Alterraun Verner expects to sign quickly, calls Patriots a “possibility”

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Some free agents will set up visits and make the rounds of interested suitors once free agency officially opens on Tuesday, but others are expecting their stay on the open market to be brief.

Cornerback Alterraun Verner is in the latter group. During an appearance on Mad Dog Radio with Adam Schein Monday, Verner said that he thinks “it’ll be a quick process” and gave some insight into how he’ll make his choice.

“I feel more compelled to go to a team that I think can win. I haven’t had that experience for the past four years in Tennessee,” Verner said. “Money is [priority] but it isn’t. I look at it differently. Some look at it tangibly. I look at it as more of a respect value. I would feel more obliged to go to a team that paid me $6 or $7 million and made me one of the highest-paid players on the team than go to a team that paid me $8 or $9 million and I wasn’t one of the highest-paid players on the team.”

Verner said the Jets could be a fit and said the Patriots are a “possibility,” while noting that Devin McCourty, whose brother was Verner’s teammate in Tennessee, has been “lobbying” for him to come to New England. The Broncos were also mentioned as a good situation, with Verner adding he’d be interested in the 49ers but doesn’t think that’s a direction they’re looking to go.

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  1. What? He wants to be on a winning team, wants to be one of the highest paid players on said team, but isn’t concerned about the money per say, and would take less money if it meant still being one of the highest paid on said team?

  2. Jeff Fisher snagged him in the 2010 draft and I fully expect Fish to do it again–this time as the replacement for Cortland Finnegan.

  3. I know less about what he’s looking for in a team after reading his comment than before.

  4. I wish the Patriots would sign him (Verner>>> Talib) but if you’ve followed the Patriots the past decade plus you’d know that Belichick won’t bring in any high priced free agents.

    I think St. Louis is where he ends up. Because of the Fisher connection (how many ex-Titans are/have been on that team?) and because Verner’s playing style really doesn’t fit the way the Jets like to play defense.

  5. Vikings would be his best destination.

    Young, improving secondary.

    Former defensive coordinator as the secondary coach.

    Would be a perfect piece of the puzzle.

  6. He’s saying he wants to play for a smart team that doesn’t blow the cap with poor decisions since that naturally affects their odds of winning anyhow. And he’s willing to take less if it’s a team that doesn’t have a lot of uber-high paid players since he believes that’s a recipe for disaster, not winning. So scratch the Lions off the list as one example because it would be embarrassing for him to see how much money Stafford is pulling in beyond what he makes and he’s not comfortable with teams that are top heavy on a small number of players.

  7. Reason he sounds so confusing is because he’s already all but struck a deal and he doesn’t want to reveal who. Seems pretty clear who with the Jets dumping Cro right when it was reported Verner wouldn’t be visiting with any teams.

    And in that interview he does a lot more than mention the Jets he talks about how Revis and Cro both thrived in Rex’s system and how he would love to play for Rex.

    We shall see.

  8. Maybe belichick will play the Jedi mind trick on both of them, and get both Verner and Talib to take $7 mil per year

  9. VIKINGS are ready to make an offer!

    Come join a team that doesn’t offer fake stock!!!

  10. He said he wants to go to a team and win, yet he mentions the jets. I don’t foresee any winning if he signs with that disoriented franchise.

  11. Well, at $10m/year, or even $8m/year, he’d be one of the highest paid players on the Vikings.

    Vikings may not be an odds-on favorite as a playoff team next year, but should be a playoff team most of the next five- the length of contract Verner is likely to have.

  12. He said he “feels compelled to go to a team he thinks can win.”

    That eliminates the Vikings.


  13. The only time that money is not the deciding factor is when two final offers are virtually equal. $$$

  14. I know of a team in Western PA, that could easily cut an “old and slow” CB and obtain $7mil while doing so… This particular team in Western PA could really use a talented young QB to take with them on their march to #7 this year… Does that sound pretty good, Alterraun?

  15. .

    Sales 101: when negotiating with the Jets, always bring up the Patriots.

    This strategy also works well with Sea/ SF, Balt / Pitt, GB / Chi, and Dallas / anyone.


  16. he wants teammates who were willing to take a little less salary for the better of the team. im guessing this is because he’s had cj2k as a teammate for 4 years

  17. Like to see him on the Patriots. Hope Bill isn’t waiting for a “Rollback!”

  18. He’s a solid player, but head-scratching comments like this may make some teams pump the brakes on signing him.

    Anything you say now will only hurt your case.. Let your play on the field the past couple years speak for itself.

  19. I think his comments are easy to understand. He is saying he would rather be one of the best paid players on a BALANCED team that manages their salary cap than be on a team that has a FEW very highly paid players and whacked out salary cap (and thus a very low chance of success).

    In other words:
    1) he would rather be paid $6-8M to be on winning teams like San Francisco and Seattle that have managed to have a bunch of great players and a balanced pay structure.
    2) on those types of teams, $6-8M makes him one of the top paid players on THAT team.

    In other words, dude would rather be on a well managed team full of good players, because he wants to win…
    …as long as his salary is a fairly high salary relative to OTHER SALARIES ON THAT TEAM.

    Smart guy.

  20. He doesn’t seem very bright to me. He wants to go to a winner, so that rules out the Jets! Depending on what a winner means: beat on the weak AFC East during the Season and then get embarrassed in the annual Playoffs “one and done”, then by all means go to the Patriots.

  21. Seattle just proved that a team can draft super talent wisely in the latest rounds of the draft. Coach them up. Put them in a winning scheme and environment. Inspire them to dominate. Put a huge chip on their shoulder. And they can win a Super Bowl. And dominate a legend in the process.

    I wouldn’t over pay any of these unproven talents without Championship rings by a dime. I’d reward my veterans I must keep at all costs. Draft smart. And look for valuable and affordable role players & subs in free agency. Giving these guys huge contracts rarely if ever deliver championships.

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