Jets are keeping door open for Cromartie, for now


When admitting on NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk that he’ll likely be cut by the Jets, cornerback Antonio Cromartie said he nevertheless hopes to retire with the team.

There’s a chance, albeit small, that it’ll happen.

Per a league source, the Jets haven’t closed the door on re-signing Cromartie.  However, it’s currently believed they have another cornerback already locked up.

Of course, the Jets aren’t currently permitted to have anything more than negotiations that don’t lead to an agreement.  But the thinking is that, before cutting Cromartie loose, the Jets became satisfied that negotiations with another cornerback will become an offer and an acceptance as of 4:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday.

If the non-binding winking and nodding and negotiating falls apart by then, the Jets could be bringing back Cromartie.