Pierre Thomas’ agent says things are “status quo” with Saints

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Last week, there was a report that the Saints were shopping wide receiver Lance Moore and running back Pierre Thomas to other teams while also being open to trading running back Darren Sproles.

No trades have been made, but two of the three are no longer in New Orleans. Moore and Sproles were released last week, leaving Thomas as the last man standing in the trio. It seemed that changed on Saturday when safety Malcolm Jenkins tweeted about Thomas’ departure, but, according to Thomas’ agent Lamont Smith, nothing has changed regarding Thomas’ status with the team.

“Status quo on PT at the present time,” Smith wrote on Twitter.

Will that remain the case? Based on moves they’ve made on both sides of the ball, one of the Saints’ plans for the offseason was clearing the roster of aging players whose money could be reinvested elsewhere and Thomas, who is set to make $2.9 million this season, fits the bill on that front. The Saints have Khiry Robinson, Mark Ingram and Travaris Cadet on the roster at running back in addition to Thomas, so the cupboard won’t be bare if they do say goodbye to a second veteran running back.

6 responses to “Pierre Thomas’ agent says things are “status quo” with Saints

  1. Status quo = Not re-signing the team’s dangerous, explosive 4th best wide receiver

    SEE: San Diego (after not re-signing Sproles)

  2. Saints are getting rid of dead weight. Team ran its course. I just hate to see them do all this just to pay 2 players. I’d lose Jimmy and get the picks.

  3. 87hollywood, who is WE, I think it is a shame that some of our beloved, longtime vets have to go. They were getting old and not as productive. Jimmy is young, talented and many years left. He had a couple bad games and people think he is soft. He is soft like dragging defenders 5 or 10 yards into the endzone. Going up between multiple defenders and bring the ball down for the TD. Don’t blame him because he is due his money. I have not heard one word from him about being paid like a Wide Receiver, all that is coming from his agent, who wants the extra money in his pocket. The Saints should have re – signed him at the beginning of last year, before his current deal was over. Not many true fans were calling for Drew’s head on a stick when he had his 3 or 4 INT games. I love Drew and think he is worth every penny he receives, that is the state of the league now. I hope they can keep PT, I think he is one of the best if not the best screen back in the league. Not counting his ability to pick up the blitz. I hate to see Lance go, but 9 yrs, I think he was our best possession receiver on the team.

  4. I hate to say it but I agree with cutting Sproles. Each year his production has fallen in rushing yards, receptions, receiving yards and TDs. He is on the downside of his career. I think we all knew that with 5 running backs under contract, at least one was going to be leaving. The team looked a little old and slow this last year, it had to get younger to stay competitive

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