All signs point to Branden Albert signing with the Dolphins

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Last year, the Dolphins nearly traded for Chiefs tackle Branden Albert.  This year, they need only to make a deal with Albert himself.

Per a league source, all signs currently point to Albert signing with the Dolphins not long after the market officially opens on Tuesday.

Albert instantly would be installed as the left tackle in Miami, succeeding Bryant McKinnie.  Who replaced Jonathan Martin.  Who replaced Jake Long.

Like Long, Albert was a first-round pick in 2008.  After his rookie contract expired, Albert played in 2013 under the franchise tag.

If/when (when) Albert leaves the Chiefs, it’s possible that right tackle Eric Fisher, the first pick in the 2013 draft, will flip to the left side.  It’s also possible that Fisher will stay on the right side and Donald Stephenson, who started seven games last year, will play the left side.

72 responses to “All signs point to Branden Albert signing with the Dolphins

  1. I’m glad they didn’t give up a second round pick for Albert , but considering that “all signs” point to them having blown the second round pick , and that they almost got Ryan Tannehill killed last season , I hope it works out this time.

  2. All signs point to the Dolphins franchise spirally down into oblivion and dysfunction within 12 months.

  3. If this is the case it would be a horrible signing. Monroe might have told the Fins to pack sand. Why would u sign a 30 injury prone LT in Albert. Why not draft a guy?

  4. I see MAJOR cap issues in their future!!!! these big contracts are gonna bite them in the ass…. How’d that Mike “Stone Hands” Wallace deal work out for them…? BOOOM!!

  5. This actually a good pick up. They might draft something other than o line and shock the world

  6. Yeah, Matt Kalil is the best LT in football. Just look at all the Pro Bowls he has been voted to. Oh wait, you mean he was a replacement for Trent Williams? Okay he’s JAG sounds fitting.

  7. The experts said some moron team would waste a lot of money signing Albert and they were right. He can’t run block for crap but then again the Dolphins can’t run for crap so it may be a match made in heaven. Another mediocre player getting big Dolphin bucks. They signed Wheeler and Ellerbe at linebacker last year and is replacing one this year with D’Qwell Jackson. Spend that money.

  8. First, don’t you think they have calculated for the signings in future cap?
    Second, this years LT class is simply me. Id take a proven vet noe for Lt…good call

  9. He just has to pass the entrance exam, and I got a copy of it don’t ask me how…

    Q: You like the beach and warm weather right?

    (if applicant says no then thank them for their time and say you are going in a different direction, if applicant says yes then hand them the bag with the $ on it)

  10. This has “The New Miami Dolphins” written all over it. Either a guy leverages the Dolphins to get more from the team he really wants to go to……or, the Dolphins actually do end up with the guy, but they grossly overpay and he turns out to be a bust.

    I’ve seen this movie so many times…..

  11. He must want to win a super bowl like every other free agent that signs with miami.

  12. $10 million a season is what he has said that he wants and the last 3-4 years he hasn’t been able to stay healthy.

  13. Albert might not be great, but he’s not horrible either. The KC line is going to get destroyed in free agency this year. It doesn’t help KC that they probably blew the Fisher pick either. Pugh was the best tackle drafted last year.

  14. The Dolphins are turning into the Redskins where they “win” the off-season and suck in the real season when it counts

  15. By waiting one year they didn’t have to give up a draft pick. Smart move by Ross.

  16. Sorry Miami, you are not getting a Elite LT Tackle. You are getting a good not great pass blocker and above average run blocker. But you are getting a really good leader who cant seem to stay healthy, hasn’t gotten hurt every year in the league. The only Elite LT Tackles that ever make it to the market is the one Miami let go. Jake Long. The Chiefs Franchised Albert because he wanted to go to Miami last year (he lives in Florida) but never tried to seriously sign him long term. And next year you will find out why. Good Luck!

  17. The franchise finally starts trending upwards, and poor Branden gets shipped off to yet another dysfunctional team.

    As was said earlier, hope he enjoyed that playoff appearance. He probably won’t be seeing another one any time soon.

  18. LT Albert
    LG Dallas Thomas – dunno why evs 4got this guy. He was a rook coming off a surgery he will be r LG is athletic can pass protect and pull.
    C Mike Pouncey
    RG Saffold
    RT plug in a rook 2nd or 3rd rounder its a deep enuff draft


    LT Albert
    LG Pouncey
    C Mack
    RG/RT Dallas Thomas can play either and either plug a rook or develop a RT behind Garner (who shoulda played over Clabo anyway imo)

    This yr we can get a grp of lineman who fit the scheme finally.
    Plz dont draft Zach Martin at 19 draft the BPA. Martin is good but is more of a LG which I think Dallas Thomas will be playing and will not be the BPA.

  19. Does this bring an end to the “experts” giving the Dolphins Cyrus Kouandijo at #19 in mock drafts?

  20. Don’t worry dolphin fans. The raiders wont swoop in and sign him. apparently we aren’t signing anyone this off season…. LOL …. smh.. come on man!!!!!!!

  21. Fins fans. Great ready to hear this a few times every game “false start, number 76 offense”. Assuming his back isn’t hurting and he’s watching from home. I like the Dolphins so I’m sorry you’re picking up our discard.

  22. The Chiefs are moving on from Albert for a reason. Dolphins are going to find out what the Chiefs already know.

  23. I love it, FA hasn’t even started yet but Miami has already WAY over spent and picked up horrible players left and right. LOL

  24. Only the so called fair weather fans are worried about the big contracts these players will be here 2-3 years then gone if they don’t reach a cap friendly deal just like every other team.

  25. Everyone talking trash about miami is clearly ignorant and dont understand one simple concept.
    The dolphins have the 4th highest cap space in the NFL and if you have money you spend it. Stop hating on a team based on rumors cuz this could easily be a smokescreen. In addition eugene monroe is demanding more money than albert and if albert gets hurt and we draft zach martin he can swing to LT and nate garner who has been criminally forgotten can fill in at LG this draft class is VERY deep as the o line position and trust me they do have a contingency plan should albert go down

  26. Nice start. Now we only need 2 Guards, a Right Tackle, a RB, TE, safety, cb, 2 linebackers, a DT & a true #1 WR. That’s all, no pressure.

  27. Everyone said Miami overspent last year yet they still have near $40 mill in cap space this year. People,….Miami has been bad. So instead of overpaying for guys that have helped them be bad (Long, Bush, Marshall, Starks, Soliali, Dansby…etc) they are getting rid of those guys and bringing in new blood. Because obviously staying status-quo isn’t working. And if Miami DIDN’T spend in Free Agency the headlines would be and fans would be yelling….the franchise is cheap and not trying to win. They are gonna get ripped either way by fans and the press.

  28. Miami is a joke, Every Player in the league would love to party I mean play in Miami, But year after year, they find a way to screw up free agency and the draft. LAUGHING STOCK!!!!!!!!! Get a clue players only want to party In Miami not win in Miami.

  29. Buyer beware… What you say in KC is what your getting in Miami…not sure what teams see OL.. AZ had Levi and pond him off to Piitsburgh.. How did that work out.. AZ signed Snyder and Fanica and we know how that worked out.. Game film don’t lie!!!

  30. There must be a lot of dolphin fans that post on here…personally, I don’t understand why any player would want to come to a franchise that is so poorly run…I guess if you pay someone enough, they’ll go anywhere…even to this pathetic franchise that hasn’t won a playoff game since an overtime victory over the Colts in 2000. Oh yeah, they have South Beach…lol.

  31. @denttlm what wide receiver and db problems? Wallace had a career high in catches almost eclipsed 1000 yards, hartline had another solid season and our db’s didn’t give up a touchdown to a wide receiver until the first game against New England I think, so please point out what problems there are

  32. Damn spell check …. Pawn.. Teams always feel they are the right situation or a proper coach that can turn or resurrect a player…Have proper scouts in place and pick up UDFA if you have to. One third of league is undrafted

  33. @ nflgreedleague

    I agree. How dare all these fans talk about Miami making yet another boneheaded pick, trade, or F/A choice. Don’t they all know how successful Miami has been at making these choices over the past decade?
    Don’t they remember the brilliant move up to get Dion Jordan, and how dominating he is.

  34. Will be a good signing if it is true. Albert will probably come cheaper then Monroe simply because of age and he is still a huge upgrade over last year. For all of those people still stuck on Jake Long get over it he didn’t play all that great for the Rams last year or for the ‘phins the previous 2 years. As far as the cap goes after last year’s spending spree most of it can come off the books anytime they want with little to no cap issues after this year because of how the contracts were written. So if those players don’t work out Ross spent a lot of money that he would have donated to University of Michigan otherwise.

  35. Doesn’t matter who the dolphins sign, ignorance from people leaving comments will continue.

    Dolphins sign Albert-he’s old and always hurt

    Dolphins sign Monroe-posted too much got an average player

    Dolphins sign veldheeler or Collins-not proven and posted top much for average players

    No team will ever get it right unless it’s the favorite team of the guy who comments, haters are going to hate no matter what. But, could be worse, at least it’s not the Vikings.

  36. Wouldn’t pay Brandon Albert more than 7 million a year. If he doesn’t accept move on to the next LT on the list.

  37. Albert has some injury concerns, but he’s still an upgrade from Mckinnie and can bring some stability which is exactly what Miami needs on OL right now. So throw him a few more bones than he’s worth. We have the cap space for it.

    And what’s with all these comments about us grabbing FA’s left and right? Albert would be the 1st and only big name on our board so far… The only other guy was a 30 year old Pro Bowl CB, and we didn’t sign him off the street. We just resigned him.

    And just throwing this out there, some people seem to think that Miami is lacking of a true #1 WR. But we run a West Coast O based on what GB is running. It doesn’t demand or require a #1. You just run routes and hit the open man.

  38. bettis3636 says:
    Mar 9, 2014 4:09 PM
    “I see MAJOR cap issues in their future!!!! these big contracts are gonna bite them in the ass…. How’d that Mike “Stone Hands” Wallace deal work out for them…? BOOOM!!”

    You mean like the Steelers are having now?

  39. Lmao!! These dolphins fans think the ownership is going to invest 60million between 2 players in FA are crazy!!! Good luck seeing Roger Saffold or Alex Mack in a ugly Dolphins Uniform! I can see Albert signing there for sure but that will be about it.
    Keep praying for Mack and Saffold cuz it’s a long shot they will choose the dolphins!

    Draft and develop! Learn from the skins and see how successful they were splurging during FAs! Only 1 team is good at it and it’s the yanks.

    Oh ya 1 other thing…. ruggerlad you’re a clown kid!!! That’s something that’s done in madden and clearly you play to much of it! How successful were the FAs your whack as dolphins paid a shot ton for??? Best of luck… it’s gonna be another tough year and I can’t wait to watch my Bills fillet the whack ass fish

  40. Those Chief fans out there that are complaining about Branden Albert will find out the hard way the way we did with Jake Long in Miami that good offense linemen are hard-to-find and if you get one or have one you better keep them because if you don’t you’re going to get your quarterback killed, see Miami Dolphins 58 sacks.

    You think you have a good one in Fisher but we thought we had a good one and Martin too and you see how that worked out.

    You have been warned!

  41. “All signs point to Albert signing with Miami” actual translates as Miami is actually pursuing Monroe or Collins.

  42. we haven’t signed him yet. Like someone else said this could be a smokescreen.

    To all the naysayers posting, don’t forget that Ireland is gone. Hickey is from Tampa where they had a great offensive line. I think we’ll be OK……

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