Mark Ingram finds Saints’ moves “shocking”

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Jimmy Graham isn’t the only one who’s shocked by the Saints’ offseason moves.

Saints running back Mark Ingram told Larry Holder of the Times-Picayune that he was stunned to learn that fellow running back Darren Sproles was among the players the Saints released, and that another running back, Pierre Thomas, might follow Sproles out the door.

Everything has been shocking,” Ingram said. “If something did happen to Pierre, it would be a shocker, too. It would be completely different. I would be the oldest guy in the [running backs meeting] room. It’s crazy to think about, and it’s shocking with everything going on. But it’s just the business side of everything. Those guys in the front office are doing what they think is best to have success this year.”

Ingram also realizes, however, that he’s likely to play a bigger role in the offense with Sproles gone and Thomas possibly following him.

“It’s an exciting time in my career,” Ingram said. “I just want to take advantage of my situation and the opportunity that’s presenting itself. Just want to prove to the organization that I can be the back they wanted, an every-down back, type of playmaker that they need. I’m excited about my situation. It’s unfortunate to see a lot of guys go, but I’m excited about my opportunity that I have coming up.”

It’s an opportunity for Ingram to be something he’s never been in New Orleans: The Saints’ primary running back.

83 responses to “Mark Ingram finds Saints’ moves “shocking”

  1. If saints plan on using him as an every down back they are seriously insane. Ingram is just like TRichardson an Alabama RB who was vastly overrated,picked way to high then turned out to be a bust.

  2. .

    As presently constituted the Saints stand very little chance of overtaking the Panthers, 49ers or Seahawks.

    Although Seattle hasn’t won a Super Bowl since February.


  3. Ingram might not have put up great numbers last year, but he looked like a completely different running back…and that is a good thing.

  4. When you don’t win the Super Bowl coaches, GM’s, and owners start to panic. Change everything and everybody. Oh except the 2 people you overpaid.

  5. New Orleans is getting young quickly and has a strong group to build around. With Brees, Graham and the revamped Rob Ryan defense, they’ll be just fine.

  6. Ingram knows nothing about moves–he ain’t got any. This guys is as useless back as Richardson.

  7. I’m not sure what “who dat” means, but I think Ingram deserves a shot. I think he has a lot of talent and this is the right time for him to prove that he can be that. “Who is that? Who is that that is going to beat the saints?”

  8. Brees–win one Super Bowl and destroy the team with salary demands.
    Flacco-win one Super Bowl and destroy the team with salary demands.

    And half a dozen other QBs who have not won the Super Bowl have done the same thing with salary demands (undeserved). And it can’t be surprising when the TEs jump on the gravy train, too. In a sport that has a salary cap, when you pay 2 positions an extraordinary amount, you have to destroy the rest of the team. And the well-paid people scream, “What happened?”

  9. When your qb makes around 20 mil and your about to pay a silly amount to your tight end…. I don’t know where they think the money is going to come from

  10. If they commit to give Ingram the rock at least 17-25 touches a game he will be a productive runner. He is an RB that needs touches and gets nastier as the game moves forward.

  11. funny how everyone thinks brees contract is to blame for this,,thats just stupid and ridiculous,,mannings enormous contract,bradys ,roethlisbergers,matt ryans etc,,,dont hear anyone talking about those guys,,,,,,sproles,pthomas and lance moore gone,,probably travis cadet as well after the draft,too much money spent on running backs,,5 rbs are just way too many,,theyre now down to 3 and much younger,and better off with kenny stills than moore

  12. No, Loomis is actually to blame.

    I don’t get how fans call him the best cap man in the business. What he does, as any GM could do, is back loa a lot of contracts. It’s not a bad strategy really, because he expects the cap to continue to grow.

    But those contracts are why the saints have 13 million in “dead money” and a lot of players who are making much more than they are worth.

    It’s not as bad as people make it seem, including players, but he has slowly built this situation.

    And he is already in a situation NEXT year too. He better hope the cap increases even more…

  13. In hindsight maybe I don’t want a franchise qb for my team. All these super high paid qbs leave very little money for other positions. It will be interesting over the next 5 years to see how franchises with top 5 paid qbs can do. My guess is good, but not great.

  14. Brees has been great for the Saints, yes he has big contract.

    I bet you would be cursing him even more if he was leading a different team to the playoffs 2 out of 3 years. while the Saints would probably have a tough time being .500 without him.

  15. Roman Harper- Terrible safety who needed to go
    Will Smith- Way too expensive and didn’t play one down last year
    Vilma- Old and expensive, didnt play one down last year
    Jabari Greer- over 30, coming off an ACL, and can be replaced in the draft
    Lance Moore- 384 yards 2 TDs and another year older. dropped some key passes. can easily be replace
    Darren Sproles- less effective than he was in past years. Showed some flashes but overall not worth it.
    These are moves that needed to be made regardless. It’s time to get younger and open up the offense. We were pathetically predictable and got stomped against good defenses. The Saints are fine. You people are judging these players on what they did 2 years ago.

  16. The Bama players peak in college…

    So he’s the youngest and cheapest of the three…

    He’s also the WORST of the three…

    But, this isn’t just the Saints folks, it’s what happens when teams pay QB’s around $20 million a yr…

    Choices must be made…

  17. the niners will have such any easy time stopping the saints run this year. it won’t hurt either that nobody will ever forget that call in NO cost the niners the #1 seed.

  18. Drew Brees is a mixed bag for the saints. He won the superbowl, what else do you want? The Saints can compete, make it to the play-offs every year with Brees, however with the salary he commands, that’s about it. The Seahawks are blessed with a QB at league min, that’s how you build a dynasty, you’ve got to have the team, and get lucky at qb. You have to have both, and that’s tricky.

  19. As hard as it is for Saints fans to watch great his get cut, & for non-Saints fans to understand why a team is getting rid of house-hold names, this is what good teams do.

    Mickey Loomis isn’t going to let the Saints be like the Giants – a team with older veterans, past their prime, with big contracts.

    All the guys getting cut from the Saints are 30, & have declining numbers over the last 2 years. The Saints won’t pay them based on for past performance. Instead they pay for today & tomorrow’s upside – hence stay competitive for years to come.

    Tough business, this NFL.

  20. andreboy1 says:
    Mar 9, 2014 8:46 PM

    It’s shocking how these Alabama running backs have less NFL talent than most Arena League backs

    I think Lacey and the Pack would have to disagree.

  21. hess97 says:
    Mar 9, 2014 9:02 PM

    the niners will have such any easy time stopping the saints run this year. it won’t hurt either that nobody will ever forget that call in NO cost the niners the #1 seed

    Considering the saints scored twice after the “call” (which was the correct call), I’d say it’s the whiners play(or lack thereof) that cost them the #1 seed.

  22. Every SB winner gets caught up in the euphoria. They reward ridiculous contracts because the revenue is flowing and they always assume they’ll be back the next year. Sometimes they do make it,only to lose. FA guarantees that. Look at the recent winners. The teams who didn’t give out those albatross contracts managed to win multiple titles…NYG,NE and Pitt. Of course NY and Pitt coughed up the dough later and look where they are.It pains me to say it,but the route the Patriots go by trading or cutting the guys they know are about to ask for big money works.They fill those slots with cheap contracts,forcing those guys to play hard in the hopes of a big payday,then they let someone else break the bank. It looks like Seattle may be using that formula too. If so,there’s going to be a lot of teams rethinking how they pay one or two guys the bulk of their cap.

  23. Welcome to the new NFL. It’s not how fat the contract. It’s how much your signing bonus is and how long you can outperform your market value in a cap friendly fashion.

  24. Honestly if I was GM I’d get a young QB to take the place of these vets. When they make their ridiculous demand I’d let me walk. None of them are worth more than about 14 mil.
    It just creates so many holes elsewhere. Mostly depth leadership and special team. The last 2 Super Bowl winners featured QBs on rookie deals.

  25. canetic says:
    Mar 9, 2014 8:14 PM
    Ingram is the worst of the three. What are they doing?
    Pierre Thomas is the worst of the 3. Ingram is young and has shown some serious skills at times. I can’t stand the Saints, hate them, but I gotta admit this is a good move.

  26. i think he means it shocking that he didn’t get cut to 😛 but seriously he goes from being shocked to excited 10 seconds into this interview, hes more happy than sad that sproles and thomas are gone.

  27. Ingram just another broken-down Bama player who’s got nothing left to give by the time he gets to the NFL.

    Not Ingram’s fault. Just the Alabama meat grinder at work.

  28. Drew Brees is staying quiet because he doesn’t want anyone to suggest he readjust his contract in order for the Saints to stay within the salry cap and keep the best running backs on the team. Brees is living a bit too much on his legend status. At his age there are few if any NFL teams who would pony up the money to cover his contract, so the Saint’s front office would best tell their QB they will have to redo his contract. What good is a great QB if he doesn’t have anyone to hand the ball off to? And if Ingram gets hurt, what’s the play then? Why does any athlete need such an outrageous contract? They lose most of it to taxes or have to give most of it to charity. Take a decent salary DB and keep the spark plug of that team firing.

  29. Mark Ingram you should have been the first one out the door !! I have been a saint for a long time and I have to say ingram is the worse back I have seen in a saints jersey and he still has a job??? Dude thomas and sproles are way better than ingram. And because of all that versatility gone they will stack the box and look out drew brees!!! Sack after Sack after Sack on drew cause no sproles to draw the linebackers!! I hope we got a good back up qb cause if not we are in trouble!!!

  30. I enjoy reading the comments from people who maybe see the Saints once or twice a year commenting on personnel moves. Keep up the good work.

  31. Seriously they haven’t played a down this year . But here you are judging their moves. How about wait and see. They might actually have a plan.
    Yours truly
    Panthers nation.

  32. Having a 20mil QB is a burden. But when guys like Stafford, Romo and Cutler make 15-18 it’s a burden you have to wear really. The risk of cutting your franchise star QB and burning draft picks searching for the next one just isn’t worth it.

    But when you’ve got the 20mil QB you can’t afford every other piece on the roster. Defense wins championships, Seattle proved it again. So you may as well spend up on your defense and you need a solid special teams unit. That means you have to find the savings on offense.

    Again you have to protect your QB both to win and as an insurance so you shouldn’t go cheap on O line. So it’s WR/TE/RB where it makes the most sense to save money.

    In the saints case Jimmy Graham is too good to let go so you pay him. But then it makes sense to rely on cheap and young guys who can be found in the draft and even undrafted.

  33. Who says a team cannot be great with a highly paid franchise quarterback? Just look at the New England Patriots and how they shuffle players and make one great move after the other, and are in the thick of things every year. The Saints front office knows what it’s doing, and will continue to put the Saints in a position of winning consistently!
    Look for Moore and Sproles to possibly be resigned to a more workable contract, and the Saints to acquire some outstanding free agents. They have proven they know what they are doing in the draft!!
    I am a Who Dat Saints fanatic since the first kickoff in 1967, and could not be more excited about the upcoming season, and many more seasons to come!

  34. Most running back will tell you that they need to 30+ touches a game to get it rolling. The Saints would bring Ingram in for 3 or 4 series a game and give him the ball 5 or 6 times. But, once in while, you could see the Heisman Trophy winner from a few years ago and he has some great moves. He is also a tough runner for his size. The Saints are going to be a primarily passing team with Brees, but Ingram, given enough touches, will make some key runs. He is not a bust, he hasn’t had the opportunities that could showcase his skills.

  35. Its not a shocker. Saints sucks and they needed to do somthing. A bunch of RBs that cant do anything is not a shocker.

  36. dennisatunity says:
    Mar 9, 2014 8:26 PM
    Brees–win one Super Bowl and destroy the team with salary demands.
    Flacco-win one Super Bowl and destroy the team with salary demands.


    I hate to spoil your hyperbole, but Flacco only had a $6M cap figure last season. And this season, the Ravens are $25M under the cap.

  37. The salary cap is the beauty and the rock of the NFL foundation. Without it, it becomes MLB where the Red Sox, Yankees and Dodgers buy their way in every time.
    Mr. Loomis is doing the right thing, he’s avoiding the mess that the NYG have become. The Patriots model does work.
    Yes, the ideal is Seattle in hitting the lottery with Russell Wilson, interesting to see how they handle his 2nd contract.
    Oh, and nobody forced the Ravens to give Flacco all that money, they hamstrung themselves. They should have franchised him for a year while they had the core and developed a new guy to slide right in.

  38. As proud member of the Who Dat! Nation, it miffs me that NO doesn’t get out in front of signing their top notch players; i.e Jahri Evans, Carl Nicks, Drew Brees and Jimmy Graham. Instead of the Saints re-doing those contracts early, they make those great players play through those initial contracts instead of trying to renegotiate them earlier. The Saints will re-do the contracts of 2nd tier players;, i.e, Marques Coslton, Pierre Thomas and others. The Saints may not re-do contracts early bc they relish that they have the services at a bargain price but it costs them more in the long run. I don’t blame Bress for getting his money bc they should have re-done his contract after 2009. If the Saints had redone Brees after 2008 or 2009, that deal wouldn’t have been a cap buster and they could give him a 2-3 year extension at this point.

  39. Mark – your production as a #1 pick has been shocking as well…as in shockingly underwhelming.

  40. You have choices. Either pay the elite QB or don’t and get another one. When you pay him, you already know you are hamstringing yourself. If you don’t, you know you have more money, but you have a basic QB to try and lead the team. It’s a catch 22.

  41. Saints will be fine. Saints will never get the value from trading up to get Ingram if they continue to use him in a rotation with 3 other backs. This year is his chance. Or he will be shocked to see himself cut. Reports of the Saints’ demise are greatly exaggerated.

  42. It seems like this article and Ingram are ignoring the fairly reasonable possibility that the Saints bring in another back to at least split carries.

  43. “Pierre Thomas is the worst of the 3. Ingram is young and has shown some serious skills at times. I can’t stand the Saints, hate them, but I gotta admit this is a good move.”

    Now we know you definitely are NOT a Saints fan! Pierre Thomas is the most underrated RB in the league… I can count plenty Sundays where Pierre was all we had even during the Reggie Bush SB 44 days… By the way watch what he did in the Super Bowl… The screen for a Td, the two big blocks on 3rd dwn where Brees hit Shockey for the first down on the post corner the other was a td, etc. Pierre knows all of the pass protection schemes, always gets 4 yrds or a first dwn, nice hands, and he runs the screen to perfection with excellent pace… On a pass first team what more could you ask for… Besides Drew Brees and maybe Jimmy Graham… Pierre Thomas is the most important player on the Saints offense… Anyone who thinks hes not better than Ingram definitely isnt a member of the Who Dat Nation…

  44. It ain’t magic, people. You can’t pay huge jack to your QB and still afford every other star on the team…not long-term for sure.

  45. Drew Brees is a mixed bag for the saints. He won the superbowl, what else do you want? The Saints can compete, make it to the play-offs every year with Brees, however with the salary he commands, that’s about it. The Seahawks are blessed with a QB at league min, that’s how you build a dynasty, you’ve got to have the team, and get lucky at qb. You have to have both, and that’s tricky.
    Lol!! I know you Seahawk fans are new to this “football” and “NFL” thing, but come on, you don’t think Russell Wilson will demand $20 mil when his time comes? Please.

  46. Bress must’ve replaced his arms with bionic parts because he’ll be throwing a lot in 2014.
    As apposed to other years?

    And it seems the Saints are setting themselves up for a more traditional, balanced running attack. I think Payton finally realized that trying to “trick” people with scat backs like reggie and sproles just wasn’t working anymore against the good teams.

  47. Note to GMs: Do not draft QBs who have won the Heisman. Do not draft QBs from the following schools U$C, Urban Meyer schools with gimmick offenses or the entire state of Florida. Do not draft RBs from Alabama (Lacey is the exception to the rule).

  48. Believe it or not, the sAINTs are making some good moves here. They are making a couple of mistakes though. Smith, Vilma and Harper are no Brainers! Thomas before Ingram is risky. Also cannot believe that they can’t get a trade for sproles. Keeping Graham is also a must! The biggest or perhaps (shortest) mistake is keeping Brees. Unless you were high last season, you should have learned the qbs unable to make plays outside of the pocket are done! The new D’s will only continue this trend now that Seattle and SF have laid out the blueprint. And Brees isn’t what he was a few years ago. Payton will win with whatever qb he gets in. Now is the time. Offer Dallas Brees for this year and no 2 and take Romo off their hands. I know… You laugh, but Payton knows Romo, and Jones might be desperate enough to do it. I honestly feel that with Payton, Romo could be amazing.. and with his mobility prob even better than Brees. Use the pick on someone like bortles and get 2-3 years out of TR.

  49. That Ingram is still on an NFL lineup is shocking. Hell, even I need an exclamation for that one.

  50. WOW! Such negativity! How about wishing the guy well. Don’t know what your problem is….guess it may just be you just don’t like the Bama Boys….anywhere, anytime. GET OVER IT! If you have a problem with the lineup, then go get drafted and take their place….or become an owner! But slandering guys just because you don’t like them is ridiculous!

  51. I love how most posters love to blame QB contracts like Flacco’s and Brees and Romo’s for a team releasing players. It really shows your lack of knowledge of the sport and the team. What part of guaranteed upfront money don’t you get?? Flacco has a lower cap hit than some backups on teams at around 6 million and these restructures actually are the reason why more players are not released. You also seem to forget Flacco’s 11 TD and 0 interception run through the playoffs and making the playoffs and winning a game in the playoffs in each of his first 5 years with a defense in his Superbowl year that was 17th ranked in the league. You also fail to remember that when you like to call him jump ball Joe that Peyton had a shot to win the game after that beautiful 70 yard bomb to Jones and he only threw a lame duck interception as he panicked under a pass rush ending the game. Brees also has a low cap hit and equally produces and wins and is not the reason for a single player released.

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