It’s still early, but the Browns haven’t called Jairus Byrd


Sometimes the early phone calls in the legal tampering period matter, and sometimes they don’t.

But if there was a surprise among the calls not made, it might be that the Browns didn’t check in with Bills safety Jairus Byrd yet.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Browns haven’t touched base with his representatives as of early Sunday afternoon.

Some level of interest in Byrd was assumed by many, given the success he had under now-Browns coach Mike Pettine last year, and the Browns’ potential vacancy with T.J. Ward hitting the market.

There’s still plenty of time for them to get in if they want in, but so far other teams have expressed more interest, or at least made more phone calls.

15 responses to “It’s still early, but the Browns haven’t called Jairus Byrd

  1. Back up??? hahaah. You want an all-pro to be a backup..LOL!!!! And as for the Ravens Im sure he Byrd wants to go to a team that is on the rise and not on the decline. Hell once the browns get a QB and I am sure any of these QB’s they get will be at least as good as Flacco who is sooo overated and overpaid it is not funny. You can argue browns have way more younger talent than Baltimore its not even close.

  2. Pettine and the Browns are probably not interested in a guy that faked an injury for 5 weeks because he wasn’t happy with his contract situation.

  3. I know he’s leavin’… on that midnight train to Georgia…to sign a huge deal with the Falcons so he & William Moore can pound some sense into every sissy wideout & crybaby running back this side of the Northern Hemisphere.

  4. There are a few teams reportedly interested in Byrd atm.. Eagles Rams Bucs, and apparenty the Browns.. Byrd wants to go to a winning team.. there is one team there who made the playoffs last year.. The Eagles. It would also be a reunion with Chip Kelly. What bothers me is that the Bucs are looking.. they just signed Goldson last year and have Barron..

  5. Good luck with him. he supposedly wants the highest pay of any safety, so go ahead, sign him now and see what happens at the end of the contract – he will be putting you over the couch then!

  6. Byrd is better than Thomas and Chancellor.

    They have had an amazing line and linebackers in front of them, and the help of an offense that can stay on the field.

    Byrd has not had a good defense, and his offense couldn’t sustain a drive, so he was on the field way more than usual.

    Byrd is much better.

  7. I would rather have the browns resign Ward and use the extra money on another cornerback. I don’t think there is that much of an upgrade from Ward to Byrd. Ward was all pro also. There are bigger needs on defense and offense than making that move.

  8. If he gets that greedy (he reportedly turned down a contract offer from the Bills that would have paid him about $10 million a year for the first three years alone and would have made him the highest paid Safety) he may find himself being priced out of offers.
    Teams always have holes to fill and the best ones usually don’t need a player that costs that much, especially when their own UFAs have to be signed.
    From the teams I have seen mentioned, it seems the Eagles (if they can afford him) are his only real shot at an up and coming team. The rest are starting over or are on their way down, for the most part. I know, Ravens and Colts are still decent, but I think Baltimore is due for a collapse)

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