No market for running backs, so far

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During the first day of the second annual legal tampering period, plenty of teams reportedly have shown interest in plenty of players.  Few if any are running backs.

As one source who has been actively working the phones throughout the day told PFT on Saturday night, there’s currently no market for running backs.

If it holds, it’s no surprise.  In recent years, not many/any veteran tailbacks have broken the bank as free agents, with the best contracts coming in the range of $3 million to $4 million per year.  Which also happens to be the top of the market for kickers.

Eight running backs appear on PFT’s Free Agent Hot 100:  Ben Tate (No. 38); Donald Brown (No. 43); Darren McFadden (No. 67); Knowshon Moreno (No. 70); James Starks (No. 76); LeGarrette Blount (No. 83); Maurice Jones-Drew (No. 85); Toby Gerhart (No. 99).

Based on Saturday, there won’t be a land rush for tailbacks on Tuesday.  The contracts likely will come late in the week, at the earliest.

13 responses to “No market for running backs, so far

  1. There are just too many HC’s who’ll say it these days when offered a star running back; “Thanks, but I’ll pass.”

  2. Hopefully Chris Johnson reads this article and will take a pay cut and rework his contract… $8 mil is way to much for what numbers he has been putting up the last couple of yrs. No other team in their right mind will give him that kind of $$, when there will b other options out there, along with the idea teams can now get decent to good RB’s in later rds of the draft..

    I would like the titans to keep CJ but not for 8 mil. His production does not match his salary. We have other big needs to address and do not have a lot if cap space… So hopefully at the end of the day he will be willing to take a pay-cut.

  3. Knowshon should be higher. I’m a Bengals fan but reside in Denver and have watched nearly all their games this year. Dude played his heart out and the Broncos would be crazy not to bring him back as long as the number is reasonable. But he’s earned a paycheck this year without a doubt.

  4. Does starks have any left in the tank? I kind of like his style and moreno showed he still got some he’s just a liability and whoever said mcfadden will be hurt in a week shheesh your showing him love…I give him 2nd day of training camp haaaa

  5. Johnson has zero chance of getting $8 mil. The NFL no longer uses running backs like it once did. That being said, it’s more proof that Mark Schlereth is correct. Contracts mean ZERO to the owners. They’re like an agreement on the part of the player, but management can rework the deal when they feel it’s appropriate.

    But hey, if CJ or Schlereth don’t like it, make enough of your own money, buy a franchise, and run it your way! Those with the money invested make the rules….

  6. Moreno benefitted from having Manning handing him the ball.McFragile and his Dorito bones will be lucky to garner a one year deal.

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