Keith Bulluck: Chris Johnson always thinks it’s someone else’s fault

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Keith Bulluck was a teammate of Chris Johnson’s in Tennessee for two seasons, and Bulluck doesn’t seem to think Johnson is the kind of guy new Titans coach Ken Whisenhunt should want in his locker room.

That’s not so much because Johnson ran for a career-low 1,077 yards and averaged a career-low 3.9 yards a carry last season, but because Johnson can’t accept responsibility for his declining numbers. Bulluck says Johnson always thinks someone else deserves the blame for his struggles.

“He’s a friend of mine but when it comes to athlete, he’s a ‘me’ person. He’s a ‘me’ person when it comes to the athlete. For the years that he’s been there, it’s never been his fault why he didn’t have a good running game or why he didn’t have a good game. It was always somebody else’s fault,” Bulluck said on The Midday 180, via Paul Kuharsky of

If that’s how Johnson’s friends talk about him, I’d hate to hear what his enemies say.

Bulluck also said that Johnson should have been to the Titans facility to meet Whisenhunt and talked to him about wanting to stay with the team. The fact that Johnson has made no such overture, Bulluck says, speaks volumes.

“If I wanted to be there and it was important to me, I would make it my duty — especially considering I have a house there — I would make it my business to get in and say, ‘Look, what’s going on, blah, blah, blah,'” Bulluck said. “Even if I’m not going to be on the team, just to meet him. It’s just professionalism. But, I will say, different strokes for different folks. Some people are too cool for school, some people don’t get it, they don’t get how things work.”

Johnson’s $8 million salary makes it unlikely that the Titans will keep him around this season, unless he agrees to take a pay cut — which he has shown no interest in doing. Before the season starts, there’s a good chance that Johnson will take his act to some other locker room.

65 responses to “Keith Bulluck: Chris Johnson always thinks it’s someone else’s fault

  1. Bulluck was bold to tell the truth about Johnson.

    Anyone who’s seen Johnson play knows that he’s a “fair weather back” who runs well only when he’s happy, healthy and when he feels like it.

    When teams hammer him on the field he folds like a house of cards and he disappears from games all too often.

    It’s hard to believe he’s been paid as much as he has especially when his lack of self-motivation and inconsistent performance is so obvious to us fans.

    This may be one of those cases where he’ll never again be paid the big bucks simply because of his lousy attitude. And to that I say, “good!”

  2. I bet Bulluck is right. CJ is blessed with enormous natural speed that can’t be taught but his problem is his attitude. Coach killer.

  3. I’m certain that Johnson’s fans support his self centered view. I’m a Giants fan and many of my cronies believe Eli’s struggles are everyone else’s fault too. You rarely ever hear Eli taking the blame for an interception or bone-headed throw.

  4. Way to throw your “friend” under the bus there Keith. I don’t care how ugly CJ is personality wise. You don’t jettison a friend like that when it comes to their livelihood.

  5. rb’s i’ll take before chris johnson …
    jose canseco
    jamarcus russell
    tim tebow
    pauly shore
    jack black
    santa claus
    easter bunny

  6. I’m torn on Chris Johnson. The talent is obviously there, but everything else screams stay away. It does seem that it almost falls down the middle whether the talent is werth the baggage or not. I just don’t know for this guy. However, as an Eagles fan, if he would go to Philadelphia on the cheap (won’t happen), I wouldn’t mind him and McCoy shred defenses.

  7. How good of friends can they be if bulluck just put all the business out there in the media? Even If cj has a character flaw, that still wasn’t cool.

    I bet they won’t be friends anymore.

  8. Wait, the reason the Titans have been a poor performing franchise over the years, is the fault of the best player they have had over the past 5 years? OK, he’s a RB, who wants the ball. Well that’s strange. Most players who make a living running the ball – want the ball.

    Johnson didn’t draft Locker and didn’t make Britt crash and burn. Blaming Johnson for all the problems, is a cope out and lest’s off the hook, a weak front office that has made poor decisions.

    Bullock was one of my favorite players, but it sounds like he’s trying to get people to forget about his personal issues, off the field. Almost like he’s gotta prove himself by trashing a an unpopular player. SELFISH…? He’d better be, because when he’s done, you better believe the Titans will be.

  9. Titans should never have fired Fisher. Steve McNair is the face of the Titans. Eddie George never got his due by NFL fans

  10. Keith Bullock may as well be preacher because he just spoke the gospel. He is 100% right. When they struggle running the ball Chris Johnson said it was the lines fault. The crazy part of it is CJ was right in saying it was the lines fault because runningbacks are a product of the offensive line. With that being said, CJ cannot claim he is this or that when things are going well because the line make it possible.

  11. You can take the guy out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of him. Good for Chris Johnson, I hope he enjoyed his time on E 60.

  12. If the Raiders get Chris Johnson I hope they move.. I can see Chris Johnson getting “Peyton Hillis’d”

  13. Keith Bullock to me has always looked like a ninja turtle. And he’s right about CJ. I don’t know how their friendship will last after this though. Then again CJ might have only understood half of what kieth said.

  14. Work ethic is a talent…That Chris Johnson doesn’t have. What a self righteous shoe shiner.

  15. Ravenswhat-

    What did Keith Bullock say that wasn’t already obvious? Chris Johnson didn’t take his job seriously and the proof is in the pudding.

  16. I miss Keith Bulluck on this team soo much. The dude was a team player & a pro’s pro. Top 3 all time fave Titans; McNair, George, & Bulluck.

  17. Is there any truth in the rumour that Bullock is auditioning to be Johnson’s agent?

  18. Johnson’s a dog who’s lived off one year. He has his money and should just call it a career

  19. To much money, not enough work, soon to be making less money, so look in the mirror and watch the money go down the drain, your days of show me the money are over. Bill

  20. It’s unlikely that any of the other 31 teams were unaware of his work ethic, me 1st schtick, but on the slim chance they weren’t aware, they now are. Of course he will get signed after he’s cut.
    I still remember the comment (by a GM I think) a few yrs ago that someone would sign Bin_laden if they thought he would help win games.

  21. I don’t think CJ ever thanked his teammates or Fisher for helping him become “CJ2K”.

    Keith won’t be the only player to talk once CJ is cut.

  22. In my opinion Bulluck never got his props he deserved.. And everyone in Nashville knows what the real truth “to his personal problems” were. That’s why all charges against him were dropped. He never did anything wrong. But I see it as Bulluck just speaking his mind, and he has every right to. But this is something that titans fans don’t know already, we know how CJ is.

  23. Ladies and gents my favorite player from the ‘Cuse just showed u what it takes to expose someone for what they are. Today’s society is breeding this crap and most of u so called parents are to blame. Bullock is simply laying out a couple of the building blocks for a personality disorder. For the ignorant or academically challenged it is a mental illness. So CJ2K, your numbers suck because the truth is, you suck. Don’t worry CJ it’s not your fault your lazy. Time for the Titans to move on, trust me, I know first hand of his type and you’ll be much better off!!!!

  24. He could have went and talked to the coach and you doo-doo’s still would have found something negative to say about him……

  25. First year playing fantasy football was the year after cj went for 2k. Drafted him. He held out that year I believe?

    He’s no Adrian Peterson.

    Or even Fred Jackson. Those two had no problem running with bad to decent offensive lines.

  26. A person who deflects blame is isn’t a ‘me’ person, that’s a person that doesn’t take responsibility. Two different terms, Keith.

  27. This was the year he was supposed to turn it around. I remember the “THANK GOD” tweet when they drafted Warmack, and with the signing of Levitre, this was supposed to be a big year for him. The season passes by, and what happens? The team is “wasting his prime years.” Go figure. The Titans are far better off spending elsewhere.

  28. maybe CJ isn’t a great running back but just a product of a very very good O-Line a few seasons back and yea I’ve watched him play and when defenses hit him he just wilts like a dead plant.

  29. Keith didn’t say anything about MeJ that Titan fans haven’t already known for years (at least the ones who aren’t still all over his jock over the 2K season). In the past few years MeJ has pointed the finger for his disappointing production at everything and everyone but himself.

    He also called out fans who had the nerve to criticize him and say they “don’t know nothin’ bout football”.

    Let’s see, he had to have a freaking stipulation put into his contract to get his butt in Nashville to work out with his team.

    He admitted in the season after his holdout that he showed up out of shape.

    ^ That’s just off the top of my head. MeJ brought every bit of the “hate” upon himself. I really don’t get why anyone even tries to defend him anymore. He doesn’t even make plays anymore. 279 carries in ’13 and a long of 30. 30!

  30. This may sound like I’m “piling-on” but I have genuinely been curious about something CJ does for years and wondered if there was some kind of issue associated with it. Some people have touched on the possibility that CJ has some type of mental deficiency that might not allow him to recognize his inability to accept responsibility for his actions. Observing camera shots of him on the sideline and even on the playing field I see him constantly shaking his head in a quivering type motion, it doesn’t seem like he is clearing hair out of his face or accomplishing anything other than doing this action—period. Just wondering if all these individual little “things” are part and parcel to some larger disorder. I know I am not the only person who has seen him do this but I have never read or heard of any explanation for him doing this. It just seems to me to be a very awkward habit to pick up if that is all there is to it. Does anybody know?

  31. There’s a lot of much better talent out there and
    Chris Johnson doesn’t seem to be Coach Ken’s kind of guy. Titans would be better off kicking him to the curb, saving the money that will be wasted on him and sign Andre Roberts. The Titans don’t need self-centered, selfish players in the locker room that are yesterday’s news.

  32. So he should be in sucking up and begging to stay? That’s a funny description of “professionalism.” Sounds more like somebody has a personal beef with the guy from when they were teammates, but I’m sure the people who hate that Johnson, you know, got paid for what he did on the field will take this and run with it as evidence that he’s a terrible person. He’d of course be fine if he were making league minimum for most of those critics. However, Darren Sprolls is proof of a player who’s been chewed up and is about to get sent packing, so keep blaming the players.

  33. wait til johnson lands on a winning team, and see what happens. i watched him in college and he ran between the tackles. hes not as soft as hes made out to be. i can see a coach like kelly or belichick or payton or harbaugh (sf) getting him in space where he makes one man miss and is to the house.

  34. I questioned Johnson since that playoff game against the Ravens in 2008 that the Titans lost after going 13-3. He had nearly 80 yards in the first half yet was on the bench in the second half sipping hot choculate. Excuse me but you play for the team, most especially teammates who helped get you in that position to succeed in the first place. So long, Chris!

  35. RBs get too much credit, and too much blame. With the exception of AP there are not too many guys worth spending a large portion of your cap on. Speed or strength is nice, but there is always someone cheaper who has that. It all comes down to scheme, and blocking. CJ hasnt gotten worse, nor was he ever elite like he thinks he is. The team and coaching around him has changed. Sometimes for the better, and sometimes for the worse. Just like his attitude depending on his OWN success. He is still living on 2009, however he should be more concerned that the team was 8-8 that season.

  36. Titans fans logic: Cut CJ and sign a FA. Oh wait, CJ will be the best FA RB.

    Or, cut CJ and rely on Greene and Battle. Oh wait, CJ was clearly better than both last season.

    Or, cut CJ and draft a rookie. Oh wait, that means the Titans will need to take a RB early when there’s other more pressing positions of need on the roster WITH CJ in the backfield.

  37. I love all the “CJ had a long run of 30yds last season.” As if his 50yd TD rec against the Chiefs and 66yd TD rec against the Niners didn’t put six on the board.

  38. He shouldn’t be back, but why come back?

    Whisenhunt is the coach.

    Why be under a guy that failed with Derek Anderson, Ryan Lindley, Kevin Kolb, and John Skelton when he took them?

    Btw, is Whisenhunt the real reason why Rivers became good again?

    One successful QB and four QB failures make you a bad coach.

    He got nothing out of more talent that he himself selected.

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