Teams intrigued by, concerned about Talib


Yes, Titans cornerback Alterraun Verner is getting all the calls.  But Patriots cornerback Aqib Talib is generating the buzz.

Talib, who hit the open market in 2013 after being traded from Tampa to New England during the 2012 season, signed a one-year, $5 million contract to stay with the Patriots last year.  After a solid season and an extended stretch of staying out of trouble, Talib figures to cash in significantly.

And for good reason.  The cornerback market has recovered significantly, thanks in large part to the spike in the salary cap and the return of a defense-wins-championships mentality to the NFL.  With 30-something cornerback Brent Grimes getting $32 million over four years and Packers cornerback Sam Shields getting $39 million over four from the extremely-careful-with-money Ted Thompson, the top shelf could spring past $10 million per year, this year.

With Talib, the concern for some is whether a significant payday will provoke a return of the off-field concerns that helped run him out of Tampa.  Thanks to the Aaron Hernandez debacle, the Patriots can’t make a huge investment of guaranteed money in Talib without risking an I-told-you-so moment if/when Talib finds trouble away from the field, again.

Washington, by multiple accounts, has emerged as a potential player for Talib’s services, given the connect-the-dots presence of former Bucs coach Raheem Morris as the defensive backs coach there.  Morris, who once described Talib as a “wild child,” would have to believe Talib can be trusted to stay on the right path while millions are raining down.  More importantly, G.M. Bruce Allen would have to be willing to make the investment of cash and cap dollars necessary to lure Talib.

Some think Allen intends to wait and shop for bargains, and to resist signing anyone to a big-money contract right out of the gates.  If that’s the case, Talib becomes a player they won’t be pursuing — unless no one else signs him and he becomes a de facto bargain.

For now, it’s hard to know which teams are interested, because Talib’s camp isn’t leaking the phone logs to the media.  Even without that info, it’s safe to say that plenty of interest exists.  The question is whether a team will be willing to take the leap of faith that the Talib of recent months has trumped the “wild child” that wore out his welcome in Tampa.

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  1. With the way he gets hurt in big games he should go play for the Vikings or redskins since they never play in big games and he would stay perfectly healthy

  2. Not a single mention about how he can’t manage to stay on the field with this nagging hip issue that started in Tampa Bay and continued in NE? That should be right up there on list of concerns for potential teams.

  3. Talib had an incredible start to the season. After his hip issue came back though, his play diminished a bit. The problem is players like Grimes and Shields making 8 and 10 mil a year with their new contracts. The cornerback market has ridiculously increased. Talib and Verner are going to (rightfully) ask for more.

  4. Talib’s money is going to be stupid. If the Patriots sign him to what Shields got (at a minimum) and Revis gets traded somewhere other than New England this offseason it’s a disgrace. It’s time for the Patriots to go get a legit, elite player. They’re going to essentially be the exact same money next year.

  5. Give this guy a chance to earn 10-12 million a year little guaranteed and the only way he earns his whole contract is if he could stay on the field

  6. Talib is an excellent cover corner and can play the run. He was also the best tackler on the Patriots. The team who signs him will structure the contract to account for any time he misses with injury. He’ll get a big payday and he deserves it. BTW, Belichick has a ton of respect for Talib, which I believe is one reason he went off on Welker. Google what Belichick said about Talib’s input on the Patriots signing Blount.

  7. lol that picture is when Steve Smith had just finished crawling into Talib’s head and making himself comfortable. Classic 89

  8. Pats do handout big contracts. Look at Brady. If they did a better job managing their cap space they could afford to keep him.

  9. I don’t think its his wild side that the patriots are worried about, its his fragility. I’m betting belichick already offered an incentive riddled contract to him that could potentially be worth more than what other teams will offer guaranteed. The same as welker

  10. Skins never play big games? We went to the playoffs in 2012. Won the division over Dallas in the last game of the season. In 2013, we appeared the maximum allowed 5 times on prime time television. How is it again that we don’t play in big games? We’ve played in 5 Super Bowls. Are you insane?

  11. The Dolphins hand out big contracts. look at last years spending spree. If they did a better job of playing football they wouldn’t be looking at 40 years sans championship and nearly 30 years of irrelevance.

  12. The Skins suck and no…you don’t play in big games. We’re not talking about ancient history. You did a nice job trying to convince YOURSELF, though.

  13. Sign him up!! Just load the deal w incentives and don’t guarantee much…. If he doesn’t like it, he can go get a J-O-B

  14. With all the medical expertise available nobody can say what exactly is wrong with his hip(s). should have been checked out by now. Co pay too high?

  15. Hernandez has nothing to do with Talib. The speculation that the Pats would base a decision on an individual player on the outcome of a different player with other circumstances is either an insult to the intelligence of the Pats front office or confirmation of a lack of rational thinking on their part.

  16. The Raiders have the most money to spend and their management needs to take some risks to save their jobs. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Talib in Silver and black next year.

  17. Can’t bring up Hernandez in comparison to any player because he is the psychopathic outlier. Any other trouble a player can get into kind of pales if Herndo is used as a cautionary tale. “Well, at least this guy didn’t kill anyone.”

  18. I’d be more concerned with Talib’s toughness than his maturity. Two years in a row, he wasn’t able to finish the biggest game of his career, the AFC Championship game because of an oweee. He seems unwilling to play when he’s less than 100%. While he’s a force when he’s healthy, any contending team has to know that there is a good chance he won’t be on the field when it matters most.

  19. We REALLY need Revis. Let Talib walk. My 80 year old aunt’s hip is better than his,and she wouldn’t let Welker take her out of the biggest game of the season.

  20. It’s unfortunate because when he was healthy there was no better CB. He held AJ Green to about 50 yards and then came back the following week (or 2 weeks later) had Jimmy Graham all over the field and held Graham to zero catches. It was like a clinic. The NE – Balt AFC champ game could have been different if he did not get hurt.
    (the Denver game – no way. They had zero pass rush anyway).

    Belichick loves Talib. Only times this year he would be animated in pressers is when discussing Talib

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