Griffen gets $20 million guaranteed, $13 million on signing


Now that the Vikings have opted to keep defensive end Everson Griffin, the numbers suggest that they won’t be able or inclined to keep Jared Allen.

With Brian Robison already signed to a four-year, $22 million deal, Griffen has a five-year, $42 million contract.  Per a league source, Griffen gets $13 million fully guaranteed at signing.  Another $7 million that is currently guaranteed for injury only becomes fully guaranteed next March.

So Griffen gets $13 million for one year or $20 million for two.  And, of course, $42 million for five.

The Vikings paid Jared Allen $73 million over six years after trading for him in 2008.  He played out the entire deal, and he’ll now undoubtedly sign with another team.

The move also takes the Vikings out of play for the other defensive ends who expect to be paid big money.

45 responses to “Griffen gets $20 million guaranteed, $13 million on signing

  1. You certainly wouldn’t want the centerpiece of your 31st ranked D slip away.

    In fact, I don’t think Eddie Lacy wins rookie of the year without Everson Griffen and his matador defense.

  2. Allen will sign with the Seahawks, Johnson with Tampa & then Bennett will get stuck with the leftovers & end up in Oakland for less than Seahawks already offered him. Maybe Costco wasn’t such a bad deal after all.

  3. “The Vikings are one of the most talented teams in the NFL”

    Well, there’s an aging RB who is starting to have injury issues, an aging WR who has been having injury issues, a young unproven WR that has potential, not much at TE or at CB.

    And, missing the main ingredient, a QB. “When we draft our QB.” Try again, Minny.Maybe you’ll get one. You missed out on Kappy when you took Ponder.

  4. That silence you hear is from the posters who were chirping earlier about the Packers overpaying Sam Shields.

  5. Pack fans shouldn’t talk smack on Griffen. Every time Vikings play you he gives Rodgers headaches. 3 sacks against GB in Week 17 in 2012 stands out to me.

  6. At CB, we have up-and-comer 1st rounder Xavier Rhodes. He was coming on strong the last several games last year. At TE, we have Kyle Rudolph who could be top 5 in the league. If not top 5, top 10 easy.

  7. And to think the queen posters said we overpaid for Shields? Lets look at Griffen’s accomplishments if you can call them that. He had a whopping total of 5 sacks and 27 tackles last year. For his 4 year career it is 17 sacks and 85 tackles. That brings his yearly average to 4 sacks and 20 tackles and they are going to pay him 42 million? That is just too funny. I guess spieladope has to justify his terrible drafting by pulling the wool over the rubes in minnihaha by paying him like he was some irreplaceable player. Listening to the purple posters here and their GM has them following like lemmings. No wonder that team is in the cellar.

  8. Lol, Spielman! I feel bad for Viking fans, I watched Spielman destroy my Dolphins, now he’s at it again.

  9. Hilarious…..please keep signing members of that horrible defense. 31st ranked, I believe.

    And the truly funny part are the Viking fans slapping each other on the back because of it.

  10. How ’bout some love for Griffen? We’re all quick to bash the NFL players who come into the league with “character issues.” Griffen was labeled as one of those guys the year he was drafted.
    Kudos to Griffen for showing it’s possible to grow up…and when you grow up, ya get paid!

  11. Let the dopes criticize this signing all they want — it’s a good signing for a young player that fits the system. Fans should check the FA player ratings articles before they criticize this signing, although that would require rudimentary reading. Ran into him at the airport Saturday of all things as he was getting set to visit other teams — thought he was gone.

  12. Just because a D is ranked 31st doesn’t mean everyone is bad. Griffen over the past two seasons has been a top 20 DE according to PFF as a situational pass rusher. This reminds me of when the Vikings gave Robison big money as a situational DE and let Ray Edwards walk. Ray Edwards was out of the league within a year and Robison has been a top 15 DE in the league the past 2 years.

    I swear way too many members of this website have an IQ below 40.

  13. I was hoping they could sign Michael Johnson and still keep Griffen, but not with this kind of contract. Zimmer must really like what he’s seen of Griffen to prefer him to Johnson. Should be interesting to see how he develops now.

  14. I wouldn’t count the Vikings out of the Johnson sweepstakes just yet. Griffin did spent training camp in 2012 as an OLB so they could get him and Allen on the field together, so depending on the defensive scheme Zimmer implements, we could see the Vikings take a shot at Johnson and use Griffin as a OLB and move him to DE and Johnson to DT on passing downs. There is cap space for a guy like Johnson and a CB like Alterraun Verner. That would leave QB, OG, and another LB as draft needs.

  15. threedeep1998 says:
    Mar 9, 2014 4:42 PM

    Pack fans shouldn’t talk smack on Griffen. Every time Vikings play you he gives Rodgers headaches. 3 sacks against GB in Week 17 in 2012 stands out to me.

    If Rodgers gets a headache going 7-1 since Griffen has been playing the Vikings must feel like they got a prostate exam going against Rodgers.

  16. Amazing how much trolling from Packers fans goes on when it’s a signing of Everson Griffin. What is it with you guys being more obsessed with a team that went 5-10-1 last year? Shouldn’t you be harping on Ted Thompson to find better protection for your quarterback – who you NEED healthy in order to legitimately when games without assistance from refs?

  17. Don’t worry packers and seahawks troll well be fine keep hating well sweep the packers and win the north with our defense laugh now appreciate me later

  18. I don’t think this is a bad signing. He might be getting a bit of a rich deal but Allen was not coming back. Griffen has flashed when given the opportunity. I think he has earned the right to be competing to be the starter.

    The vikes might wan to trade back in the draft and acquire more picks they need help with safety, db and a LG. I think they might trade back up in the first or second round and grab Mccarron

    They will be outside for two years when they hired Zimmer they must be thinking of a three year plan. They seem to want to stay young .

    …just how I see it

  19. There are a lot of childish people on this site that’s for sure.

    I actually think this was a good signing for the Vikes as much as I hate to admit it. Contract may have been a little steep but hes being paid for future play, not what hes done in the past. They let him get to the market and paid more than they wanted to im sure but they kept him that’s what matters.

    Actually thought he would fit in nicely at OLB in a 3-4 defense, maybe they use him that way sometimes.

  20. This is great news, for the other 31 teams.

    To build a contending team (something that the Vikings have NOT been in years), you need to manage the salary cap so by handing out huge contracts to run of the mill players, the Vikings have preciously little left over to sign anybody else.

    Even worse is how they handled their QB situation. They had such terrible QB play last season that the coaching staff was fired. The Rick Spielman solution was to bring back Cassel at even a higher salary, how much sense does that make? None is the answer and yet the Viking fans wonder why they finish in last place.

  21. This was a no-brainer. Griffen is entering his prime at 26, Allen is past his prime at 32. Anyone who has actually watched Griffen play knows that he has some incredible physical skills. If you were to redraft the 2010 NFL draft, he would definitely be 1st round, and 1st rounders routinely get $20 million guaranteed.

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