Most of Amendola’s salary guaranteed becomes guaranteed this week

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A recent report had the Patriots floating wide receiver Danny Amendola’s name to other teams as a trade possibility along with speculation that he could be released if he isn’t dealt.

If he is going to be released, the Patriots will be doing it on Tuesday. Ben Volin of the Boston Globe reports that the Patriots have until the end of Tuesday to make a decision about Amendola before $2 million of his $3 million base salary becomes guaranteed for the 2014 season.

Amendola has a cap charge of $4.575 million once the salary is guaranteed and designating him as a June 1 cut would spread the remaining cap hit over the next two seasons. Amendola didn’t have a productive 2013 season and missed time to both a groin injury and a concussion. This wasn’t Amendola’s first injury-plagued season and the Patriots, who would save a bit more than $1.3 million under the cap, may prefer to devote more resources to re-signing Julian Edelman and exploring other receiving options than banking on a rebound.

It would be a quick change of direction for the Patriots, but they’ve never been unwilling to move on if they feel there are better options available at a position.

UPDATE 5:15 p.m. ET:  Volin’s report is slightly inaccurate.  Of Amendola’s $3 million salary, $2 million becomes fully guaranteed as of 4:00 p.m. ET Tuesday.  Here are the team’s options and financial consequences.

15 responses to “Most of Amendola’s salary guaranteed becomes guaranteed this week

  1. Why would anyone trade for this walking glass?

    I don’t think any teams would get fooled into trading for this injury prone of a receiver except for maybe the Seahawks who gave up a first for “Never play a snap” Percy Harvin.

  2. The same “never play a snap” Harvin that had a TD return to help the Seahwaks win their first ever SB? Oh yeah, that Harvin. This is why everybody ignores anything a Queens fan has to say most of the time.

  3. I think Amendola deserves another year, he played with 2 torn groin muscles and showed grit just trying to play. The only other alternative would be to try and trade him out of the conference to a perennial loser like the Vikings.

  4. Sure, by all of the assessments and Amendola’s past track record, he is too delicate to play an entire NFL season.

    It makes football sense to cut him and sign a quicker and much more durable guy who runs precise routes and has demonstrated that he is smart enough to read the defenses and understand when he becomes the ‘Hot” receiver. Such a guy is Andre Roberts whose only negative is he was not drafted by the current Cards regime who correctly plays first round pick Floyd with Fitz. Roberts is just the odd man out except when they run 4 or 5 receivers (third receiver being the Arians tight end for blocking or coverage mismatches).

  5. Well if you watched the Super Bowl Percy did play and if memory serves me right even scored a touchdown. Not saying Percy is worth the money, however he did play big when it counted the most.

    Percy Harvin starts the second half with a touchdown (posted on this website)

  6. The reason to keep him and the reason to cut him are the same:

    Amendola was never healthy enough to show what he could really do. Give him an A for effort though.

    But even though he deserves a second chance, for the Patriots it’s just a matter of determining how best they can spend that chunk of change – on Amendola or on someone else

    And while the Pats wish Amendola had erased all doubts and earned that roster bonus, they purposefully set the contract up this way so they could fish or cut bait.

  7. Yea like Percy Harvin touchdown meant so much to the Seahwaks winning the Superbowl.

  8. Guy deserves some credit for playing as hurt as he was but I think Brady has lost confidence in him. When that happens you aren’t gonna get the ball. Like when he was open in the playoffs and Brady looked the other way.

  9. How easily people forget that Edleman had injury woes his whole career until this year. At some point you gotta expect Danny to stay on the field and if he does he will put up the numbers

  10. Remember that game in the week 1 against Buffalo, playing injured and making miracle catches, he deserves another year, you lose money if he is released, dont make sense.

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