Patriots talk new contract with Vince Wilfork


Vince Wilfork has one more year with a $7.5 million salary on his current contract with the Patriots, but New England would like to change those terms.

Mike Reiss of reports that the Patriots have had recent discussions with representatives for Wilfork about altering his contract. Presumably, the Patriots would like to reduce Wilfork’s number this year, either by getting him to accept a pay cut or getting him to take an extension that spreads some of this year’s $11.6 million cap hit into future years.

With Wilfork coming off a season in which he suffered a torn Achilles tendon, and heading into a season in which he’ll turn 33 years old, it’s possible that the Patriots could release Wilfork if he isn’t interested in altering his current deal.

Wilfork has been a great player in New England for his entire 10-year career, but even great players are often asked to take less money or shown the door, especially once they’ve suffered significant injuries and hit the wrong side of 30. Right now there’s no indication that the talks between Wilfork and the Patriots have grown acrimonious, but there’s no sign that they’re close to an agreement, either.

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  1. Pats lose one important player every year and get that much worse every year. Welker last year, Talib this year. This team is built to destroy its sorry division and then flop in the post season

  2. One morning I was walking down the street when I saw an old homeless man sitting at the corner of the block – he came up to me and asked me for some spare change.

    I quickly responded to his request with this: “Why are you asking me for spare change when the Vikings are the real wealth of the world? if you become a fan you will obtain all the richness and greatness that comes along with it”

    This man is now a millionaire.


  3. He’s getting older, but his main job as a nose tackle is to take up blockers. That’s not hard for a man of his size to do. The Patriots would be smart to resign him, and even smarter to get his services at a reduced price.

  4. I am a big Vince Wilfork (and Patriots) fan, but considering the type injury, and his weight, they HAVE to get some cap relief. There is a distinct possibility that Wilfork will never play another down in the NFL.

  5. Unlike some other teams, one of the reasons the Patriots are competitive year after year is they manage their salary cap well…

    This is reality…

  6. The Spygate Patriots. Bill Belicheat’s story will end with “…Belicheck and the Patriots franchise never won another important game again after they could no longer cheat.”

  7. One of the reasons the Pats are the most consistent of the elite teams is that the pay players based on what they think their production will be for that year; not based on what they’ve done in the past.

    The Vince will have to overcome huge odds to come back from an Achilles tear, at his age, weight, and position. I think its very likely that he’ll ultimately be released, and THEN, if he is capable of playing, the Pats will bring him back at a price that will cut his cap number by well over a half.

    Vince is the most popular player with Pats fans next to Brady. He will certainly wind up in the Pats HOF, if not the NFL HOF. He has no bigger fan than me. However that being said, I’m sad to say, its more likely that he’ll wind up this season, coaching for the Pats, than playing.

  8. I don’t know how he will rebound from the Achilles injury, but I do believe they will cut him if he doesn’t take some sort of “hair cut”. He wasn’t playing up to his previous standard befor the injury. That is a greater concern as it could mean age has caught up with him & healthy or not he won’t be the same player he was before 2013.

  9. .

    I’ve heard nothing from either the Patriots or Wilson’s representatives about Vince being released. Even the source you cite, Mike Reiss, doesn’t mention it.


  10. Great player….but a dirty player. Everyone pays the karma gods. I hope the Pats cut him. They geniusly buy low and DON’T overpay based on loyalty. Much respect to their cap people.

  11. Pro sports is a business and with pro athletes it is a ruthless business. Belichik is as ruthless as they come and I think that Wilfork is gone this year if he won’t restructure, and next year Gronk is gone.

  12. Over 30, overweight, achilles injury, nose tackle in a passing league, and he had clearly lost a step prior to the injury. Unless he’s taking a 60% pay cut the Patriots are better off just flat out releasing him. Love the guy but it’s just not worth it.

  13. Pats continue to win and win and win something completely foreign to a team like, oh, I don’t know the Vikings who have Never won anything. SKOL….

  14. After Aaron Hernandez held the Pats up for his contract, I understand why the Pats are gun shy to dish out money to players like Welker and Wilfork

  15. That kid that took over for him (Chris jones) did a nice job filling in , for being a rookie,
    He’s done, so long, let the new kid play.

  16. “This whole team is getting old”? The patriots come in at the eleventh youngest of the 32 teams with avg. age 25.88.

  17. Most of you are extremely stupid. This has nothing to do with the Patriots being cheap. Is Vince not one of the highest paid players at his position??? This is salary cap 101, when you have one player that has an extremely high cap # you either restructure or cut. This happens on EVERY team EVERY year. So all the morons out there who think this is being cheap or trying to get rid of a good player need to understand how the salary cap and business work.

  18. He’s not going anywhere. They’ll work out a deal, and Vince will be back this year. Yes, he’s a big dude, but make no mistake about it, he’s an athlete. No, I’m not kidding, really!

  19. Haha at the people calling the Pats cheap while ignoring the fact Brady, Gronk, Wilfork, Mayo, & Mankins are some of the highest paid players at their respective positions. They always spend their money wisely unlike, say the Redskins or Cowboys.

  20. Great guy, great commitment, but I’d rather see them fill that line with guys that can get after the QB, cause that is what is winning Super Bowls these days.

  21. The Patriots complain when players don’t honor their contract terms, but then turn around and try to strong-arm great players like Vince Wilfork, Logan Mankins, Wes Welker, Brandon Spikes and a host of lesser talents like Talib. It is shameful. Kraft owes these players their due. Instead, he is trying to line his own pockets … as though he needs it. These players have a limited life span in the NFL, and they need to make their money when they can. Kraft doesn’t care about that. He now runs the Pats like a business … no longer like the “fan” he was when he bought the Pats 20 years ago. He has won three Super Bowls, and earned his seat in the inner sanctum of the NFL … now the fans can suffer with perennial also-ran Patriots teams while Kraft lines his ample pockets with millions more in Patriot-driven dollars. It is enough if they come close each year without winning it all. Kraft has become a football fans nightmare. He cares more about money than winning. He is now the football version of Jeremy Jacobs with the Boston Bruins … 39 years of long-term suffering before the Bruins happened onto a Stanley Cup winner. The great players on the Patriots need to realize what Kraft is doing; If I were Tom Brady – After Kraft took the money when he negotiated down last year and didn’t sign any new talent, I would ask to be released. I would take my talent to a team that was willing to stock talent around me in order to get a run at a record-tying Fourth Super Bowl. Kraft won’t give Brady that chance. He is too greedy. Kraft said “Brady doesn’t run this team.” No, he may not, but you wouldn’t have the team you have without his excellence and talent … you ungrateful loser. As a business leader, one would think that you would understand loyalty and long-term excellence. I guess you skipped that class at Columbia. The same thing with Wilfork and Mankins. Kraft will not recognize your long-term values and contribution to the team … you are a commodity to him. Turn the tables on him. Force him to honor his contract. Play out your contracts and then walk away on the free market … other teams will snap you up for huge money. If Kraft wants to play games … make HIM pay huge. Two can play at this game.

  22. Wilfork has received 31 million of his 40 million contract. If he restructures he will get probably 5-6 million more this year. His 40 million 5 year contract will bag him about 37 million, where is this unfair or cheap?

  23. If I were a Pats fan I’d be furious with Bob Kraft. He’s got a window of 2 or 3 years to win a SB with one of the best QB’s who has ever played & he refuses to pay anyone else???

    If he doesn’t re-sign Talib & Edelman & keep Wilfork there’s NO WAY they can win a championship Yes they’ll probably still win the division & make the playoffs like they always do but Brady will have to carry the load…Again.

  24. I can’t wait to see how great of owner Bob Kraft is when Brady & Belichick retire. Ha!!!

  25. 11 years with the pats and 16 total sacks. League is changing and this guy is too slow to stop guys like kapernick or the seattle qb. he’s not exactly going to run anybody down. Time to put a fork in Wilfork.

  26. Vince needs to restructure his production was not up to par last year. He played so poorly last year it was like he was on the Vikings or redskins

  27. gerryveteran2013 ..???? DO you even know what your saying? The Patriots have been the most successful NFL team (win loss record) in the past 10 – 14 years…been to the SB more than any team in that time frame, played in the AFC championship games 8 – 9 times, (three of the past four seasons) made the playoffs 11 – 12 times….how is Mr. Kraft turning into Jeremy Jones?….hopefully every owner wants to make money…these people are not in it to lose money. But to win and make money..that takes skill and knowledge, something you do not appear to have.

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