Report: Texans have expressed interest in Mallett

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When the Patriots stopped quarterback Ryan Mallett’s draft-day free fall in 2011, it was assumed that coach Bill Belichick eventually would flip the former Arkansas Razorback for something more than the third-round pick used to get him.

With Mallett entering the final year of his contract, Belichick is running out of chances to trade Mallett.  And with former Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien now the head coach of the Texans after a pair of years as head coach at Penn State, O’Brien could be the guy to make the deal.

Nick Underhill of reports that the Texans have expressed interest in acquiring Mallett.  At this point, however, the level of interest hasn’t progressed beyond “talk.”

Mallett remains unproven, given that he has had limited regular-season reps.  A fair package arguably would include a mid-round draft pick in 2014 and a conditional pick in 2015 that would hinge on the success of Mallett and/or the team this season.

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  1. Tom Brady is turning 37. If Mallett is who everyone hopes he is, the Pats won’t trade him. They’ll play out the year this year and sign him before he hits the market and then trade Brady

  2. Perfect fit for Mallett, with his old offensive coordinator, Andre Johnson, Arian Foster, and a solid D. Texans would be like last years Chiefs and win 8-10 games this year.

  3. totally unproven with career stats of 1/4 for 17 yards and 1 int. i do remember him playing in college he has a insane arm but he’s a inaccurate statue 3/4 rounder seems abit right with maybe another 3/4 if the texans make the playoffs.

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    Belichick would not trade Mallet for anything less than a #2 this year, or a guaranteed equivalent . Any deal involving a conditional draft choice means that if Mallet were to get injured, the Patriots end up with squat. Belichick’s history shows he eschews these types of trades.


  5. Trade him for #2, this year, #1 next year and a swap of 5 rounders this year. Texans get Clowney, and a QB. I love this trade for both teams.

  6. #65 this year and a conditional pick that could get the Pats a 4th through 1st should get the deal done. What the Bill OBrien should do is make this deal and then sign Edelman, and he can implement his offense with 2 key experienced pieces.

    I really hope this happens because, first, it would make the Pats draft more interesting ad thus making the next 60 days more fun; second, it will be fun to see how the Pats fill the back up role

  7. He hasn’t had a shot yet so no one knows. One thing’s for sure, Nick Foles wouldn’t go in round 5 if there were a re-draft. You never know where you’ll find a QB and Mallett put up 30/7 in his last season in the insanely tough SEC West. Wanna use top 12 picks on the next Locker, Gabbert or Ponder, feel free to do so. Or you could spend a lot less on a guy who, at minimum, has had 3 years of great coaching, mentoring and big game exposure.

  8. Word is from Houston beat writers that this deal won’t happen.

    I think NE wants a 2nd rounder… which from the Texans is pick 33 and in this draft carries the value of a late to middle first rounder due to the depth in the draft.

    I do like the idea of getting QB in free agency or via trade and then drafting Clowney.

  9. If NE trade Mallet and Brady gets injured, the Patriots are screwed. No way I release this guy for less than a high 2nd round pick. And I’d use that to get AJ McCarron (Brady Like) if he was still on the board. In fact I wouldn’t make the deal until I was sure he was available when Houston picks at the top of round 2. 4th round pick? Forget it. This kid is a starter. Who is ready to start right now. If Brady gets hurt, I don’t believe he would ever get his job back from Mallet. Just like he did with Bledsoe.

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