Some in the NFL prefer Mack’s consistency to Clowney’s talent


Jadeveon Clowney is the most talented defensive player in this year’s NFL draft, but that doesn’t make him the best.

At least some NFL personnel people have more confidence in Buffalo linebacker Khalil Mack becoming a high-level NFL player than they do in Clowney, according to Chris Mortensen of ESPN.

NFL Network’s Mike Mayock was an early occupant of the Mack bandwagon, saying before the Scouting Combine that he would take Mack over Clowney. Mayock even said he would take Mack with the first overall pick in the draft.

Clowney is freakishly talented and probably would have been the first overall pick in last year’s draft, if not for the NFL’s rule requiring players to be three years out of high school before entering the draft. But during the 2013 season at South Carolina, a consensus began to emerge that Clowney’s work ethic doesn’t match his talent.

Mack, meanwhile, had a phenomenal 2013 season at the University at Buffalo, and some evaluators think Mack’s versatility against the run and the pass makes him a better fit in certain schemes than Clowney, who is primarily an edge pass rusher. Mack turned in a very good performance at the Scouting Combine, and there are no questions about Mack’s work ethic.

The smart money is still on Clowney being the first defensive player off the board. But there are personnel people in the NFL who would rather have Mack.

33 responses to “Some in the NFL prefer Mack’s consistency to Clowney’s talent

  1. As a UB alum, I am just proud that this article finally called it the University AT Buffalo.

  2. Well as an outsider that doesn’t get to talk to either player, I would be picking Mack. I can’t reconcile away my concerns for Clowney without talking to him and I know Mack won’t let me down, so I pick him unless Clowney can explain why I’m making a mistake.

  3. Both these players are dying to fall to #8 in the draft to get drafted by the historic Minnesota Vikings.

    Khalil Mack and Jadeveon Clowney have both been making their draft stock fall so they’d be on the board when the Vikings draft.

    While both these players might be talented pros, we’re not drafting either.

    Teddy Bridgewater will be on the Vikes next season.

  4. This hard work thing is a bit overrated, everybody puts in the work but natural talent and technique are what seperates above average players to the amazing ones

  5. Bragging about drafting #8? lol

    Clowney has bust written all over him much like Dionne Jordan did last year.

  6. Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!

    The word is out on on Mack, I was hoping he would be there at 8 for Minn. who desperatly need help in linebacking , seems less and less chance of that as he continues to impress!

  7. Hard work is never overrated!!! Give me the guy that is going to put in the time and effort each and every day. Mack = Derrick Thomas and Clowney = a certain DE from Ohio St that my beloved Jets drafted and I refuse to say his name. One guy is going to out work and out smart the opposition and the other is going to find out his “AMAZING” physical ability is only going to get him so far and from there he is done. Clowney wreaks of bust and will be done in 4-6 yrs after someone else kicks the tires and sees the same junk the team that drafts him saw.

  8. What a joke. Mack really is starting to sound like Aaron Curry 2: Electric Boogaloo

  9. who on here is tired of vikings fans acting like theyre some dynasty or something

  10. 3 players most sought after by NFL teams;

    1) QB
    2) OT to protect QB
    3) Pass rusher to kill the QB

    I believe only Clowney fits into one of those 3 categories. K. Mack may turn out to be a very solid pro for a long long time but I’d be taking Clowney. Too much talent and upside to pass up.

  11. The hard work thing is not overrated.Heart is the most important thing. It just can’t be measured. That’s why Zach Thomas is one of my all time favorite players. He wasn’t the most gifted player but he busted his butt on & off the field. You never saw him take a play off.

  12. It’s tough, that’s why I don’t see Clowney going #1 overall to the Texans. The transition from a college 3-4 defensive end to the pro OLB has been more hit than miss.

    Questions about Clowney’s work ethic doesn’t sit well with a 3-4 OLB. Oh, and don’t throw money at the kid at an early age. That’s an even worse combination.

  13. I wouldn’t waste a top pick on a guy when his college coach publicly questions his work ethic. If that isn’t a red flag I don’t know what is. Seems like a kid who would be more concerned with going home as fast as possible so he can drive his new Hummer and hit the club than practicing and studying.

  14. No disrespect to Mack at all. He could easily be Steeler.
    But the clowns who would pass up on Clowney, are probably running the garbage teams in the league. One if a kind talent comes along once in a while. Get Clowney and some quality coaching. It will change things for you.
    Or get a very good Mack, and change nothing.

  15. I picture someone telling Parcells, pass on that whack job Taylor.

  16. If an analyst comes out and calls him “the safest pick in the first round”……RUN AWAY.

  17. Let’s see, get a sure fire great player with a great motor and work ethic or roll the dice and gamble to get a slightly better player but a huge chance they will implode.

    Pretty easy choice.. MACK….welcome to the Atlanta Falcons

  18. Mack is two years older than Clowney and played mediocre opponents his whole career. I wouldn’t take him ahead of Anthony Barr or Ryan Shazier, much less Clowney. I don’t think his physique is natural, either. He’s been eating Von Miller’s chicken supplements.

  19. Clowney did what any of us woulda did if you knew you’d be a number one pick if you came out … Made sure he got that check ..Not rehabbing

  20. Some of the “NFL personnel people” are obviously with teams drafting #3-10 hoping Clowney will fall to them and not have to take Mack as a consolation prize. As nice a prize as he is. Apparently. Remembering Aaron Curry & Vernon Gholston & JaMarcus & VY & the rest. Smoke all around…

  21. peytonsneck18 says: Mar 8, 2014 1:34 PM

    who on here is tired of vikings fans acting like theyre some dynasty or something

    As a Vikings fan, I am tired of Packers fans pretending to be Vikings fans and saying ridiculous things to rile up the comments and negativity toward my team. That being said, if I were a GM, I would easily take Mack over Clowney. Mack seems more like a team player who can truly make a difference. Clowney seems like a “me” player.

  22. I think Mack is going to fit perfect in Lovie’s cover 2. Roaming the middle of the field just head hunting. He’ll be an all pro in 2 yrs just about the time that Clowney gets his 1st arrest.

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