Teams aren’t worried about Nicks knee or foot


On Saturday, free-agent receiver Hakeem Nicks sent, via his agents, letters to all teams from Dr. Robert Anderson and Dr. James Andrews explaining that Nicks’ foot and knee, respectively, are fine.

As one league source explains it to PFT, teams aren’t worried about Nicks’ foot or knee or any other part of his body.  Teams are concerned about the thing propped on his neck.

While Nicks’ performances over the past two years can be attributed to injury, the concern isn’t whether he still can play.  The concern is whether he truly still wants to play, at a high level.

Whether it’s a desire to be paid a lot of money or concern about injury or interest in doing things other than playing football, the concern is that Nicks lacks the motivation to perform like he did earlier in his career.

It remains to be seen whether those concerns are legitimate.  And Nicks’ reported willingness to do a one-year deal suggests that someone has successfully communicated to him that he won’t simply be handed a huge pile of money for accomplishments from 2011 and earlier.

With plenty of receivers available in free agency and a healthy complement of incoming rookies at the position, Nicks’ best and only play may be a one-year deal that allows him to show that he’s still the guy who once seem destined for the big payday that won’t be coming in 2014.

18 responses to “Teams aren’t worried about Nicks knee or foot

  1. Why would a new 1 year deal be any different for Nicks than the 1 year deal he basically just played on in 2013?

  2. Last paragraph says it all. He needs a one-year “prove it” deal to prove he’s worth a multi-year contract or to prove his career is done. The game against the Seahawks would suggest the latter. Dude showed no heart whatsoever in that game.

  3. After being a number one pick in 2009, Nicks showed why playing in 6 games as a rookie and making plays I haven’t seen since Homer Jones, though that is not a great comparsion, he was worth the pick.
    Playing like a much bigger WR, in the super bowl
    run through 2011 on the road, he used his body and jumping abilities to get those size 10.5 hands, onto th ball.
    If anyone knows him, one look at film last year clearly shows a lack of effort, no OTA’s, and several fines for being late to re-hab, the giants will let him walk, and he leaves much to doubt, we get a 3rd round pick next year.
    To bad, and had the world by the balls!


  5. Because, you know, a knee and foot injury aren’t a big deal at all for a wide receiver, lol. He must have been dogging it and be a “head case” because he couldn’t tough it out and get through those injuries with 80 catches and 1,200 yards. SMH.

  6. Loved Nicks for a few seasons, but dude has no desire to play.
    Just wants the payday and then will fall back.
    Either way, he ain’t worth the risk.
    Let him go Reese.

  7. A one-year deal in 2014 will be the last chance for Nicks to salvage his reputation and get a nice payday. I think a chance of scenery could do him good, hoping my Pats bring him in on a “prove it” deal. Playing with Brady could wake him up, and the dude is an absolute beast when healthy and focused.

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