Gus Bradley’s influence steered Red Bryant to Jaguars

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The four-year, $17 million contract was nice.

But Red Bryant’s background with coach Gus Bradley was one of the things that sold him on the Jaguars.

Back when he was still with the Seahawks, Bryant raved about his former defensive coordinator, which speaks to his quick signing after being cut last week.

“A lot of times, people look tough and they’re soft and a lot of times people look soft, but they’re tough,” Bryant said last fall, via Hays Carlyon of the Florida Times-Union. “Gus has a fire about him. I played for him for four years and I know what type of man he is. He’s committed to winning and you best believe he’s going to come up with the best game plan to beat us.”

Bradley’s Jaguars did not, in fact, win that game — it wasn’t close, a 45-17 beating.

But it’s clear that Bradley’s influence was a big factor in Bryant’s quick decision, which should help solidify a team that is moving in the right direction.

13 responses to “Gus Bradley’s influence steered Red Bryant to Jaguars

  1. yea cause it definitely wasnt the winning environment in jacksonville that led him there

  2. All arrows pointing up in Jacksonville…may not be contender next year but look out for the future!

  3. Yeah, he would have gotten double the money elsewhere, I’m sure. Ridiculous move.

    The guy is 30 years old and 350 pounds. Lucky if he lasts a year. Is Bradley having trouble making new friends in Jacksonville? Getting lonely and nostalgic?

    Early returns on personel management not good in Jax. They have let a few guys go who’ve done very well elsewhere. Seems to be change for the sake of change. Smoke to cover the lack of tangible progress. Their last game was one of the worst of the season.

  4. Really hoping jags can turn it around. From the games I saw last year their D always played tough. They just didn’t have enough talent to compete for 60 minutes. For example the game against the broncos they were in it for a while but in the end the broncos were too much for them to handle.

  5. To all of you with the Jag jokes and putdowns, keep ’em coming. The Bucs, Rams, Saints, and many other SB winning teams were laughing stocks 1st..And oh many of you were predicting Seattle to become title contenders 3 years ago? That’s what I thought. The salary csp/free agency allows teams like the Cardinals and Seahawks to contend for SBs. Which is great for the league… Jax is building slowly, piece by piece. .giving hope. In this competitive league, hope is a must. Arrow is pointing up in Jax for the 1st time since Coughlin led our team.

  6. Great Gabbert you are embarassment to all jaguar fans. I cringe to think anyone reading your man crush verbal diarrhea thinks anyone in Jax think like you. Gabbert is a bust and the rebuild is on. The big question is will you go away when he gets cut. Lets hope so.

  7. tealrevival | Mar 9, 2014, 4:33 PM CDT: thank you! Most of my posts that point out what you said get deleted. Thegreatgabbert is either Blaine himself, or a delusional groupie who is stalking him.

  8. Red was a good player in Seattle but he’s well past his prime. I hope this is a team-friendly contract because he’s probably only got one year left. Only played 46% of defensive snaps last year, fewest on the team for the DL group. And I think he’s the only guy in Seattle who prefers Gus Bradley to Dan Quinn.

    Good luck to Big Red though. Hope he can contribute.

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