, either.

  33. The Jaguars are being built, brick by brick. They are also enhancing the stadium with the largest video boards in the NFL. The fan experience is going to being second to none (even the Vikings there poet).

    Again, note the generally classy Seahawks fans comments here.

    Third pick in the draft- Clowney, Watkins or even Matthews to pair up with Luke Joeckel again in the OL. Yankey in the second, then a QB in the third. Seven more picks after that.

    Brick by brick.

  34. People can laugh all they way about the jags but I would much rather be in their position then say the steelers. Old and declining or young and upcoming.
    Great signing.

  35. Congrats Jags on a solid signing. Red Bryant is still as good as he has ever been. There was a play this season where he threw Pro Bowl LG Iupati into Kaepernick’s feet from the line of scrimmage.

  36. $17 mil for four years? Depending on how it’s structured, that’s a little over $4 mil a year. Sounds like the Jags got a pretty good deal. Win-win. Red is 29, he should have four years left in him, easy.

  37. Well I’m not so sure it’s a great deal. Why did he pick JAX of all teams to play for? Probably because they were willing to pay him more money than anybody else. I can’t see it as a good deal unless you can show me somebody who was willing to pay him more, and I just don’t see what he offers or brings to the table that is worth well above what an average player is worth. If your JAX you need to think and dream up big plans to get better and this is a fairly nondescript move that eats up some cash that might better be used packaging towards a more strategic long-term keeper.

  38. The Jaguars may be going after DT Tony McDaniel next. He made less than $1 mil last year, and there is no way Seattle can keep him if other teams offerhim $3-5 million a year. The Jaguars can have 1/2 of the starting defensive line of the Super Bowl chimps.

  39. Jacksonville evidently decided they’re tired of being the NFL floor mat. Opponents watch your backs. They’ll be hungry & a few worthy adversaries will go home empty handed this season with Bradley at the helm. Could 8-8 be a possibility? With Bradley’s leadership (not a Jag’s fan) I’m a believer.

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