Report: Cardinals set their sights on Jared Veldheer

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The Cardinals are looking for a tackle in free agency and expressed early interest in Branden Albert, but they are turning their attention elsewhere with word that Albert will be headed to Miami.

Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic reports that the team has set its sights on Jared Veldheer. The Raiders opted not to use the franchise or transition tag on Veldheer last week, leaving the 26-year-old on track to sign with any team he chooses come Tuesday.

Somers thinks Veldheer will come in as a cheaper alternative to Albert and points out that he’s three years younger than the longtime member of the Chiefs. They won’t be the only team chasing him, however, and the Raiders are believed to have made an offer to keep him.

Should Veldheer land elsewhere, the Cardinals will be moving on to other options. Somers reports that any interest they may have had in Rodger Saffold has “cooled.” Eugene Monroe, Michael Oher and Anthony Collins are some of the other tackles on PFT‘s list of the Hot 100 free agents.

36 responses to “Report: Cardinals set their sights on Jared Veldheer

  1. …just an old sweet song….keeps Georgia on my mind… Jared can sign for boo-koo bucks with the Atlanta Falcons and have his choice of replacing Sam Baker at LT or playing the right side. The ATL can use #6 for defense or trade down if Clowney/Mack are gone.

  2. I bet the Raiders land a bunch of crap this free agency.Nobody good wants to be there they have much better options.Mark Sanchez will be starting and they’ll botch the draft again in a talent rich draft.

  3. He’s not worth the tag amount, that’s why they didn’t tag him. I want them to bring him back.

    To be honest, if the Raiders lose him, don’t upgrade with Monroe or have to use the number 5 pick on an offensive tackle because they have to fill a new hole, I will be joining everyone on here yelling for a new GM.

  4. Everyone in Buffalo wants this guy.

    But I think of Langston Walker every time I think of an Oakland OT…no thanks!!!

  5. It’s a great move if they can sign him … Nice to hear Albert won’t be coming here… The OL is much improved with Cooper and Watford at the Gs

  6. I don’t know what Reggie is doing but he had better pull his head from his butt pretty darn quick! If he let’s Valdheer and Houston walk, he will be the most hated man in town.

  7. Truthfully, he’s a better value than either Monroe or Albert. I think Albert is a bit overrated, and he’s older, too. Veldheer is a very good LT, and of course the clueless clique in Oakland can’t wait to get him out of town so they can get closer to that elusive 0-16 season.

  8. humb0lt says: Mar 9, 2014 5:44 PM

    Veldheer would be smart to move on from Oakland so he can have a real NFL career.
    The Raiders beat the Chargers last season with Vehldeer on IR and Pryor at QB.

  9. ^^^ and yet Rakder fan still lives in the past.The DISTANT past.At least San Diego can MAKE the playoffs the Raiders can’t even get over .500

  10. chargersdiehard says: Mar 9, 2014 8:18 PM

    ^And the Chargers went on to make the playoffs while the raiders sat home for the 13th season in a row.
    Sorry. I forgot that making the playoffs is top of the mountain for Charger fans. No offense.

  11. Valdheer is smart.The raiders have NOTHING going for them.Crappy stadium with no chance of a new one being built in Oakland,goofy owner and fat Albert as a GM.If they were indeed moving to LA it would attract decent players but that’s still up in the air.Hell even Portland would be a better situation!Nobody wants to play there in a market where the Niners are the King.Even Stanford and Cal are more interesting than the Raiders!

  12. The Raiders haven’t been to the playoffs In 13 years and still have gone to a Super Bowl more recently than the Chargers

  13. There’s nothing more pathetic than the ringless hopeless Chargers.

    What a loser of a franchise.

  14. R Mckenzie the worst GM ever . Almost a tie with Millen. McKenzie probably still hasn’t realized Veldheer is a free agent.

  15. somethingsmellsrotten says: Mar 9, 2014 8:32 PM

    ^And yet the Dolts still have zero trophies.

    Yep. My username in their honor. noringcircus

  16. I think not tagging Valdheer was a bold move to show him that they valued his desire to not be tagged and work on a long term deal. This will allow him to test the market while giving the Raiders a chance to match. That way we build loyalty to the brand in negotiations.

  17. Why not? The Raiders aren’t going anywhere for years and everybody knows it. Why waste your youth on a perennial loser when you could go to a contender?

  18. I think the longer this thing goes one, the less likely it is for Valdheer or Houston to return… Your days are number Mr. McKenzie.

  19. Raiders are notoriously secret with their dealings. No one knows the Raiders thinking until they decide to let you know. McKenzie is working I’m sure and I’ve heard that the Raiders have made an offer but Veldheer is going to test it versus the market with the idea of giving the Raiders a chance to match. People need to stop acting like McKenzie is just sitting on money not doing his job but what he won’t do is just overpay for the sake of overpaying.

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