Report: Everson Griffen re-signs with Vikings

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The Vikings have gotten 17.5 sacks in a situational role from defensive end Everson Griffen over the last three years and it appears he’ll be back in Minnesota to give them more in 2014.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports that Griffen is re-signing with the Vikings on what he calls a “huge” five-year deal. There’s no details about just how huge, but it supports what we’ve been hearing about deals being higher across the league in free agency this year than they were last year.

The Vikings aren’t giving Griffen, who ranked 19th on PFT‘s Hot 100 free agents, a big deal to continue as a situational pass rusher. Jared Allen is a free agent and keeping him doesn’t look like a priority for the Vikings, who also stand to lose veteran defensive tackle Kevin Williams to another club. That means more work for Griffen and, it seems, a salary to match.

With the negotiating window open, teams looking for help at end have had a chance to let Griffen know how much they desired his services. Minnesota outbid them, though, which leaves Michael Johnson, Michael Bennett and Lamarr Houston set to be the top available players at the position.

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  1. I am excited to see what Everson can do in an extended role under Zimmer’s tutelage. He’s really rounding into a nice player and looked to have turned the corner last year into a future star.

  2. The Vikings 2014 Season-

    Coach of the year: Mike Zimmer

    MVP: Cordarelle Patterson

    Super Bowl MVP: Adrian Peterson

    The Vikings Dynasty Starts.


  3. Time for Jared Allen to graduate the farm team and join the reigning world champion Seahawks.

  4. Damn. That’s a lotta quiche. I know he was a good rotational guy and I always wanted him to stay but I never saw this contract coming. Guess I didn’t see the contract for Robison coming either. Glad he stayed though

  5. Easily one of the best pash rushers in the league and we got him for a STEAL

    He will flourish under Mike Zimmer and signed him at a great time while he’s just entering his prime.

    No other franchise does it better than us.


  6. Excellent signing, Everson Griffen is vastly underrated and I was afraid the Vikings would lose him. So far the Vikings are on a very good path with Matt Cassel and Everson Griffen and I believe it will only get better-you don’t have to agree but I know my football and things will get a whole lot better and soon!

  7. Griffen will prove himself worthy of the deal. He is a DE/DT who is known for his power moves, but is fas/athletic enough to play gunner on special teams. He has been an amazing back up, and will be a great starter. So glad we resigned him.

  8. What a ludicrous overpay. Waffle status = roffled. Can’t wait till he’s on his last legs and joins the Seahawks in a desperate last attempt at winning the Super Bowl, only to get outplayed and cut in training camp, like Antoine Winfield.

  9. Bad signing. This has taken them out of the Michael Johnson Sweepstakes. 3 years from now when Johnson is a pro bowler with some team and Griffen is being cut, they will have major regret.

  10. Damn. I wanted us to re sign everson but thats a hefty chunkof change… pretty sure his deal is bigger than robisons.

    No matter how big the contract the haters and trolls will have something to say.

  11. Had any other coach besides Zimmer signed off on this, I’d have been a bit skeptical. But Griffen has flashed explosiveness in limited action and I suspect Zimmer and Edwards will polish him in a very nice player. One has to wonder why Zimmer was willing to sign Griffen, instead of going after Michael Johnson, whom he knew better than anyone else. I think it may just be Michael Johnson who becomes the next overpaid, underachieving star in the NFL.

  12. It’s a good signing. Everyone gets hung up on the total value. Its 20 mil guaranteed over 5 years which is not a cap killer. Keep in mind that Griffen was mostly used at DT to pass rush last year. That didn’t appear to be his strong suit. Put him on the outside.. like he did more of in 2012…and he will be in his natural position….Zimmer will know what to do with him..

  13. As a vikings fan I will say…you do not pay a player $42 million and expect a coach to polish him into a star. 42 millions (20 guaranteed) you should be polished already. The vikings just signed 2 backup players in Griffen and cassel, not trying to be negative but not looking like a great start to the Zimmer era.

  14. seeing that he played better than jared allen the last 2 years, and allen was making near $16 million a season, this is a bargain if you ask me. Griffen is a stud. He has just as much upside as Allen did at that age, and the contract is cheaper.

    i hope they loaded it with provisions about needing to behave himself. that’s the only concern i have with Griffen.

  15. Not bad. I’m going to bring up the game that people hate but in all my custom madden teams, he always ends up in the rotations. I think he has the chance to be a very good player so always have to pick him up.

  16. Really was hoping for a shot at Johnson with Zimmer on board but I’m guessing 31 other teams want him too and his price will make Griffin’s deal look like a steal.

  17. I think this is a great signing. Essentially a little over 8 million per year. We get him into a full time roll he will easily be a double digit sack man a year. He is a unique athlete and Zimmer will find away to utilize him to the best of his abilities. A few years down the road, he will be looked at as underpaid. He just needs the opportunity for more snaps to show his skillz!

  18. Vikings fans call the Sam Shields deal a terrible overpay…… then watch as the Vikings give almost just as much money to a guy who wasn’t even a starter on the terrible Vikings defense.


  19. Michael Johnson was a product of his surrounding cast. Did you see his season once Atkins went down? I would rather pay a player I know can be productive then over pay someone who isn’t as good a he is made out to be. 3.5 sacks last year speaks a lot. Griffen had 4 and wasn’t even a full time starter. Hmmmm weird.

  20. Griffen is a physical freak with all the potential in the world. Hopefully Zimmer can properly utilize his talents.

  21. Lol 40+ million for a stat line of 27 total tackles, 5.5 sacks, and this…

    “On January 28, 2011, Griffen was arrested in Los Angeles for public intoxication. Three days later, he was arrested again after he was found driving with an invalid drivers license. He then tried to flee on foot only to be tasered after allegedly grabbing an officer in the crotch area.”

  22. Everson Griffen and the Vikings have lost the season series to the Packers every year he’s been in the league.

    Also, Everson Griffen and the Vikings have finished in last place during 3 of his 4 seasons.

    Guaranteed incompetence.

  23. Paying a situational pass rusher Mike Bennett money.

    This, ladies and gentlemen, is what makes the Minnesota Vikings such a laughable franchise under Rick Spielman.

  24. Most of you commenters are missing the point. Griffen is expected to start now. So he gets starter type money ($4 mil per year) just based on being healthy and playing, with the ability to double that if he meets performance incentives. This is a great signing. We lock up a talented young starter and protect ourselves against dead money if he fizzles. Griffen is an explosive pass rusher, with great moves, speed and power. He can play end, tackle, and even linebacker. Fantastic value at $4 mil.

  25. For all the numb-nutz here criticizing Zimmer for questionable signings, I have a news flash for you. Zimmer doesn’t sign anyone, Spielman does. Zimmer may have input on who he wants, but Spielman is the deal maker and has final say on personnel.

  26. “Paying a situational pass rusher Mike Bennett money”

    Mike Bennett played 57% of the defensive snaps and 100 less snaps then Griffen last year (although our defense couldn’t get off the field). I will take the guy who is 2 years younger and is now going to be an every down player. I’m guessing Griffen’s is an incentive laden contract also.

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